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Fuck!! Septum story and other piercing experiences...

hould I get pierced today? That was a question I asked my boyfriend/piercing buddy one day as we were eating lunch. This was back in March of 1999, I believe. So we're talking about it, and I brought up the prospect of piercing my septum. I had wanted it done for a while now, and today I was ready to go for it. And why not? It wasn't as common as other piercings, like an eyebrow or navel (although I have those too). So we leave, get in the car to drive for about 15 minutes to our then-piercing place ... read more

Obnoxious Piercing (obnoxious girl)

I turned 18 in September I have wanted a piercing. Easy enough right? Wrong! Being the finicky person that I am (it once took me 30 min. to select a shampoo) this was to be no easy task. Well, less a task than a 2 month ordeal. When deciding a piercing I had a few factors to consider. I needed a piercing that I could hide while at work, one that wasn't overly obscene, and one that heals relatively fast and not too prone to infection. I first considered getting my tongue pierced, but the miserable healing process that I ... read more

It looks more like a hollow nail.

s my nostril piercing experience. I'll briefly go over my piercing history. At 14 I got my lobes pierced for the first time, by gun, then did a second hol in my left ear on my own, and had my bellybutton done for a few months, which I got sick of and took out. I rarely wear earrings anymore. But I decided one day I wanted my nose pierced, a lot. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. I asked my mom, she said yes right away. I waited forever to ask my dad. And finally, ... read more

The story of my studded nostril

wanted a nose piercing for a long, long time. Coming from a highly conservative family in which I was an only child, I waited until college to go through with it. I thought about it all during my freshman year...and didn't do it. My friends and I always talked about how cool it would be and whatnot, but I wasn't ready. So I came back for my sophomore year as a slightly different person--more worldy i guess, less conservative, more daring and assertive. I began to think that I should just go ahead and do it because I would always ... read more

Septum Obsession

s early on as I can remember, I have been fascinated by piercings and other forms of body adornment. When I was little, I always wanted to get my ears pierced, but I never had enough guts to ask my parents to let me. As I got older, my fascination turned into an obsession, wanting more and more things pierced, and attempting to do some myself. I was in the seventh grade when I realized how much I wanted (needed) to get my septum pierced. I had seen many people get their septums pierced, including two very close friends. This ... read more

uhh, it is my septum?

My name is Lexy Lewis and I live in a little suburd just outside of Cincinnati. I have my ears stretched to 5/8's inch and am planning on stretching more but that is a different story altogether. About a year ago I became indulged in piercings. I had my ears pierced but had just found out about stretching. My friends and I were all stretching our ears and talking about all these piercings we wanted. Of course nobody got any because of our parents but it was still a dream. This past summer I became extremly infatuated with tongue piercings ... read more

another homemade hole to add to the list...the nostril

ther homemade hole to add to the list....the nostril" Ok here it goes, the story of my nostril piercing and how I came around to doing it. It was a late night and nothing had been accomplished all day. Usually when i get bored i decide to pierce something, so that is what ended up happening. Silence filled the room as i tried to think of what to pierce..i already had tons of piercings on my ears, although more would only help, my belly button was done, and at some time or another i had already pierced a bunch of ... read more

Piercing virgin loses her virginity at 32

sire to get my nose pierced began after looking at the cover of my Lenny Kravitz CD . Every time I looked at that CD cover my desire got stronger, I thought it looked so sexy. So I began checking out websites on piercing, and found yours. I read through many of the experiences & checked out the photos. I was to be on vacation for a week so I figured that would be the ideal time to do it, if I were actually to go through with it. I was somewhat concerned about what my bosses reaction would be ... read more

and I'm only 13!

really feel like saying right now is that I'm glad it's over!! I was really really REEEEEALLY scared when I walked into the place, since it's on the Haight and it's kind of a creepy area, but I was determined to go through with it. I had a hard time choosing the artist and studio because I looked in about every existing phone book for the whole of San Francisco and I couldn't find a single thing on piercing, or tattoo, or body modifications, or anything at all!!!!! So basically what I did is asked around, I know a girl ... read more

My dodgy nose piercing

en wanting to get my nose pierced for years, and as I'm 16, I thought it would be the right time to do it. I really love having peircings and the pain is good too. That probably sounds weird coming from a 16 year old, but that's me. When I finally worked up the courage to get it done, there was a place that did tatts and peircings near where I lived, so I went with a friend one day. It took me all day to actually get it done, and this was after alot of prompting from my friend ... read more

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