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A few new piercings.

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/04-eyebrow/990415/bridge.html"> So. Hi. I got my first piercing of the year about a month ago, a bridge, and I absolutely adore it. For about the last 8 months I've found myself drawn to some of the slightly "different " piercings. I am currently unemployed, so I can actually get some now. I have to say something about the place I go to now. It's called Trilogy, in Memphis TN and everyone should go there. NOW. It's the best place I've ever been to. Everyone there is so nice and it's really clean and it just ROCKS. My piercers ... read more

I actually did it (eyebrow piercing)

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/04-eyebrow/990415/actually.html"> Hey, I'm 15 and female.. and ok here's my story. I first became attracted to facial piercings when my cousin Justin came down to visit my family last Thanksgiving. He had his tongue pierced and I couldn't get over how awesome it looked - I had six holes in each of my ears but had never even considered piercing any other place on my body. Justin's visit got me thinking though and I discovered I really really loved the look of eyebrow rings. I brought the issue up of me getting my right eyebrow pierced with my ... read more

Piercing at 14

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/04-eyebrow/990401/pierc14.html"> Ok here's the story. I had been wanting an eyebrow piercing since I was about 12. No one else I knew had one and neither did anyone in my school so I had kind of a hard time talking my mom into. So when I finally decided I was serious I told my mom about It. I showed her pictures and other peoples stories of piercing. She finally said yes and that I would have to find the place and I would have to pay for it. I checked around in the phone book and the web, ... read more

Jeff's Bridge And Tongue

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/04-eyebrow/990401/jeff.html"> TONGUE I'm 15, and my name is Jeff Abell, ever since I was about 12, I wanted to have my tongue pierced. Once when I was 12, I stuck a safety pin through my tongue, and put a regular earring in it. But it was on the side and looked tacky, and was not the right type of jewelry for it. So now I'm 15 I decide to beg my mom and she gave up a yes and was very pissed off, because she had bronchitis and was very ill and couldn't argue with me. So I ... read more

getting my eyebrow done

ell, before i really start, just wanted to say that i love this site. Discovered it in Jan. and it really helped me in going ahead and getting my eyebrow done (especially since many of the experiences stated that there was little or no pain!!). Anyways, on to my experience. I have both ears pierced twice, sadly both by gun, but i guess i decided that i wanted something a little different, and a little more than a year ago i decided that the different thing i wanted was my eyebrow done. Now at first i held off because i ... read more

eyebrow piercing

I got my eyebrow pierced about 2 months after I turned 14, although I'd wanted to get it done since I was about 12. It had taken me SO long to convince my slightly overprotective mother to let me do it, but she finally let me. I don't really think she thought I would go ahead and do it, though. The only other person I'd told about wanting to get it done was my best friend, and she didn't think I'd actually do it either. So, my mum called around for places where I could get it done, found a ... read more

In, and out again. My eybrow piercing experience.

or my 18th birthday my friends put together some cash and made the appointment for me to get my brow pierced. Yeah..... i didn't know if i should thank them or what! My mum and dad weren't toooooo keen on the idea but they didn't say no! After wanting one for ages, and researching them on BME i decided that i was going to go through with it! SO my friend Lisa picked me up and away we went to Steel Lotus studios (in Sydney Australia). The studio was very clean with the jewellery on display in cabinets, the tattoo ... read more


>MY EYEBROW PIERCING EXPERIENCE I had basically flipped a coin on what piercing I wanted to get. I definitely love piercings right now (tongue, nipple, eyebrow, nostril, 7 ear piercings including tragus) and I want more everyday. I was deciding between my labret and my eyebrow. I am graduating from my 2-year business focused college in less than 2 months, and I know that my type of field would never allowed all these facial piercings. So my decision was based on the healing time and the marks it would leave once I remove the piercing. I did not go to ... read more

My Bridge Experience

>My Bridge Experience First off I must say, when one gets their bridge pierced, they must expect many strange questions. The most common one is " did that hurt? It looks extremely painful!" I guess people see a piercing that goes through a lot of skin (mine being 5/8 of skin) and assume extreme pain. The second most common question " Does that go through the bone? " really stumps me sometimes. Remember...its a body piercing, not a bone drilling. Another one is "Wont you go cross eyed from that thing? " I can barely see my bridge, and about ... read more

Bridge Experience @ Bound By Design

or a long time I'd been wanting a bridge piercing. This would be my 11th piercing over the span of 5 years. I'd started when I was 12 years old, my first piercing being the right eyebrow. Anyway, at Christmas time, I received a gift certificate for a piercing at Bound By Design from my mom. She knew that was my favorite and most trusted piercing place here in Denver. Seeing as how I'm still a minor, I asked my mom to take me into Bound By Design the following Friday so I could get the bridge piercing. Heh, it ... read more

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