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My Second Eyebrow Piercing

Today, November 10, 2006 I got my right eyebrow pierced for the second time. I got it pierced the first time (the experience is here on BME) last December, and ever since I have been thinking that it would be really cool to get a second one done right next to it. My story really begins last Sunday evening when I had a few drinks and while reading experiences and looking at pictures on BME and thinking about how it's been a really long time since I got a new piercing. For some reason I had the (bad) idea that ... read more

my double tops

My mum and I had reached the Barber shop and were about to go down the stairs lit by UV lights, when my mum said are you sure you want to go through with this, I told her ,' yes of course,' because I have wanted this done for ages. I got down into the waiting room and it seemed to take forever for the receptionist to ask me what I wanted done. So i sat there for 45 minutes, and the waiting room slowly emptied, people going in to the little white room and coming out with lips, Navels ... read more

mijn eerste wenkbrauwpiercing

Mijn eerste wenkbrauwpiercing. Ik weet het jaar niet meer precies maar volgens mij was het in 2002. Mijn beste vriendin en ik wilden allebei een nieuwe piercing en we besloten om hem tegelijk te laten zetten. Zij wilde graag een tongpiercing en ik een wenkbrauw piercing. Mijn moeder vond het niet erg dat ik een nieuwe piercing wilde had al een navelpiercing van haar gekregen op mijn 14e. Ze was er alleen niet blij mee dat het een wenkbrauw piercing was, ze was bang dat ik er achter zou blijven haken enz. Ik wilde al een tijd een wenkbrauwpiercing vind ... read more

Eyebrow Date

I've always really loved the appearance of the vertical eyebrow piercing, but have been too afraid of it. Seriously, look at it. That has GOT to hurt, right? Especially for me, because piercers have always told me I have "the perfect eyebrows for piercing", which, with any body part of mine that is "the perfect (insert body part here) for piercing", translates directly into: "This is going to hurt like a mudder fugger. How about a nice long swim in a pool of molten lava to take your mind off of the pain?" Well, I finally gave in to my ... read more

Bridge of Doom

Yeah, so I got my bridge done for the first time about 4 years ago, and it looked ok, but after about a year and a half (maybe a little longer), I took it out. I loved my bridge,and it was probably one of my favorites that I had at the time, but I took it out because I was really sick for about two weeks (just like the flu or something) and my head would not quit hurting around my eyes, so after a week of pain, I decided to take my bridge piercing out, and surprisingly enough, the ... read more

amateur eyebrow piercing in danger zone

Well I had been thinking about getting my eyebrow pierced for a while now but I did not really have the cash at hand!! I do not know what it is like in other countries, but here it is $125 (incl. the jewelry) for any piercing, that would be $62.50 U.S, and the guy who does it is a really good tattoo artist, best in the island, because he is 1 of like 3 professional ones!!! He gets the most business anyway and he deserves it. He is really good. But I just did not have $125 to blow on ... read more

A continued effort

After getting my tongue pierced in 2003, I went for an eyebrow piercing at the start of summer 2004. I did it mainly because I enjoyed the sight of this modification on the face of other men; also because I figured that I would enjoy my own face in the mirror better with the same modification. For this piercing, I went for a first time in the studio where I had my tongue pierced one year before. I knew that they had a lot of customers and did not put a lot of personalized care for each piercing. However, past ... read more

14th piercing; The eyebrow!

I had recently gotten the piercing bug, only being 14, but already having 13 piercings, most of them acquired within the last 6 months. And I wanted more. I was considering a Spectrum piercing, I thought it looked cute, a bit different. Though the negative out-look from my peers made me re-think my decision, so I thought I'd go for the ever-popular brow piercing. My mother, even as laid-back as she is, was a bit iffy about it. Constantly saying how it was a 'boy' thing. After a few days of arguing, and negotiation, finally got me my eyebrow piercing. ... read more

My girl loves my new eyebrow piercing!

After months of my girlfriend mentioning that I would look good with my eyebrow pierced, I decided to go get it done to surprise her. I know she would have wanted to go with me to watch me get it, but I figured the only way I would feel comfortable is if I did it by myself that way there was no pressure or anything. The day I went to do it I was getting pretty excited to get it actually. I went to Tommy T's Body Piercing in Huntington Beach 'cause a bunch of my buddies had their ears ... read more

eyebrow piercing experience

I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for quite a while but I was too scared to get it pierced as I thought it would hurt (yes I know, I'm soft). I asked a few people who already had their eyebrow pierced about what to expect, how much it would hurt, how much it would cost etc. most of them said it hurt a bit but not as much as you would think. I was still worried about getting an eyebrow piercing though. However, one day when I was 15 I was walking around Manchester with my friend, feeling envious as ... read more

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