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growing out sucks

2 days after my 16th birthday, my 3 best friends took me to get my eyebrow pierced as a surprise birthday present. I had always wanted my brow pierced, I thought it looked so damn cool and it totally made you look like an individual. I totally didn't want it at first when I realized where they had brought me. I am probably the biggest baby in the world so the thought of a needle going through my face didn't appeal to me all that much. When I finally decided to get it done I told the piercer that I ... read more

Once again

y people, I've been into body modification for about 5 or 6 years now. I'm 16, and I started liking it when I was somewhere between 10 and 11. I probably messed that math up, knowing me. I have my ears pierced 5 times, just gun piercings. Bad bad, I know. I honestly didn't have any problems with them, I guess I was lucky. I have 3 on the lobes, one in the cartilage halfway up, and one up top. Those last two are on both ears, by the way. Well, when I was 13, in 8th grade, I finally ... read more

My eyebrow turned purple!

k about two months to convince my parents to let me get this piercing. I was so excited when they said yes! I got it as a birthday present, so I didn't really care about the price, but I suggest shopping around. With the jewelry, it cost $50. My friends thought I was crazy to pay that much to have a hole put in my face. I just went to the same place that I had gotten my nose pierced, but then again, I live in a small hick town, so there weren't many options. To get the best opinions ... read more

I now join the masses....

To start it off, I will just tell you the basics about me. I am male, 16 and overall pretty average. You wouldn't call me clean cut, but I don't get stared at too often in public. *wink* My girlfriend got her eyebrow pierced about 5 months ago and since she had hers done, I have been aching to do mine. My parents were very against mods, they protested when I got my ear pierced. JUST MY EAR! But, I wanted this piercing very badly, and you have to work hard for what you want right? I collected a lot ... read more

Eyebrow Piercing At The Tattoo Parlor

I'm going to try my hardest not to make this story sound like all the other ones you have read! It all started in the 4th grade. I wanted an eyebrow piercing so bad! I didn't let anyone know about it until 6th grade because I was afraid of what they would think of me. So I let me friends in on it. Now that I'm in 8th grade, I have my own individuallity. Sorry I don't know if I spelt that right. Anyway... I begged and begged my Mom and Step-dad to let me get it done. Of course, ... read more

It's about time

wanted my eyebrow pierced since I was fourteen. I always thought that eyebrow rings were gorgeous and made the eyes stand out. I love the style, and all the different ring options. My favorite ring option is a curved barbell. My fiance, who I got pierced with decided more sporadicly and he has since come to love his piercing as much as I love mine. He favors a closed ring with a dice as a bead. My parents were against the idea and would not allow it everytime I asked them. After I turned eighteen my fiance and I got ... read more

Great Hole through my eyebrow

start off by telling you that i am not from England or not from the US so the language in this experience may sound funny some times. I am 14 years old i lived in Israel all my life untill 7th grade. i moved to Tanzania when i was 12. I started wantting my eyebrow pierced 2 years ago. BUT Tanzania is in Africa and as you know Africa is not the place to be pierced :)! i travelled to israel a week ago and decided y not making my dream come true?? my parents always knew i wanted it ... read more

My great eyebrow experience!!!

was 15 when I got my eyebrow pierced. I had asked my parents if it was okay if I could get it done and my dad said "SURE" but my mom was kinda worried about it! That day that I had them go there was we went car shopping cause my brother wanted a new car. Well he ended up getting one and then my dad said that I should be able to get something done. My dad tried getting my mom to get her belly button pierced, but she wouldn't cause she thinks shes fat but she ISN'T! She's ... read more

did it myself eyebrow

well i might as well start off by introducing myself.. i'm a fourteen year old girl from halifax, nova scotia (canada).. and i'm in grade 9.. i've been interested in body modifications since i was twelve years old.. so far, the only piercing that i have is my eyebrow.. i used to have two hand web piercings but they got ripped out.. in the future i want to get ten more piercings and five or six tattoos.. most places around here won't pierce/tattoo you unless you're sixteen years old (with i.d.) or have your parents permission.. so i probably wont ... read more

But I'm a good kid!

I was 12 I wanted this done.When I saw my friend's sister got it,I immediately was ready to do it.I begged my mom to let me.She firmly said NO. I gave it up for a little bit,I realized 6th grade was too young for a piercing.haha.7th grade,my friends Lindsay and Marretta got their's pierced.Lindsay said where she got it done wasn't too clean.She was right,later that year it got super infected.Marretta got her's done @ Gator Rick's.She said it was soo clean.So I begged more to my mom.She said she'll think about it.But she didn't.As 8th grade came ALOT of ... read more

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