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septum love

l remember the first time i ever saw a septum piercing. on a spontaneous whim, i chose to stretch one of my ear holes to 8ga from whatever gauge it was at after years of pulling and playing with it. i went to a piercer to do it, and in the course of conversation, he showed me his septum piercing. it was the most interesting thing i had ever seen. it had been hidden with a retainer, and the idea that one could do that was so exhilirating. but in my head i didn't like the piercing, it seemed too ... read more

Painful Septum and other expierences

my septum done about twenty-five days ago and it was a great experience.But before I had my septum done I had my tongue and my eyebrow done.Ever since I was about thirteen I was interested in ear piercing.So on my fourteenth birthday me and a friend took a sowing needle and was ready to do my first ear piercing.I sat on my bed very nervous,while my friend put a cloth around his thumb to keep pressure on the needle while forcing it in.Two minutes and a sharp pain later I had a gold stud in my left hear.I showed my ... read more

My awesome septum!

have been obsessed with body piercings for a long time. But, I could never get it done. I wasn't of age and didn't have enough money. I first wanted my eyebrow, so I would pierce it in the bathroom with a safety pin. But, I would take it out before my parents came home so that they didn't see it. Then, I went to the mall and got my cartilege done. I also took that out before my parents came home. While I was within the daily grasp of my parents, I couldn't get anything done. Then, I went to ... read more

12 and self-nose piercing

to start off i am 16 now and to tell you a little bit about myself, i am 5'3" and i have short dark hair and i have blue eyes (i have a photo on the BME's personals(got to love the personals and the pics ppl put on there!) under HOlly and i did my own nostril piercing about 4 years ago. well when i was little i had always wanted my nose pierced! my mom bought me a magnetic one to wear for a while but after a week or so it didnt satisfy me anymore. so one day ... read more

I wanna be like them there natives (Septum Piercing)

t, I'm here again, amazing, no? It's been 2 weeks since my last piercing (Had both nipples done, my story is posted on this site "Needles go THROUGH the nipples"), and I'm here getting another piercing already. I knew even before I got my nipples pierced, that I wanted my septum done, I loved the way it looked, awesome..I just never thought it'd be THIS soon. Anyways, couple a days ago, I talked to my parents 'bout it, (I'm 19..but I live at home, still going to college), and they didn't like it, they still remember me coming home with ... read more


rted out my Tuesday afternoon normally. My friend, Kaitlyn, and I decided that we were going to walk across town to my house after school. This is something we commonly do. There were a only a few places I wanted to go on the way, one of which being the "Body Piercing Unlimited" studio. I had never been there and it's the only real piercing place in town. Our town is very small and there isn't much of a demand for piercers. We went and checked it out, but I wasn't actually planning on getting anything (I couldn't have anyways ... read more


K i'm thirteen years old and pierced my own septum 5 days ago. I thought it was going to kill but it was relativly painless. You see I am a huge Coal Chamber Fan and I have a Dez face so I wanted my septum done. My father despises the whole idea of my getting any body piercings till I'm eighteen. So the first factor was how to conceal the piercing. I turned to the internet. I found this site and studied up on aftercare and piercing spots. I saw septum retainers and a little lightbulb went off in my ... read more

It looks like a silver booger

Nostril Screw I hadn't gotten a piercing in a while, almost two months ago, so I decided that the next time I went to the beach w/friends, I'd get something done. I had a couple pierces in mind, and was debating which one would be the easiest for me to take care of right now. The three pierces that I was considering was my navel (again), a rook or a nose piercing. Since I didn't feel like sleeping on one side of my head for a while, and also didn't feel like having a sore navel for six months, I ... read more

Nasallang Experience

rst off, I was a rather experienced piercee when I decided to get this done. I allready had twenty-something piercings and I lean towards quality, unusual piercings rather than just quantity. I have also done several piercings myself on others. I say this only to give some credibility to my experience and how it compares to other piercings. Well, I originally saw the nasallang pierce in an "In The Flesh Magazine", I read all about Cliff Cadavers newest creation and was instantly intrigued by it. Last year, I finally went out to get it. I new this would be a ... read more

I Was Expected To Cry Like A Baby...My Septum

first thought about getting my septum pierced when I asked some friends of mine what my next piercing project should be. They suggested septum...my first thought was "Umm...no." But over the course of the week, I slowly began to change my mind. A couple of months later, I told them I had decided to go for it, they thought it was a great idea. So, after 2 months of thinking about it, I decided I was going to pierce my septum! I made my appointment from my school on Friday (Oct. 1st) for Saturday at 4:00pm. I was returning to ... read more

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