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Left Eyebrow piercing at Primal Art

I remember feeling very nervous and anxious the night before I had my eyebrow done, especially because it was my first piercing other then my ear lobe. Even though my girlfriend told me it doesn't hurt and a few other people told me the same I was still somewhat leery that it was going to sting a hell of a lot. During the car ride downtown I began feeling extremely excited because I was finally getting it done, when my me, my dad, and my friend got downtown we arrived at about 4:30 and my appointment wasn't until 5:30 so ... read more

Why I like To Go To Work

Since I was about 10 years old already having two ear piercings (got my first at 7 years old and loved) Anyways so since the age of 10 or so I have been bothering to my parents to let me pierce my eyebrow but there was no way there were ever going to let in. Finally it got to the point where I was asking them everyday and they were about to kill me and they threatened to take away all types of things from me so finally I shut up about it. For about a year I just stayed ... read more

a year of piercings

P>    A year ago, November 12, 1997, I marked my entrance into the world of body modification. I was going with my girlfriend and another friend to the mall to get my girlfriends ears pierced. I ended up deciding that I'd like to get my lobe and cartilage pierced. This piercing was done at Claire's Boutique using a gun. I know now that the use of a gun was a mistake. I chose a titanium starter set. So they cleaned my ear and marked it, and I told the lady that I was ready to do it. So she positioned ... read more

Bridge pierce at Loops and Pierces (Santa Rosa CA)

used to live in Mt. Shasta, a small town with a population little more than 3000. In this town, a friend of mine and myself were the only people who had anything other than their tongues or navels pierced. We each had one lobe stretched to the 0 ga, and our septums pierced. The only difference between us was his labret. I recently moved to Santa Rosa to go to college, and I decided to commemorate this with a new bod mod. Thinking that this was a "liberal" town (it's not) I decided to get another facial pierce. My glorious ... read more

Bridge by Kevin @ Soul Piercing

n Monday, Sept. 21st I was happy. My tongue was doing well and I could eat solid foods again, so, I stopped at a place on Campus and got some chicken fingers and a Sobe Orange Carrot juice, and as I'm walking out I see Kevin Thomas sitting there eating lunch. During the summer I stopped by Soul Piercing (he's the owner/operator) and asked about my bridge and met him then, so, I recognized him. I asked what his hours were and told him I'd be coming by Saturday sometime, he said that was good, but call first, I said ... read more

Eyebrow Piercing At Infinite Body Piercing

ow Piercing At Infinite Body Piercing Eyebrow Piercing At Infinite Body Piercing Hi all...i would like to tell my tale of my eyebrow piercing. I have been intrested in body piercing for about 2 years now. I started out with the basic mall gunned ear lobe, moved on to my tongue and tragus, stretched my ear lobe to 000ga and just this past thursday (8/20/98) i headed down to infinite body piercing (http://www.infinitebody.com) to get my labret pierced. On the way down, i kept thinking about the fact that i was going to have some trouble talking the following week ... read more

Eyebrow and Lip Piercing Experience

ne of the problems living in a Tourist haven is the large number of "piercing studios" that crop up and cater to the tourists, with all the horror stories about such places and their practices, so it's taken me a while of digging around to find a studio that I feel totally comfortable with. I'd been bugging my husband for a while now to let me go find somewhere that would perform a tongue splitting for me. For some obscure reason, he refused, so we compromised *grin*. I got to pick up another two eyebrow rings, another lip ring, and ... read more

Spontanous Piercing

ey bme guy! *lol* heres a submission for an eyebrow pierceing if you want to use it :) I never really thought about getting my eyebrow done, i have 7 tattoo's, and had my tounge pierced about two months ago. i started getting the "craving" once again, and really couldn't decide on an anti eyebrow, or my lip... but i had alot to consider, my school doesn't allow 'fad' pierceings and my tounge was hard enough to hide since i am constantly playing with it... I was sitting at school, mindlessly typeing in graphic arts, and had the urge to ... read more


Back in September of 1997 I found myself in San Francisco after a few weeks of crossing the US and swinging through Mexico. A lot of my friends back home are heavily pierced, but this was the first time I had been in a town where piercing was really common to see. You saw business-women in suits with pierced nostrils and even cops with a few cartilage pierces. So being there, and knowing I was going to be there for a while, I decided to continue with my body modification 'project' that I had started a year before when I ... read more

Eyebrow Experience @ Smokin' Tattoos

But in the last month, it has been my goal to get my eyebrow pierced. The place where Mary got her tongue (and most recently nipple) was called Smokin' Tattoos, in Kent. The piercer who she most recommended there was Donnie Brown. So it was Thursday, January 5th, and Mary told me that she would take me on Saturday. But the next day she informed me that she couldn't take me due to family problems. I was kind of disapointed, but what could I do? She told me, that Monday (9th) that she would take me sometime that week. Tuesday ... read more

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