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Training piercers are PROFESSIONAL!

12 piercings now (and I want 13). Only 3 of them were done by a professional piercer, and 4 were done by some anorexic weirdo at an accessory store. The rest, I must confess, I did myself (4 lobes, one upper cartilage, and my nostril), but that is not the point of this tale. The feature here is my lovely little septum piercing. I was a little anxious at getting my septum done by a piercer-in-training, though I'd talked to her before and she seemed confident in her abilities. The owner of Stainless Studios, Tom, was going to be in ... read more

Painless Septum

terest in piercing first started with trying to pierce my eyebrow in 8th grade that really didn't workout to well since it was a sewing needle. But later I got my ear pierced at a little jewelry store in the middle of a mall at 15. After I had stretched the ear to a 10ga. I felt unbalanced and had the other ear pierced(my ears are now at 0ga. levels with 10ga.'s in the other holes0. Later I lucked into a job at a little shop in town and started an apprenticeship under a very well known piercer in my ... read more

My Invisible Septum

ht the piercing bug when I was 14 and first got my ears pierced with that annoying gun. I was scared to death and practically ripped the ears off of the teddy bear they gave me to squeeze. I then felt like a complete idiot when it didnt hurt at all. 11 piercings and 5 years later, I walked into Modern Primitive with the intention of getting my septum pierced. I am no stranger at Modern Primitive. On my 18th birthday (after two years of showing up at the piercing shop every two weeks, hoping they'd forget that 16 year ... read more

half asleep and getting a piercing

. my septum was definitely interesting... I don't have too much to say about it though, so I guess I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm a 16 year old kinda punk girl and the only other "real" piercing I have is my lip. If ya wanna read that experience it's called "my shiny silver appendage". I have two holes in each ear and I'm planning on stretching my lobes in the near future. They've been 14 gauge since September. My next piercing is going to be my inner conch, which I'll probably be doing next week (yay for ... read more

New Septum for the New Year

et's start with some background information. I'm 22 years old, happily married, and I work in retail. I have 4 tattoos: small butterfly on right shoulder, nautical compass on left leg, start of a flower-themed sleeve on right upper arm, and mine and my husband's zodiac symbols intertwined on left shoulder. I had my right eyebrow pierced at one time but 2 months after I got it, facial piercings were deemed "inappropriate" at work. By the way, I work for a LARGE retail/discount chain and dress codes are store-specific. This wasn't a big shock to me so I took it ... read more

horrible septum @ Primal Urge!

een pierced professionally four times. Got my belly button @ infinite in Philly, it was just ok. My nostril @ Gorlub in Copenhagen- awesome, awesome, awesome! I don't remember the guy's name but he was one of the coolest, nicest people I have ever met. Got my rook at the Hole 3 in Indiana, PA, very professional. And then my septum @ Primal Urge in New Hope, which has to be one of the worst experiences of my life. I don't really know why I wanted my septum done, I didn't even find it very attractive. I think what I ... read more

Holiday Septum

As many know, One facial piercing can get AWFULLY lonely. I had my Lip pierced on my 18th birthday (September 10th 1999), and I went a while without any cash, or a job. Christmas Rolled around, and I received Money. With that, I grabbed two of my best friends, a video Camera, and we went to the piercing Parlor. I had decided I wanted a septum because it was a very individual piercing. Not many have it, and its a far cry from the tiny eyebrow rings, and nose rings that the kids in school have I was not nervous ... read more

Septum/At Artistic Skin Designs

ittle about me I am 20 years old, I live in a little hillbilly buttfucker town here in Indiana where pierced and tattooed people are far from being accepted. I remember one day waking up thinking I want a new hole put in my body and I got to thinking about what I could get that I didnt see that often, and I came here to BME and looked up most piercings and found Septums. I had realized that I had actually wanted one for several years but I had always hesitated to actually getting it. Mainly because of my ... read more

My septum, after scarification, belly button and ears.

life I have had the biggest love of piercing. I have always loved the reaction I have gottenfrom people just for looking different. Unfortunately for me, I had two of the strictest parentsimaginable. Piercing were totally out of the question. At the age of 11 I had also grew an interest for scarification. I would cut designs in myarms, legs, and stomach with razor blades. Not sterile and foolish I know, but I was only 11. Afterparents seeing the scars and sending me to psychiatrists thinking I was suicidal I gave scarificationup. Next I got another ingenious idea. I would ... read more

another nostril experience...w/out the happy ending

begin my saying how idiotic it is to ever pierce something yourself. Even your ears! With that out of the way, I'll begin the heroing tale of a young girl piercing her own nose. I had wanted to have something pierced for a long time, but like most other parents, my mother was not about to let me get ANYTHING but my ears or my bellybutton pierced. Here's the setting: She had flown out of town earlier and my grandmother was staying with me and it was late. No one was awake but me, and I had a sudden inclination ... read more

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