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An awl through my septum

ny years I have wanted to get my septum pierced - even before I knew what that area of the nose was called. It's such a strong, and in-your-face type of piercing, which really contradicts my entire persona (but who cares?). Even though I liked the piercing, as well as others, I never really considered getting a piercing myself, until very recently. I was talking to a friend of mine, who currently has 3 piercings, and she convinced me to get something done. Although I want genital piercings, I knew I'd have to wait for those. Instead, I decided on ... read more

Septum Scare

been trying to figure out what piercing I wanted to get next when I came across a picture at this site of a beautiful girl with green hair and brown eyes that had a septum ring. That did it for me- I looked at a few other pictures and decided that it was what I wanted- very sexy, and I could flip it up when I need to hide it. I couldn't get in touch with the woman I usually go to Svenja, a woman I met when she owned her own shop but later started piercing from her home. ... read more

Painfull nostril

een wanting to get my nose pierced for ages now!! I had always thought Indian girls looked really pretty with them and being eurasian, I thought it would suit me. Most of my friends thought that I would look good with it, but some DID express doubts (eat your heart out now guys!!heheh). I already had my belly button pierced and didn't find it that painful. The thing is that I had not told my parents I was gonna pierce my navel so when I got it done they were kinda pissed off. So when I did ask to get ... read more

Oh! You've Got One Of Those Bull Rings!!

st experience with seeing a septum piercing was actually in the video clip for "Black no.1" by Type O Negative many years ago, and I was morbidly fascinated by the lead singer's "Bull Ring". Since then I went to a school where many people actually had them, and I got used to them, although my general opinion was still that the people looked like they has something yucky dripping out of their nose. But after my best friend had gotten his done I was sitting outside the room when he got it done, listening to him groan and moan - ... read more

Great, Just Great

start off by saying this place is very sterile and the body piercer Steven is a full time body piercer and is really talented. The staff was helpful and very nice. I live several miles from Nashville so it took convincing to my mom that I wanted a septum piercing. I had one before from my hometown but it was pierced wrong so I took it out. I let it heal up for several months. Then I started to talk to my mom about getting it repierced, she refused several times. I asked plenty of times and she refused once ... read more

Easy septum

f all the piercings I have had or seen I love this one the best. It healed pretty well and is very concealable. But lets get into the details. I got my tongue pierced over a year ago and after that being my first piercing besides my ears I decided I wanted to get my septum pierced too. I didn't think it would fit me though. So I put it off. Then a little after I got my tongue done I started to change. The way I was, the way I dressed etc. And decided that it would fit me ... read more

Over the fear of needles

35 year old woman living in Australia. I have had a fascination for piercings and tattoos from the age of six. I heard that one of my friends' mothers had a ring in her clitoris hood and always wondered about how it would feel to be pierced after that. I have 29 piercings in all and 7 tattoos. Enough about me and onto the story of my self pierced septum. I have researched the BME site for stories written by others who have pierced their own septums - a big thanks to all you brave souls for recounting your experiences. ... read more

What do you mean it hurts?

to stop going to South Street when I have money and I'm bored. The first time I got a tattoo, the next semester a tragus piercing, and now I have my septum pierced. After reading all the experiences on BME about septum piercings I knew I wanted one. I liked the way retainers and circular barbells looked, and loved how I could hide it easily for work. (I work with mentally handicapped children) I also loved the fact that when my school does it's summer costume day I could pull it down and have some fun. So when I realized ... read more

Pinch, Pain, Pierced---my Septum

ady have my ears pierced (8 times in m left ear, 4 times in my right ear) and I decided that I wanted something else, a little more unusual. But I also wanted to be able to hide my piercing. So, I opted for the septum piercing. I had gotten a tattoo from Kathy Body at her studio Life Itself Tattoos, and decided that I would go back there and have my septum pierced by Steve (the piercer that worked there). I chose Steve because he had been the one to greet us the first time we went into the ... read more

Gubben's Sunny Septum

Thought of it One sunny afternoon, the summer of 99 (I was 17 then), I suddenly had the urge to get a piercing. I wasn't too enthusiastic about them before - surprisingly, being "that weird guy", getting piercings never crossed my mind. Untill.. Well, I didn't really know that much about piercings, so I decided to find out more about the jewelry since I had no idea how the hell did the rings & stuff work. First I surfed and surfed, with rather bad luck. Untill I ran into BME. Untill then I had getting my lip done in mind, ... read more

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