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Septum success!

Ok so it all started when I was bored looking up nonsense on the Internet and I happen to come across septum piercings. My boyfriends sister had her septum done before and thought it was cute but never really thought about, but after looking it up and looking at pictures with their septum done I fell in love! I just thought it looked so interesting and so unique. Nobody that I knew at school had this done so I was excited because I wanted it really bad. But the problem with me is one day I love something and think ... read more

Return of the Bling

I've wanted my nose pierced since I was 12. It was the first body mod that I was interested in, a gateway mod, as it were. However, while my desire to get my nose pierced launched my love of piercings (and later tattoos) I actually didn't get it done until I was 24 years old. I opted for more easily hideable piercings, such as conches, helix, and later nipples and tongue. A little background on my 2 attempts and 1 success at having my nose pierced. For my 24th birthday my best friend offered to buy me a nose piercing. ... read more

My DIY Septum and Fainting

I've always loved piercings, and I knew I would want to get at least several eventually. Unfortunately, I have very conservative parents, who don't even really approve of ear cartilage piercings. Ergo, I've been feeling stifled for about the past 4 years, with only a total of 3 ear lobe piercings, the extra that I'd begged an entire year for. So, like a teenager, I ended up taking matters into my own hands. I do not recommend self-piercing. I'd just like to state that here. If you're doing it just to save money, or because you think it's easier, for ... read more

DIY Nostril Piercing

Before I tell anyone anything I'd just like to say self piercing is VERY stupid and should never ever be done. Really, go to a professional before you do it yourself or let your friends stab a hole through you. I self pierce and I know I'm an idiot, don't do it, a lot of things can go wrong especially if you don't know what you're doing. So I pierced my nostril last year but that didn't work out well and I was forced to let it close up. But today I decided, hell, might as well just do it ... read more

you should get your septum pierced!

I have been thinking off and on for almost 3 years about getting my septum done. I think the piercing looks really cute on girls, plus the ability to tuck it up and hide it is certainly a bonus for jobs, etc. I had been afraid of the pain and that is one of the main reasons I think I put it off for so long. Fast forward to earlier this week when I began really thinking about it again. I had my nostril pierced for years and really loved it, but I retired it a year ago for a ... read more

"Will it make my nose look fat?" - My Secret Septum

I'm always nervous asking my mother for piercings. I pay for them myself and she normally doesn't even notice when I get them done, but still, I'm quite scared of her. When I did finally ask her about a septum, she said no because I can't have facial piercings for school. I told her I could flip it up for school, she still said no because bull rings are ugly. I asked dad about a septum at some point along the line. It didn't appeal to him, but he didn't let his opinion get in my way. I told him ... read more

Septum stretching (8mm)

The first time I saw a large septum I knew i wanted one for myself. For about 2 years I wanted to have a healthy maybe 6mm septum. It wasn't until about 4months ago that I finally got it pierced. I had recently moved home after a relationship had ended, I had no money and no job. One day my sister offered to pay for me to get a piercing as she wanted one but was scared to go by herself. I quickly jumped at the chance and told her about how I wanted my septum done so i could ... read more

Nostril piercing

From quite a young age, before I was properly into piercing and body mod I used to want my nose pierced and had a fake ring which I would sometimes wear on my nose. But after a while I didn't want it any more, I kind of went off the idea. However, fast forward a few years and I have discovered BME and the world of body modification. I have quite a lot of piercings and a few tattoos and the idea of getting my nose done starts to return. I'm currently at university in Bangor (Wales) and I prefer ... read more

My septum experience, how much I love it!

Hello, my name is Tayler. I have been in love with body modification since I was about twelve. I currently have 10 piercings and plan to get much more. To continue on with my experience, I pierced my septum, which is the skin in the middle of the inside of you nose, for those who have no idea. It was about a month ago, and my friend Jasmine came over that day. We decided to go get some food and run by Hastings because she wanted to pierce her tragus and she was in lack of some jewelry. So we ... read more


I have always wanted my septum pierced. When I first saw one I knew I wanted one, much to the chagrin of my parents and sister, who were still of the mind set that it is a "bull piercing". When I finally turned 18 I knew it was going to be my first piercing. A lot of my friends have septum piercings and when I asked them about it they all had different stories to tell. Some said it was the most painful piercing they have ever had and others said it felt like nothing. I was a bit worried ... read more

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