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Rosie's Nose Piercing at Eternal Ink in Boulder, CO

t have a whole lot of body piercings--an 8 gauge tongue piercing that I got in November 1995, and two 14 gauge nipple piercings that I got in January 1999, and a few earlobe piercings. I've been craving another piercing for a very long while. On Tuesday, Dec. 7th, the piercing craving rose to a crescendo, and I could bear it no longer. So, between classes I went over to the Hill (nifty commercial district right across from the university), and headed for Eternal Art (1119 13th St., (303) 786-7070). I'd been interested in that shop since my friend Evan ... read more

It All Started With A Safety Pin

was fourteen I saw my brother's drunk friend pierce his own nose and thought he was nuts. A month and a half later I decided to do my own nostril with a safety pin. So one night I grabbed a piece of ice, a safety pin and an earring. I sat in the sink of my bathroom vanity and slow pushed the safety pin through my nose. I found it so fastenating. I could feel the safety pin being pushed through different layers and densities of skin. It didn't bleed at all at this point. After about a minute i ... read more

My Pretty Nose

wanted my nostril pierced for such a long time, probably about 10 years but I always mananged to disuade myself with some excuse about it not looking very respectable for work, (I am a receptionist in a hospital). I had made an appointment before but I got cold feet on the day and didn't go. I kicked myself for ages afterwards but it still took another 2 years to get organised to go for it. One of the older woman at work was determined to get her nose pierced so I decided if she could so could I, However as ... read more

I stood the pain of a self-pierced septum

t know why but I have been into piercing ever since I first took notice an ear piercing at the age of 5. I got my ear pierced when I was 9 and 12.Whenever I asked about any other piercings my mom would say maybe and my dad would say no, so I was fucked. He is so mean to me. In seventh grade one of my friends pierced her eyebrow with a piercing gun. So in eighth grade I pierced mine with a sewing needle. Before that I experimented with needle piercings only holding on to the piercings for ... read more

My septum....THREE TIMES!

and I wanted to get something pierced for a VERY long time. Unfortunately, my parents are of the strict conservative type and wouldn't even let me get my lobes done. I did some research on BME and decided that I wanted to get my septum pierced. It seemed easy to hide, and I also thought it was an attractive piercing. I met someone at a local community college who had a lot of body piercings and tatoos, so I approached him and asked him some more questions that I had about piercings. I asked him if he knew anyone that ... read more

My beautiful nostril piercing (first piercing ever at 17)

how do I start? My dad had promised that he would let me pierce my nostril for a Christmas present a couple months ago. The trouble we went through to get to this day was a bit more than most people would expect: I had to call my cardiologist (I have heart problems) and check with him to see if it was okay, since several years ago I couldn't even get my ears pierced. He was reluctant (he just didn't like the idea of a NOSE RING) but said he couldn't say no, 'coz I'm about as healthy as I'll ... read more

The Septum of Davus

.5746 Well, after my parents found out about my scrumper piercing, I think they finally realised that I am determined to get pierced so after a little while, (my scrumper was done about 30 days ago) on a Saturday morning I asked if I could get my septum done. For some reason my mum just said yes, without really thinking about it, so I was amazed but weary of her at the same time (cos my mum is a Sadistic psychopath who is plotting to kill me, sometime soon). At that point I got up and got ready to go ... read more

um... like... come on, man...

it all started when Matt and Dan decided to pierce each other. They both have multiple body piercings, and had been into the "scene" for quite some time. They understood how piercings were done, and THOUGHT they could do a few themselves. On thinking of a suitable location to pierce each other, they decided on the septum, as it was an intense piercing, and could easily be hidden. They should have realized that they were not piercers. They really should have. They obtained a pair of 18 gauge piercing needles, and two 18 gauge niobium septum retainers to match. They ... read more

Fuck!! Septum story and other piercing experiences...

hould I get pierced today? That was a question I asked my boyfriend/piercing buddy one day as we were eating lunch. This was back in March of 1999, I believe. So we're talking about it, and I brought up the prospect of piercing my septum. I had wanted it done for a while now, and today I was ready to go for it. And why not? It wasn't as common as other piercings, like an eyebrow or navel (although I have those too). So we leave, get in the car to drive for about 15 minutes to our then-piercing place ... read more

Obnoxious Piercing (obnoxious girl)

I turned 18 in September I have wanted a piercing. Easy enough right? Wrong! Being the finicky person that I am (it once took me 30 min. to select a shampoo) this was to be no easy task. Well, less a task than a 2 month ordeal. When deciding a piercing I had a few factors to consider. I needed a piercing that I could hide while at work, one that wasn't overly obscene, and one that heals relatively fast and not too prone to infection. I first considered getting my tongue pierced, but the miserable healing process that I ... read more

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