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My Long Awaited Nostril Piercing =^.^=

Before I start, I shouldn't have to mention that my parents (especially my Dad) are totally against the whole idea of piercings and tattoos. Aren't all parents? Teehee. So I finally got around to ringing up the most popular piercing studio in our area to book my nose piercing. Unfortunately, their piercer was sick that day, so I booked it for the following weekend, and yeah, I was pretty bummed out :( I didn't really want to wait that long, so I rang Divine, a shop that I often visited which was in The Hutt, close to where the other ... read more

My first nostril piercing!! [Of two

I've had my septum pierced for about 9 months, and I've been thinking of getting something else. I never thought I'd get a nose ring because they're pretty common, but I thought if i got it done and put an actual ring through it then it'd be a bit different. Until I looked up some pics, where I came across the *brilliant* concept of a double nostril piercing - two on one side. And so it began... My brother said he'd pay for it for Christmas, but we'd get it done now. So we planned to go today (Sunday) at ... read more

Getting my septum pierced

Okay, So I've always been interested in septum piercings. I like the fact that they aren't too common where I live and they can be hidden if needed to. Once I decided that a septum piercing was right for me, I began my research. I wanted to find a piercer that had experience. The septum piercing would be my first official facial piercing so I wanted to make sure that it turned out right. I visited a few shops around the Southern Maryland area. I went to about 6 or 7 shops. The first 5 said that they didn't have ... read more

Standard Nose Piercing Greatness

Although nose piercings are not the boldest of facial piercings, what with every other 15 year old girl donning one in the hopes to look badass, I was hankering for a piercing on my face and did not feel like shocking my poor mother to tears with an eyebrow, anti-eyebrow, or lip piercing. Those will come in a few months or so. Pansyness aside, I boldly strode (ran) to a local shop here in Santa Cruz and requested the piercing. (I chose this particular shop because my friend had just gotten her lip pierced here and recommended them- cheaper than ... read more

painless septum

I have always thought about getting a piercing, but my parents are not very big fans of bm so I never got any of the piercings done. I recently moved out of home and started thinking about bm again. I used to not like the appearance of septum piercings but once I moved to the bay area I saw a lot more of them and realized that they take many shapes and forms. I started thinking of getting a septum piercing, and researched it heavily. I consider myself to have a very low pain tolerance so I was not sure ... read more

Septum piercing

As with quite a few of the mods I now have or want, I used to hate septum piercings. I just really didn't like the look of them, but I found them starting to grow on me. To start with I just started liking the look of them on other people, but didn't think it would suit me and still thought I'd never get it done. However, after a while the idea started to really appeal to me and I thought it would actually look pretty good. Unfortunately my boyfriend at the time really hates septum piercings, especially on girls, ... read more

OUCH! You Bastard!!

After the almost septum a little over a year ago, I decided that I wanted it re-doing and definitely for the long term. The hard part was getting around my mother, who links septum piercings to the 70's punk era and a lack of self respect, or respect for anyone and anything. I made a deal with her, that if I got it done I wouldn't tell her and I'd have it flipped up out the way whenever she was around (and considering I live with my parents this would be almost all the time.) I didn't know when I ... read more

My amazing septum piercing.

A few of my friends came to dunedin for a few days and one of them decided to get her septum pierced. I thought "oh cool.." and really thought nothing of it. My parents are dead against any form of piercing. Even ear piercing! So i never really thought about it. i've always wanted a facial piercing but always thought about the fact that i cant hide it! Anyway. When she came out with her new piercing I was shocked at how amazing it looked. What I loved even more about it was that she put a circular barbell in ... read more

I Feel Like A Change.

I don't know about you, but occasionally I get an overwhelming urge to change my appearance. Sometimes I cut or dye my hair. Sometimes I try a different colour eyeliner. Today, I decided I wanted a new piercing. I don't have many piercings. In my right ear, I have my conch and two cartilage piercings and I have the left side of my lip pierced. That's it - not even my earlobes are pierced. Fairly tame, and to be honest with you, I'd like to keep it that way. It was only recently that me and some friends were discussing ... read more

my beloved septum, one step at a time

I love piercings and I love suspensions. I have been fascinated by them since I was young. However, I mostly love piercings on other people. Generally, I just don't think they are for me. I am tattooed and I love it, but even with my love for piercings, I couldn't see myself with many. I had never even had my lobes done. I am very interested in the cultural roots of the piercings, and my favorite has always been the septum. I loved it since the first time I saw it, but I especially love stretched septums. One day in ... read more

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