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second eyebrow piercing

Well I've had a 16g (1.2mm) curved barbell in my left eyebrow for a bout 3 or 4 months now and I've not really had any problems with it except school moaning at me to take it out, which got me a few free days off thanks to their pathetic anti-self-expressionism rules than ban all piercings except earlobes (one small stud) and any form of 'extreme' hair style. This was quickly resolved by a clear barbell at first, then a very long fringe, although they're not too pleased with my new Mohican I've wanted a second piercing in my eyebrow ... read more

Say Fuck You to All the Haters. Get An Eyebrow Ring.

Okay, so it was about 2 years ago when I was 14 that I began to ask my mom about getting my eyebrow pierced. I figured I could use reverse cycology on her, because she's usually submitive to that (Thank God.) So I go up and ask her if I can get my tongue pierced, she says no. I say, "Well fine then, can I get my eyebrow pierced then? It's better than getting my tongue done." She thought for a minute then nodded and said sure. My plan had worked. Mwahahaha. Although I was surprised I didn't have to ... read more

the one I knew I had to have

One night I was out with my boyfriend at a local pub and while chatting amongst friends I noticed this girl walk past. I automatically checked her out and noticed she had piercings. Not just any piercing, but an anti-eyebrow. This was the first time I'd seen one in the flesh and I loved it immediately. I got talking to her about it and asked her where she got it done and how painful it was, I was very pleased to here she got it done at a local studio and that it was relatively painless. I knew straight away ... read more

The drama, not the pain.

The moment I layed eyes on my first eyebrow piercing when I was about 8 or 9, I knew I wanted one. Never in the world did I really think that my parents, or the rest of my family would ever accept it. They were already on edge about me gauging my cartlidge to a 10g and my lobe to a 2g. So for the longest time, I just had the 2 holes in my ear. About a week and 1/2 ago, my girlfriend introduced me to this really neat girl, and she told me she has everything, and pierces ... read more

Quadruple Ear/Triple Brow

I have been going to Skin Illustrations on 87th in the O.P. for all of my Body Mods. The artists all seem like truly caring people who actually care if you like their work. At the time, all thirteen of my piercings were done by the owner's wife. Wonderful lady, don't believe I can't remember her name. So I had some difficulties in my life, my girlfriend dumped me because I was a "pin-cushion" and I wanted to piss her off even more. I was shocked when I walked in the door and Jessica was at the front counter, I ... read more

Painless anti eyebrow.

For a few months now I have been about getting an anti eyebrow done. Finally I talked my mom into signing the parent consent for me. She did not want me to get that type of piercing because I might have to take it out in a few months. I have a few other piercings, both sides of my nose, and my ears. I did not get my other piercings at Divine. My sister got the right side of her nose done there a few years back. It looked well done. When we arrived I filled out some forms, and ... read more

On A Whim, Getting My Eyebrow Pierced

A few days ago, I went with my boyfriend to Evolutions to get his eyebrow redone. While he was filling out the papers to get his eyebrow done, I decided on a whim that I wanted to get mine done to, so I started to fill out the papers. I have been thinking about another piercing to get done, I have my labret and Monroe but I wanted something else. Something that would not be to over the top, kind of secret but not so secret that anyone could see it. The eyebrow seemed the way to go, since I ... read more

My twice failed eyebrow ring

I'm not sure why I decided to get my eyebrow pierced, I guess it was my default place just to get any piercing. But it was visually appealing, so I decided to get it done. Plus, the guy I was dating had his done in 2 places, and I guess "like" makes you do crazy things. So I decided to get it done at Planet Ink per his suggestion. The girl who did it herself was tattoed and pierced, so I felt relatively safe in her hands. They were very friendly and polite, went through the entire procedure and made ... read more

Eyebrow Horror Story

I have never wanted to get anything pierced; I thought that most of them looked bad. I finally let my friends talk me into getting my eyebrow pierced when I was 16 and I actually liked it, but when I graduated from high school, I had to take it out to get a good job. Now that I am in a full time position job that I am confident about and they do not care about piercing, I decided to get my eyebrow redone, actually decided to get two in the left eyebrow in the same day. About a month ... read more

My very first piercing.

I made plans to spend a weekend during spring break with a couple friends. We were going to go with one of my friends, Cassi, when she got her new tattoo. She offered to pay for my other friend, Dave (her cousin), if he got something too. So he decided to get something as well. I don't happen to think having somebody offer to pay is a good reason for a mod, but hey, it's his body. Anyway, I have always been interested in body modification, and I wanted to get something. Now, quite obviously wanting to do something and ... read more

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