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It really is how they say ~ My Nosering Experience

t met Rob on March 10, 2000, the day before my boyfriend, Scott and I got our first tattoos. I went in and talked to him for about an hour about the whole experience of getting one, and we also discussed piercings, since he was actually the person who did them. The tattoo is a completely different story altogether, so I'll zoom to last night. I was trying to think of something to do since Scott had plans. Whenever I think like that, I usually end up coloring my hair instead of renting a movie or hanging out with friends. ... read more

Cocaine Nosejob

ince I was about 14 i've always been sticking a ring up my nose and looking in the mirror to see if it looked good because i was in love with septum piercings. I figured it looked good so I waited three years before actually going to get it done. I have thirteen earrings and a tongue ring which I got pierced about a month ago. I asked my boyfriend about it and he was all "yeah go get it done...you'll look really sexy yada yada yada". So I called Abstract Tattoos and asked for the prices. A whole $55 ... read more

Two at a time

was a great day for me! I had a septum and labret piercing done this morning. A little background information first... I have had my ears pierced since I was 3 years old. Since it was so long ago, I don't really remember anything about it. That was it for me until September 25, 1999. That was the day I had my tongue pierced. It was also the day I got my first tattoo. I am an extreme needle-wuss. My main reason for the tongue piercing and tattoo was to prove to myself that I actually could take the needle ... read more

Look mommy!

y swimming, boating, fishing, golf, playing my flute, eating cookies in the November wind and catching lobsters with my teeth. I have four dogs, two cats, twenty goldfish, and I can't read or write. My last name rhymes with orange. I've traveled to every major country and I have travled across the Atlantic in a rubber raft because I got lost heading here from Cuba. I am a princess in Nepal and I'm Madonna's best friend.(ignore the first part, my expirence was to short to enter so I had to extend the text some.) I have been wanting my nose ... read more

another hole in my nose

ad my nostril pierced for about 3 years and had wanted to get a second hole done in the same nostril. I'm fortunate to be working at a job and in an industry where my piercings are not an issue. Granted, most of my piercings and tattoos are not visible, but I do have several lobe and cartilage piercings (rook) - none of which are an issue for my employer. This means that the job factor wasn't an issue. Given that I don't live at home and that I pay my own way - the parental unit thing was not ... read more

Catherine gets some nose fangs

lly in payment for those fine individuals to whom I owe for experiences shared, and partially just because I am one of those ego-centric types who gets a kick from seeing their own name in print, I have decided to submit to BME my fine septum piercing experience. Although this particular hole is but three weeks old at this moment, I feel that we shall have many enjoyable years together. I shall start at the very beginning (a very good place to start). Before even considering a septum piercing, I was something of an aspiring piercing fanatic. With two (unfortunately ... read more

*My Favorite Piercing!*

d to get my septum pierced a little over a year ago. I had been thinking about it for awhile, but just wasn't sure whether it would look right on me, and whether it was something that I really wanted. After considering it, I decided that it was definitely something i wanted to have done. It was near Christmas, so I asked my mother if I could get it done as a gift. He he... She is actually very understanding and accepting about things like this, and said that it was ok with her. So I began to call local ... read more

Stupid Piercing Tricks #37 (aka How to Play With Your Food)

Play With Your Food AKA Stupid Piercing Tricks #37 AKA How to stretch your nostril piercing to 16ga and get a meal out of it by [email protected]!!111 Ingredients: Vermicelli (or "thin spaghetti" should work, too.) Olive oil (I like "Virgin" or "Extra Virgin" Greek or Spanish oils) Garlic (4 cloves [or more]) Salt (preferably sea salt) Sandpaper (220 grit - "Fine") Fill your favorite pot with water about 2" (4cm) from the top. Add a teaspoon of salt (5mL) and a splash (1TB/15mL) of olive oil. (The salt increases the boiling temperature, and the olive oil keeps the pasta from ... read more

Got a nostil ring.. and now it's gross!

my nostil pierced. Yay! I had wanted it for at least a year. It cost 40$ CAN. My parents told me that they didn't like the idea but I was obviously going to do it anyway, so.. My mom wanted me to get a stud, and I was going to, even tho I wanted a ring. I got a ring with a black bead. I didn't want a bead, but that's how it closes. (So the closure won't get caught in there, and stuff). I didn't want the little silver dot. I will get a stud later, for family and ... read more

Heavy Metal Septum

ed a piercing. Why, I don't know. I already had two tattoos, and I thought to myself that I wasn't a piercing guy, just a tattoo guy. Well, I was wrong. I had the desire to get a piercing, I just didn't know what to pierce. Everyone I asked thought I wuld look good with an eyebrow pierce, but I thought otherwise. People suggested a regular lobe, or even ear cartalidge, which I considered, but eventually decided that would make me look like a complete poseur. No one even suggested a septum to me, most likely because they thought I ... read more

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