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another nostril experience...w/out the happy ending

begin my saying how idiotic it is to ever pierce something yourself. Even your ears! With that out of the way, I'll begin the heroing tale of a young girl piercing her own nose. I had wanted to have something pierced for a long time, but like most other parents, my mother was not about to let me get ANYTHING but my ears or my bellybutton pierced. Here's the setting: She had flown out of town earlier and my grandmother was staying with me and it was late. No one was awake but me, and I had a sudden inclination ... read more

My nose ring fascination

o start out with I am a sixteen year old male. A girl I used to like talked a lot about piercing her own nose and navel. Back then I thought piercings were disgusting and told her not to because it didn't look good. She was a very attractive girl, and I especially didn't like nose rings, but thinking of her with one and nose rings as ugly turned my mind around on them. I soon developed a fetish for nose rings. A few months later, I started thinking about myself with a nose ring. I found it to be ... read more

I finally got my nose pierced!!! YAY :)

anted my nose pierced for over..3 years. I had been begging my mom for like...6 months to let me get my nose pierced, and her answer was always "NO". But then I found BME & I did lots of research on nostril piercings...and kept bugging my mom, i even got up enough money to pay for the piercing. and i'd wear my fake nose ring everyday... So, finally...after about 6 months, she gave in. I think it might be because my boyfriend (of 12 months) had dumped me :( i was soooooo depressed. And she knew that the nose piercing ... read more

At last..my beautiful nostril piercing!

At last..my beautiful nostril piercing! At A Glance Author Naenia Artist dunno his name Studio Gold Rose well...since i was 10 years old i didnt have either my ears pierced (!!!!!) so one day after seeing my best friend having her ears pierced i decided i would get mine pierced too. i went with my mum in a shop that sells jewelery and we asked the man there if he could pierce my ears. well, that was the first time i got metal in my body and i can tell you i didnt love the feeling. i thought i looked ... read more

Just a little Poke

this all started about 2 years ago. I have wanted to get my nose pierced for along time now, but never did it, because the girl in my office kept saying how unprofessional it would look, plus opposition from my parents, they are so old fashion it's not even funny!! So finally, on November 26,1999 I said screw it and we went to Berkeley and I got my nose pierced. Also, my boyfriend was getting is eyebrow pierced and my cousin was going to get her first tattoo there, she was so excited, I didn't really think she would go ... read more

Mom and doughter experience

was 14, everything was differnt. Britney Spers was not famus. Melenie C was wearing sport cloths and kicked the air. I knew so many virgins... Those times were beautiful and I miss them so much!!! I never really wanted to pierce my navel. But it all began one evening when I was 14. My choir had an end-of-the-year party and one of the girls came back from London with her navel pierced. When I got home I told my parents that she pierced her navel and they said very cooly, "you now, you can do it too if you want." ... read more

And they said it would hurt...

ll... here we go. I'd been planning for about 3 months or so to get my septum pierced. When I first brought the idea to my parents my mother thought it would be not too bad, but my dad strongly objected. He's a wee bit neurotic about anything near his face or his kids' faces. He was kinda turned off by the idea of me getting my septum pierced, he got upset when my 21 year old brother got his nostril pierced (not that he was angry, just not really appreciative of the fact that one of his children would ... read more


eek's my best friend had been telling me that I'd look great with my nose pierced. I'd just been passing it off, saying that I'd never get my nose Pierced. But when i started thinking about it, i began to like the idea. And wth that, i was totally convinced that i wanted a pierced nose. The next day I told my friend that I was going to get it done. He asked when i was going to get it done, and i said i couldnt get it done for atleast another week cause i didnt have enough money. Then ... read more

self done septum

cks! This thing has to be eight hundred words long so forgive me if some of this sounds stupid. A little about me. I am 19 years old. I am a designer for a packaging company; I have a few other piercings. All professionally done. I have one genital piercing, one-tongue piercing, and both my ears pierced (one hole per ear). I do not have any tattoos, although I have some ideas. I have wanted my septum pierced for a quite some time now. I have been reading everything I can find on septum piercing and piercing in general. There ... read more

"My Septum Piercing" or "Take it Out or Move Out"

some info. on my piercings... When I was 10 my mom took me to get my ears pierced. We went to the mall and they used a piercing gun. The first ear went fine, but then the gun got stuck on my other ear. All I remember though is that it hurt a lot and it took a long time for them to take it off my ear and that I was crying like a baby the whole time. That was the last time I would let a piercing gun touch any part of my body. The next time I ... read more

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