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ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/03-nose/990615/septgraf.html"> i've wanted to get my septm pierced for a while...actually not too long of a while, but a long enough while for me (about 4 months.) i already had numerous other peircings, (11 ear peircings, 1 nostril, 1 tounge, and for about a month a belly peircing.) i've done all of them myself, except for the tounge which i had done at a tatto/peircing parlor called skyline, in Arlington VA. they did a great job and i decided to go back for the septum to be done. i had decided i wanted something a little more visable ... read more

My pointy balls keep falling off!

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/03-nose/990615/septpbfo.html"> I've been wanting piercings and tattoos for almost as long as I can remember. In fact, I still have a list of stuff that I wanted that I made up when I was about 12 or 13. The only things that really stopped me was lack of funds and because I had absolutely no idea where to go. Fast forward about ten years to Christmas time. This time I was back in Maryland from 4 years in New York. I scored with a lot of Christmas money that was mostly from my uncle. So on Tuesday, December ... read more

My septum experience @ Inferno

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/03-nose/990501/septinf.html"> Well, to start off I have wanted to get my septum done for a while but the only stopping me was all of the letter and submission I had read on BME or other site of people saying the unbearable pain that they went through. But one day I said the hell with it. The piercing itch got a hold of me, as my girlfriend had gotten her belly button and tongue done a week ago, right before we decided to go on vacation in Philly, so right off the bat i wanted something pierced cause i ... read more

um, excuse me sir.. i think my nose is about to fall off..

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/03-nose/990501/noseoff.html"> i'd been wanting to get my nose pierced for some time now. i got my tongue done when i was about 18. i decided that waiting a year to get another piercing done would be easier on my parental figures. so one day, after begging my mom to get my nose done, i got up the guts to get my nostril pierced. i had a friend with me for support. i was scared poopyless! i was afraid that the needle would go straight through my nose out the other side or something. so, the first place i ... read more

Susan's Nose Piercing

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/03-nose/990401/susnose.html"> For about 2 years...actually, ever since I first got on line and saw BME, I have been wanting to be pierced. My husband at the time was not crazy about the idea, even though I had convinced him to get both ears pierced and he liked that. I spent more and more time on line, looking at pictures of piercings, tattoos, all sorts of body modification. Not only did it interest me, it turned me on. I decided a year ago, on Valentine's Day, that it was time to take action. I was due to turn 30 ... read more

Septum, Tongue, Labret

h1>Septum it was sometime in the Spring of '94. i met this cat named Noel(New Age Body Piercing-Miami,FL) that was doing body piercing in the area and he and my tattoo artist Joe (Silhouette Studios-Miami,FL)knew each other. he was working out of Lou's Tattoo's at the time. i walked in one day and we started talking about getting pierced. he suggested i do my septum with a 12ga CBB. after some 'first time' questions i was sitting in a dentist-like chair as i observed his preparation. he took some iodine and clean the inside of my nose. he then placed ... read more

Stretch and stretch and stretch....

h1>Stretch and stretch and stretch.... As with most piercings I get, there was a particular piece of jewelry that I wanted to wear in my septum once I'd had it done. The piece in question was a horseshoe-ring, 2.4mm thick and 10mm in diameter, and I thought it looked way cool. But my septum was started at 2.0mm, so once it was healed I knew I had to stretch. Going from 2.0mm to 2.4mm wasn't any trouble at all. I simply oiled the ring up with vaseline and pushed it in. There was hardly any resistance at all. After stretching ... read more

septum experience

I have read every article on BME, seen every picture, and wanted a septum piercing since I started reading... I used to not like it at all... but i met someone who had one that i love very much and i began to love it in turn... So, being the insane one I am, I must puncture myself. I don't like the idea of being totally vulnerable to someone with pokey needles. I only have my ears pierced, so I was freaked out about the pain it would cause, but pleased with the idea of the finished product. I ordered ... read more

The many hidden accessories of Mr. Gillotti

I am a senior in high school for the 1998-99 school year, and have always been interested in body piercing. When i was only a young-un, my mother granted me that all powerful consent to pierce my ear. Oh what a sensation. Of course, as we all know, ear piercing is only an avenue towards the more extreme; it only serves as a teaser for further decorations. In the following years, i proceeded to have my cartiledge pierced and my other ear as well. Soon, i entered the ultimate experience we like to call high school. Here i was exposed ... read more

My Nostril Piercing Saga

i. My name is Phil and I'm 15 years old from Adelaide, Australia. My fascination with piercing all began when my friend got her nose pierced at a hairdresser. It looked incredibly easy and I thought 'hey, I can do that'. I was always into making myself look different, so I thought this would be another perfect thing to do. I had always wanted to get something like my eyebrow pierced, but I really didn't want to get it done with a needle, because this would be my first ever piercing experience (I didn't even have a lobe done). So, ... read more

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