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Standard Nostril piercing.

I've always loved the look of nostril piercings. Be they studs, rings, pretty little diamonds, or even strange things like cherries. They make people's faces look more striking, in a good way. I always envied people who have them. I made it a point to compliment them, because I just LOVED the way they looked! I decided that I had to have one at an early age. I ended up FINALLY getting it when I turned seventeen. Then losing it to complications due to my own poor decisions. But getting it again about a week ago. I'm very pleased with ... read more

Septum piercing - Wal-Mart sucks

About three weeks ago, I decided I really wanted to go ahead and get my septum pierced and really stoked to have it done. I called my piercer to see about jewelry option and if he had time etc. Decided to come in later that evening brought my wife and my ten year old daughter to come hang out, they are always there when I have anything done. :) Ben gets setup to pierce my septum and there is a group of older woman in the next studio raising hell and having a good time (all getting the same tattoo). ... read more

septum bloody septum

First of all I would like let you in on a little secret.My septum didnt realy bleed at all.I just thought that was a nifty title. First things first I had my septum done a little under a year ago.and I have since streched it to a 10 gauge. i have to say the streching is my favorite part.I plane on going down to a 2 or something like that. As a boy growing up in a fairly strict house I was never allowed to have any piercings or even grow my hair long.Being the rebel that I am as ... read more

my beloved septum, one step at a time

I love piercings and I love suspensions. I have been fascinated by them since I was young. However, I mostly love piercings on other people. Generally, I just don't think they are for me. I am tattooed and I love it, but even with my love for piercings, I couldn't see myself with many. I had never even had my lobes done. I am very interested in the cultural roots of the piercings, and my favorite has always been the septum. I loved it since the first time I saw it, but I especially love stretched septums. One day in ... read more

Awkward Little Tears.

I had been wanting piercing since I was little and been NEEDING one for a good 4 years but my parents are completely against anything under the 'body mod' sun. This meant that unless I wanted to be killed I had to wait until I was legally an adult to get anything done. This was the major factor of getting a septum as my first piercing, I really wanted it and it could be easily hidden. After I had realised this it wasn't long until I had it done. The day I got it done my boyfriend and I went ... read more


So, I mean, one was never going to be enough. Not ever. It really started years back when I became interested in piercings, and then fast became a reality after talks with my parents that spanned a decent year. I wanted to get my lip pierced and managed to make a deal with my parents that if I passed all of my exams, work & college allowed it then I could go ahead. Safe to say, I pulled out all of the stops and showed them up. Since then, things have moved quickly over the years and I have somehow ... read more

Scary Nose Experience

When I was younger, my mom would always tell me that she thought a little nose stud would be very cute on me. At the time, I was none too keen on the idea and just brushed the comment off. A few weeks after my high school graduation, the idea of the nose piercing came back to me. This time, it seemed like a very good idea. They're very cute (with the right face for them) and are common enough to not be shocking. I researched for about 3 days, looking at different forums (like this one!) for just a ... read more

There were carnivorous plants on the walls.

I decided I was going to get my septum pierced. It wasn't some sort of revelation or long drawn out process. It was logistics. I like piercings, I like jewelry, but I also have a professional dress code I am obligated to follow that I'd already pushed to the limits with my 0g lobes. A septum piercing could let me have all of the fun of a piercing and still be hidden when needed. With that decided it was just a matter of getting it done. A friend of mine decided she was on the market for a new piercing ... read more

The Nose Ring Experience

Disclaimer: Reader, in no way, shape, or form do I condone self-piercing. I strongly suggest going to a certified professional for any piercing needs. I was eleven, when I wanted my first piercing. A normal twelve year old kid, that longed for a needle to pierce through my nose. I'd always just laugh and shake my head when my family would say, "Yeah, go on and listen to that devil music, but we don't want to see you with bones in your nose." Then I would smile. If only they knew. I'd been fascinated since I was even younger with ... read more

My Sweet Septum

I had wanted a septum piercing for years and only decided to go for it about a month ago, for a number or reasons. Reason one being my ex boyfriend hated septum piercings and so for that reason alone I didn't bother looking more into it until about 5 or 6 weeks ago. Reason two, my work would not allow it, and Reason three, in January i'm about to become a student nurse and i'm not sure what their view is on piercings. (I do have a lot, madonna, labret, tongue, nostrils, tragus, ear lobes, and a few others thats ... read more

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