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My nose.

it was the 8 month mark for me and my boyfriend and we wanted to do something together, he had wanted to get his tongue pierced for a while and I had just asked permission to get my nose pierced and mom said okay and handed me $50. So we got in my car and drove to Groton to get something pierced. He went first, I was so convinced it was going to hurt, i mean this is one of the strongest muscles in the body he is just about to put a hole in not to mention his mom ... read more

Septum pierce and Stretch to 6ga

ere to begin. Background. As I have read in many experiences with septums, I did not like to piercing when I first saw it. I thought it was more of a sign of slavery, like a work bull. That all changed when I met Magie May. She was a little cutie who happened to have a septum piercing. She kept a retainer in it so it was about a month of seeing her around before she flipped it down to show me. Wow, what a hidden wonder. This little fragile being had a needle penatrate her a part of her ... read more

fuck Fuck FUCK!!!

a few weeks ago..it hit me. People with multiple piercings know what Im talking about. Its called, 'The piercing bug.' One day a rush comes over you that says 'I MUST HAVE A NEW PIERCING!!!' Thats what happened to me...again. After figuring out who would be piercing me (Im only 17 and my normal guy started carding all of a sudden..RRR!) came the hard part. What should I get pierced?!?! Ive had my tongue done before and both nipples, one done twice over. Bearing in mind the consequences that would befall me from both work and father dearest, it had ... read more

Run at me with that needle!

starting out...I live in a small town of around 1200 people and challenge myself to find new and varying ways to screw with these small town suburbinites heads. You gotta screw with people. Well I talked about it and went over several different ideas (septum...no, nipple...no, bridge...no, lip...no, tounge...already been done.) it's wierd because some of the more popular people were peircing their tongues but no other territory would be discovered by them...so it was my turn. You see what I am up against. Well after some time to ponder (almost a year) i made an appointment and took the ... read more

Lucky Me (what I go through to keep holes in my body)

my lip, tongue, and ears pierced. I am only 15, therefore my Mom is pretty cool. Seeing as how all my facial piercings were focused around my mouth I decided I wanted to get something else to balance things out. I finally decided on my nose, on the opposite side as my lip ring (shich would be the left). I talked to my mom, she seemed pretty cool with it (besides the fact that I have allergies, and it took 15 hours of convincing her that I would NOT rip my nose apart if I blew my nose), and seeing ... read more

My First Facial Piercing Expiriene (NOSE!)

it all started out with me wanting to get my tongue pierced and my mom said "Absolutly NOT!" So I kept bugging her and bugging her, then one day she got home, she had went out to lunch with a friend, Jen(who has a piercing already), and said "I was talking to Jen and she said that she thinks you would look cute with your eyebrow pierced insted of your tongue" I said "OK well do you think that I should do it?" She said "I don't know. We will have to discuss it some more." And we did. So ... read more

An Interesting Experience, My Septum

ing my septum was a very different experience than all my other piercings were. In my short life (13 years) I have pierced my ears six times (only four of which remain), my ankle (which had to be taken out, sadly), my naval, my tongue frenulum, both traguses (tragi?), and now my lovely septum. Not a bad collection I think. I was searching through BME for something new to pierce and I had decided to either pierce my lip frenulum (frowny) or to pierce my septum. I attempted the frowny with no success because it is such a small area ... read more

My first Piercing

ril 23,1999 at 2:00pm i got my left nostril pierced for the first time!! It was awsome!! My friend and I got it done together and it was so cool!! It didnt hurt like everyone said it would and it went real fast!!! My friend had already got her belly button pierced and told me that i had to get my nose done first..... so we went in the back room and they made me lay down on a chair and by then i was terrified!!! I was 14 years old and i was so terrified my heart was beating ... read more

My Fourth Piercing-The Septum

l, in the past year I have been bit by the piercing bug.I have one problem though, my mom is totally against it. So, i had to piercing things that can be hid. Lucky for me that my boyfriend Jason, is an underground piercer. I got the pleasure of being his first victim. After much thought I decided to get my nipples done. He sterilized everything and clamped me, put the need through, slipped in a 14g CBR ,and one was done. It stung a little but was over very quickly. the second one I got a week later. This ... read more

my new addition

m not positive, but I think my desire (or should I say Obsession?) to get my nose pierced began one rainy day on the bus. My friend Jamie was mentioning how much she wanted to get her eye brow pierced. Not paying attention , as usual, I simply smiled and nodded until she asked me if I'd like to get anything pierced. I told her my nose. I did like the look of nose rings but I never planed to actually get it done. Over the next couple of weeks, the idea of getting a nose ring started to grow ... read more

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