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10 gauge septum

re, To be honest, i usually try not to be one of those people that gets a piercing and writes an experience of it within an hour or so. However, I'm going to completely contradict myself here, because I am now the proud owner of a 10 ga. septum piercing, performed by none other than my piercer-extraordinaire, Tom Brazda of Stainless Studios in my great big city of Toronto. Anyway, the story starts about 5 weeks ago, when i got a call from my father one morning, asking me whether i was interested in going on an all-inclusive, all-expenses paid ... read more

finally, my self-done septum

ell well...a septum piercing has been a long desired one for me. Sadly, after my navel was done my parents proclaimed: no more piercing! I of course did not let this stop me. I went on to continue piercing my ears (i now have 7 holes, two of which have been stretched to 8 and 12 ga). But i soon decided i desperately needed something else. Something facial. I have long time craved a septum piercing due to the awesome look, the verstility and the hidability. So I decided enough was enough and today i went to several shops, trying ... read more

Valhalla Septum

first introduce myself; my name is Jake, I'm 19, and I attend the Florida Atlantic University Honors College. For my eighteenth birthday I had wandered down to Tampa's Ybor City to get my smaller-than-a-dime nipple pierced. Fortunately, not only had my parents given me permission (seeing no problem with non-visible piercings) but they had given me the money to get it done. Also fortunately, I had checked out the piercing parlours on the Strip, so I knew where I wanted to go. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that my birthday was the same day as Gasparilla, Tampa's version of Mardi Gras. ... read more

NO PAIN ! A beautiful Septum!

wanted a piercing (besides the ear)for forever, but my mom just hasn't ever been too agreeable with any of the ones that I would like done. This really makes no sense considering she has let me get a tatoo and a quite noticeable decoration straight through my conch and tragus.At first, way back in the 8th grade, I wanted to get my tongue done but that never happened. My interest in piercings started again a couple of years later when I started to see more and more different things being done. I want to eventually have double labrets, maybe my ... read more

Secret Septum

been thinking about getting my septum pierced for a while, but I didn't actually go through with it until my friend Katie asked me to pierce her nipples. I told her she should just wait till she turns eighteen, but she would not listen. She said that she would just go grab a safety pin, so we figured out what to order and made a list to appease and stall her. I told her to sleep on it and do some research. Sure enough, she realized how much can go wrong with nipples, and decided to go for a pair ... read more

Septum Sunday

SUNDAY, February 20, 2000 It had been a wild and wacky weekend. I had spent it with my partner having sex, eating pizza, sharing stories, engaging in stimulating conversation, and not getting much sleep. Some friends from Edmonton were in town visiting and we spend a great time chatting in their hotel room. After they left, the both of us were physically tired yet I was kind of wired and didn't know what I wanted to do. I knew I had to buy some juice and get some minor groceries..........but aside from that, our Sunday afternoon was open. We drove ... read more

Brave septum

, I'm a girl, and I live in Brisbane Australia ... okay, now the introductions are out of the way I can get on with my story. I got my septum pierced about 3 weeks ago. Before this I already had done (in this order) my tongue, my belly, scaffold (aka industrial), second tongue piercing. As I write this now I also have a daith piercing. That was done about 3 days after my septum but that's another story. Since I've had the other piercings done I was getting the typical urge to have another one done and my brain ... read more

I done got my septum pierced

ugust, I found myself bored and restless so I decided I needed to do something new. On a whim, I went to get my septum pierced because I like the way it looked. It is unique and I thought it looked pretty good on the few people I saw with it, not to mention it's hideable when I need to look professional and when I eventually grow up I won't have a visable hole or scar where it goes. I got a friend of mine who is no stranger to piercing to meet me after classes one day. She agreed ... read more

Joining the septum club

ys put myself in the group of people who liked piercings but didn't have any. I've always been attracted to them. When I first met my girl friend she had her nostril and her tongue. I've even accompanied her to piercing parlor more than once. (I prefer to call them piercing parlors. It's more elegant.) I have also helped her through her trying healing process on several occasions. I wanted to go through the process myself but I was too afraid of what others would think. Like most people I knew that piercings would not go over at work. My ... read more

Training piercers are PROFESSIONAL!

12 piercings now (and I want 13). Only 3 of them were done by a professional piercer, and 4 were done by some anorexic weirdo at an accessory store. The rest, I must confess, I did myself (4 lobes, one upper cartilage, and my nostril), but that is not the point of this tale. The feature here is my lovely little septum piercing. I was a little anxious at getting my septum done by a piercer-in-training, though I'd talked to her before and she seemed confident in her abilities. The owner of Stainless Studios, Tom, was going to be in ... read more

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