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Three days wanted

My 17th birthday had just passed, and I was sitting at my computer bored, trying to think of something to do. I had been wanting more piercings for a long time already, so naturally I figured out that I could go and get something pierced the next day - I had the money, I had the willing, so I was all set. The only problem was... I didn't know what to get pierced! I was thinking about a monroe, but I gave up on that because my parents aren't exactly keen on body modifications, meaning they'd probably throw me out ... read more

*Le sigh* the anti- eyebrow that wasn't meant to be....

My experience happened about 2 1/2 years ago, just so you know. When I was 17 and checking out BME's eyebrow section I came upon the anti- eyebrow section and fell in love at first sight. It looked painful to me since I was a virgin to piercings, but it also looked so damn cute and purty in my eyes. Upon a little further research (keep in mind I didn't do much at all) I found out it was a pretty quick and fairly painless piercing. SO I made up my mind that it'd be my first piercing once I ... read more

My Awesome Eyebrow Piercing

Well, this all started about a year ago when I first wanted to get a piercing. I asked my mom if I could get one and she said absolutely not. But I kept asking her every week for about 3 months and when I turned 16 she let me get a piercing. I was so excited but I had no idea which piercing I was going to get. First I wanted my lip pierced but she didn't want me to get that one because I would be at a high risk for an infection. So, I came to BME and ... read more

Eyebrow Experience

I never really thought about getting my eyebrow pierced. I really wanted to get my lip done. But my mom thought differently about things. She doesn't understand the whole body mod thing, and is pretty against it. Thankfully my dad has a different outlook. For christmas about three years ago, I got a gift certificate to Passion Fish (local piercing shop) and there was no way my mom could say no to a free piercing! So I thought about my eyebrow but that was visible, so I got a quick "no". My belly button was the only thing she would ... read more

Extremely Enjoyable Eyebrow Piercing

I had to stop by Evolution today to see if the owner Dave was in. I have been looking for him and calling for the past 2 weeks trying to catch him, but he never came to the shop. I heard that he would be in today, so me and my boyfriend swung by there after we went to Wal-Mart. Of course, Dave was not at the shop. Jeremy told he said he would be in tomorrow, but knowing Dave that could mean 2 more weeks from today. I was disappointed, because it was time to get my Tygon on ... read more

My Anti Expierence

Six years ago I got my first piercing. I had gotten my tongue pierced with my own barbell for $35. Unfortunately I had to take it out three months later for work. It only took 3 hours before I wasn't able to put it back in. Three months that I had it done was all that it took for me to be even more intrigued with the art of piercing. Soon after, I got my lip pieced downtown and have been going strong with my piercings ever since. Currently I have seven piercings, and have plans for at least 13 ... read more

Eyebrow Ring

So, like however many people who have come across this site, I too am clearly infatuated with body modification. Not as much as I was though, but still, I love piercings. Tattoos are pretty too, but piercings were/are my "cup of tea." I've wanted my eyebrow pierced forever. When I turned 15, I decided to wait until a Holiday came around so I could bribe my parents into letting me get what I want. So, after begging for a few days, they finally caved. My parents are pretty cool parents, but they don't necessarily adore body modification, so I considered ... read more

Worried over nothing

My eyebrow was real first Body piercing I had ever done. But I did have my ears pierced for a year or so before that, I had my tries with ear stretching and I wasn't successful with doing so. But I have always had a fascination with eyebrow piercings and I was always worried about the pain and what if they fucked up (but who isn't? I can't be the only one can I?). So I finally got the balls to go and get it done. Even though in the end I figured out that it's really not that bad ... read more

Though never done before, I can try?!

When searching your local area for an exceptional piercer, always listen to their body language because we know about different piercings of the body but some people that claim to be a "piercer" aren't as broad as you would think. This month has been boring yet penniless. Having no job sucks but a piercing will surely kick depression and self-loathing to the side real quick. Well, it all started when I needed $20 to get to my two interviews since I live outside of the RDU Triad area so I asked my aunt if I could hold $20 but she ... read more

Eyebrow Piercing

I did a lot of researching piercings before I decided to take the next step: choosing a professional piercer. Most everywhere I looked said it's a plus if the piercer is a member of the APP, because they have high sterilization procedures. Sine I'm very afraid of germs/bacteria I really wanted my piercer to be one of the members of that orginization. Through the APP I located a piercing studio called Anomaly. The APP has a list of their piercers that are in the area. You can find them by state, or bye zip code. This website was very useful ... read more

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