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I think I found my home of happiness

Before you go any further, I want to admit up front that I fully intend to rant and rave about the wonderful piercer I found at Pierce/Ink. She's talented, experienced, and exceptionally down to earth. So, before you continue, you have been warned. Like always, A year or two after my last piercing, I always get the itch for some more pretty metal. So after a good long while of deliberation, poking my face in the mirror and pinching here and there, I come down to either my septum or my bridge, and off we go. We step through the ... read more

My first facial piercing

A few months ago, I decided that I was going to get a new piercing on my sixteenth birthday. Ever since then, I was contemplating on getting my lip, septum, or eyebrow pierced. I asked people what they thought would look best. I also researched every piercing to see if theyre all pretty safe. I quickly vetoed septum, because it seemed painfull and a little dangerous. Finally, when my birthday came, I made my desicion: eyebrow! I waited untill I was 16 because I knew I was making a mature, responsible desicion. I remember when I was 14, when I ... read more

Getting Matching Eyebrow Piercing With My Boyfriend

It has been a hard time financially right now. I thought I was going to have to wait to get more modifications, because we were barely making it with the necessities. Then about a week ago, my mom decided to surprise my boyfriend and me by giving us just enough money for us both to get matching piercings. This gesture meant a lot to me, because my mom was not a big fan of all my jewelry and she knew how much I loved it. I was hesitate on spending the money on a new piercing when we were strapped ... read more


Piercings aren't meant to be forever but some things your body just refuses to let go of. One night while I was working as a baker, I got called by another store because their baker was sick or something to that effect and they asked me to pull a double shift. I was like yeah ugh no thanks I was tired and wanted to go home. They made a deal with my friend Carley and I to pay us cash if were we're willing to split the bake and get it done in time. We had also gotten paid that ... read more

My little Eyebrow!!

I guess it all started when my older sister got her tongue pierced for her birthday. I really liked it and I wanted to get a piercing, but not the same one. So I started thinking about what I wanted to get done, and thought the eyebrow piercings looked really awsome. Like always, you gotta go through asking your parents, and like anyone elses, they said no. I keep bugging them for like, a month, and they told me if I quite asking, they would think about it. So i stopped for about two days and they decided I could. ... read more

My Fourth Facial.

I love body mods. It doesn't matter what it is, a tattoo, a piercing, a scarring, it's beautiful in my eyes. At the age of 13, I got my first "real" body mod; snakebites. Pair lip piercings. I fell in love, the feeling of finally being part of such an amazing culture was wonderful. Since then I had stretched my standard lobe piercings and gotten a septum piercing. I was temporarily satisfied, but then that itch to get another piercing came. So, after browsing BME (such a wonderful website), and convincing my father (the more-or-less strict parent), it was decided. ... read more

My entrance into the mod community

I want to briefly explain why I personally choose to have body modifications. I appear to be the innocent good girl that gets good grades and all that junk. However, I have struggled with trying to show who I truly am inside on the outside. Body modification is becoming a way for me to be myself and stop conforming to what people expect of me. But enough of that, I have wanted my eyebrow pierced for years but not badly enough to bug my parents. When I turned 18, I badly wanted a tattoo or piercing to celebrate the occasion, ... read more

My Anti-Eyebrow

I decided I wanted my anti-eyebrow pierced after seeing a few pictures of them on this web site, and others. I fell in love with the piercing right away and decided I had to have it done. After much more research I asked my mum, she said yes, so I rang up the piercing studio and made an appointment. I had already had my lip and ears pierced a few times at New Image piercing studio so I decided to go back there as they had always been clean and really helpful in the past. When I got there it ... read more

First Body Piercing

I guess I should start by telling you that mine is not your "average" story. Until I stumbled across BME around 8 or 9 months ago, I didn't have a clue about piercings or tattoos. All I knew coming into this experience was that I wanted my eyebrow pierced, it was one of the cutest piercings I'd ever seen, and I wouldn't rest until I got it done. I'm not exactly your first candidate for any kind of piercing; I'm a sophomore in high school, from a conservative, preppy town. I usually make honor roll, I don't drink or smoke ... read more

Two Eyebrow Piercings In One Setting.

I walked into Evolution on a Tuesday afternoon. I had some varies alterations I wanted done that day including getting another eyebrow piercing and maybe stretching my lobes. The shop was busy that day and Jeremy was nowhere in sight. I filled out the paperwork and sat down with my boyfriend to wait. It took about 20 minutes before Jeremy finally appeared with a young teenager and her mom. They paid and left and Jeremy asked if I would mind if he took a little break and I said sure go ahead. The girl in front of me had gotten ... read more

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