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My awesome eyebrow experience

Even though it has been a year since I actually had my eyebrow pierced, I still thought it would be good if I shared my experience. Well, I wanted to have it done for years and my parents wouldn't let me. For some odd reason they finally gave in. Which was cool because I was only 16. They first proposed that I get my tongue done, but I said I wanted my eyebrow. (Just so you know I eventually got my tongue done, but only a few months ago) They agreed because it wasn't permanent like a tattoo, which I ... read more

It really didn't hurt...

Well, I'll start this off by saying I'm terrified of needles but I'm fascinated with all forms of body modification, especially piercing. I've been wanting to get my eyebrow pierced for about a year now, and my mom decided, what the hell, I'll let you get it done on your birthday, which isn't until February. I had researched numerous piercing studios in my area, and I talked to my friend who has just recently gotten her belly button pierced. I asked my mom to call the place where she got hers done, and they refused to do it until I ... read more

Eyebrow at 14, Labret at 15.

Hi, my name is Leslie. I am 15 years old and very into body modification. It all started as a joke when I was around nine or ten. I was watching the local skateboarders outside my window when I saw a guy with blue hair and a nose ring. I then went to my dad and told him that I wanted that too. That's when my facination all began....... When I was about 13, I had seen some eyebrow piercings on people around town ect. I really like the way that it looked, so I went to my mom who ... read more

"Sharp object jabbed through eyebrow"

mber when I was young and saw people with piercings, I thought how could they do that, their ruining their body. As I grew older I came to a understanding that they were expressing themselves, being who they believed they were, an individual. Now a days there is so many people that judge others by the way they look, but the thing is I do not care. If I go through life wondering what others think, I am not living my life to its fullest potential. I have four earrings in one ear and three in the other, but that ... read more

My Eyebrow Piercing

brow was the first piercing I got and was under the impression that I would be in enormous amounts of pain afterwards, but it barely hurt at all. I had wanted to get my eyebrow pierced about 4 years prior to my 18 b-day. I always thought they were really eye catching and generally cool looking. I did a lot of research on the net to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into. As my b-day approached I went downtown to scout out piercing places. I walked all up and down my town, going into every piercing/tattoo ... read more

My dodgy eyebrow!

3 years ago I decided it was time to give in to my temptation to have my eyebrow pierced, I checked out the telephone book to find out some places that I could have it done at, I found two places in one building, after a recommendation from a friend about how clean they were I went along to 'Oasis' in the centre of Birmingham town centre and decided that I would have my first piercing done at 'Dress to Impress' I was a little worried when I noticed a coffin in the corner of the room with a skeleton ... read more

I wanted to get all the pain over with in one day

I love all these experience stories, so I wanted to add my own. I read Jason's story and followed his directions and everything worked perfectly. I pierced my eyebrow. I suppose I should start at everything from the beginning. I have wanted my eyebrow pierced for a couple years now, but it has been no obsession until lately. I went swimming at my cousins house and he had his eyebrow pierced. I thought it looked cool, and he was so close to my age that I felt like I needed one. (am I a copy cat or what?) So I ... read more

My eyebrow

at people in my school call a skater. Its not a bad group to be in, but not the best group either. Most of my friends have earings some have other things pierced, belly buttons, tongues, ect. I had an earing by this time but i wanted more. i had wanted an eyebrow ring since before i got my ear pierced. i saw it in a magazine and really liked the way it looked. I like the rings though, my friend has a barbell and i think its ugly. My dad hates piercings on guys, and my mom isn't too ... read more

What a cool birthday gift!

lways been fascinated with bodypiercing. I never thought that I'd actually get pierced though.A few days before my birthday I had a dream that I got my eyebrow pierced for my birthday and it was really cool,so I really wanted to get it done. The hard part was asking my parents.I was sure that my Mom would say no but I decided to ask anyway. I asked Mom how she felt about eyebrow piercings.She said she thought they were cute. I was like ok so can I get it done? She called my Dad and after they talked for a ... read more

Another Hole in my head

absolutely charged up and revving with anticipation, the few days before getting my piercing. It has been exactly one week since I had it done and the healing so far has been fine. The area is sensitive and since it's an 18ga microbell, I always have a fear that it would get ripped off but otherwise, the wound has been relatively problem-free. I urge anybody who has second thoughts about getting their eyebrows pierced, to ignore those irritating negative doubts and just get another hole in your head! Anyway, the experience itself was really thrilling. I had been thinking about ... read more

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