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Secret Septum

fter getting 11 ear piercings, I decided I wanted something more, but what? Well I wanted to get my eyebrow for the longest time, but my mom was very against this too.. I worked on her for one day on the nipples, and again was turned down. So i asked her about my belly button, and I was given permission, but for my 16 bday and no sooner. Sigh! Then I found BME.. I looked around, and found some pictures of the septum piercing. At first i didn't like this look, but then i became more intrieged, and more fasinated. ... read more

I finally did it!!! (nostril piercing)

32-year-old registered nurse and I decided it was finally time to get my nose pierced. A friend of mine had heard really good things about a piercer named Kim, at a studio called "What's the Point," so I went to her. My friend came with me for moral support. (She's also an R.N.) I started getting nervous on the way there when we stopped for me to cash a check -- I noticed my hand was shaking when I was writing it! Once we got to the place, the first thing I saw when I walked in the door was ... read more

One crooked, one straight septum

nd I have been talking on-line for a few months now. In our chatting, we both discovered we had a longing for another piercing. We both wanted our septums done, and decided that upon our first "real" meeting, we'd get it done. I was so hyped about it, as I always am before a new piercing. I loved the thought of being able to tuck it away when I wanted to. Jody had a friend make us septum keepers. He did an awesome job; even the piercer was impressed and asked us where we got the jewelry. We brought them ... read more

Septum piercing @ Black Hole

t saw a septum piercing when I was 13. I was immediately attracted to it, and begged my mom to let me get it even though I was too young anyway. I didn't bother asking my dad, knowing how anti-piercing/tattooing he is. After a few years, I forgot about the septum piercing and became obsessed with the labret around the age of 16. I finally got my mom to agree to let me get that done, as well as my tongue (pierced at Black Hole also), so I got those within the next month and a half. I also ended ... read more

A septum done by Blair!!

st like to start off by saying if you are in the Toronto area and seriously thinking about getting a piercing or branding or scarification, please, check Blair at Tat-a-Rama out. He is AMAZING!! I am only 16 sitting here writing about my septum experience that I had just today. I first saw the septum piercing on a girl that is really COOL and it looked very good. Then, I kept noticing (and admiring) more and more as I cam accross them. Especially in the city of TO. I had made an appointment at Tat-a-Rama almost a month ago because ... read more

huh? septum? whats that?

I have been obsessing over body modifications for about a year now, but I was always to much of a whip to do one. so Finally I had some extra money, and I happen to live near a piercing shop (coincidentally I have NEVER been inside it) so I went in and asked for a septum piercing, the guy looked at my like I had 9 heads (I knew i wanted my septum done because I would be able to hide it and I just thought it looked soo damn sexy) so the guy leads me to the 'back room' ... read more

No pain, no--hey where's the pain?

inless* Septum Piercing. I had never liked septum piercings, perhaps because the first few people I had observed with them had been rude to me, or maybe because my mother's prejudice towards them was resting in my subconscious mind. A septum piercing was the one piercing that I was absolutely sure I would never ever get-and then one night I had a dream... I can't remember what the dream was about or what happened it in, if fact I couldn't even remember any of that stuff right when I woke up, but after that dream I was struck with a ... read more

whatever you do don't sneeze

his is how the whole experience started. I woke up on a Friday morning and cashed my paycheck. I had alot of extra money this week so i decided to get a new hole in my head. I'm a big fan of facial piercings because i find they add to a persons attractiveness. I ran through the possibilities in my head and decided on getting my septum pierced. My first stop was at Body art emporium located acorss the street from needles. My god they were mean. They acted like i didn't belong in their shop and finally barked at ... read more

my septum experience (self done, came out excellent)

her March or February of 2000 (I can not remember exactly when), I decided I wanted my septum pierced. I would (have since) turn 18 in May of the same year, so it would not have been an unreasonable amount of time to wait to have my septum professionally pierced. However, I have pierced myself many times, as safely as I can, and am as satisfied with my personally performed piercings as I am with my 'store-bought' ones, perhaps moreso satisfied with my own. Piercing to me is an experience, and from my experience with shops versus self performed piercing, ... read more

Self done septum.

know what some of you people are going to say, "you shouldn't do you own piercing blah, blah, blah." I know I should have it professionally done but I enjoy experimenting with piercing. Besides that is how allot of people (to my knowledge) get started out. And to add to that, out of the many piercing I have done, none, I repeat none have gotten infected or rejected! And I have done seven different piercing. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but for doing my piercing for only a year I think that ok. I'm probably sounding very ... read more

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