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Surprise! I just got my nose pierced twice!!

I`d never really seriously considered getting a piercing before even though I hang out with a very pierced crowd. My sister has her lip pierced twice and her belly button and the top of her ear done. Anyway, a few weeks earlier my friend (who has his eyebrow, labret and septum pierced) suggested i get my septum done. I considered it, but all my friends claim it is the most painful so I never really thought I would go through with it. I put the idea out of my mind. ( Or so I thought) A few weeks later i ... read more

Nose Piercing Pain

want to let all of you know who are afraid to get your nostril pierced, don't be! I just had mine done last night, and it was fine. Of course, I have a very high pain tolerance, but there was no swelling, and it was quick and simple. The whole procedure took maybe 15 minutes max, but the actual piercing was maybe 20 sec. or less. So don't be afraid! Just relax, and remind yourself how bitchin' you're gonna look when its over! I had wanted my piercing done for about 4 years, so I had put tons of though ... read more

septums are for girls too

el to "i'm cool because i have a car emblem on my back" well, i had just got my tax return back. about $150 if i remember correctly, and i was in the mood for something new. my job doesn't allow me to have anything more than a tongue ring (which i have) and a tiny nose stud, which didn't appeal to me much. other than that, if the customers can't see it then it can't hurt them. so my only option was my septum. i had read just about EVERY experience on BME and as long as nothing was ... read more

my cute little nose

ere I am with my nose pierced. Something I always talked about but I never thought I would ever have enough nerve to ever actually "do it". Well I did...and it was totally worth it! I had originally wanted my belly button pierced but everyone and their mom has that done and I kind of wanted something that not a lot of people have. And after several months of trying to figure out what I wanted pierced I decided on a nostril piercing. Then I just had to convince my parents. So I talk to mom, and she was totally ... read more

A whimp with a nose pierce

my story, I figured I owed to write one in, since the stories on BME helped me a lot, I think I almost read every single story on nose piercing, and looked att all the photos! Anyways, something you have to know about me is that I am a whimp. Pain scares me. It really does! Having shots taken, blood withdrawn from my poor body I despise, and sweat over. So this piercing thing was not an easy decision. Well I have wanted a nose pierce for a looong time, way too long but have never dared. Basically I made ... read more

Septum..no pain???? I couldn't believe it !!

ince I was 13 I had wanted a piercing. I remember seeing a girl with a small stud in her nostril and thinking it was so cool. From that day on I think i must have bugged my mom about once every 2 weeks about letting me get something done. And my mind changed many times as to what i wanted pierced. I think at first i wanted my nose. Then it was my labrett, tongue, eyebrow, nostril and so on. At about 15 years old I discovered tattoo magazines. I bought them any time i could afford one. I ... read more

Crossing over

ebsite has been an excellent source of information for me. I've been thinking about body modification for a LONG time, but hadn't had the fortitude to go through with it until a week ago. That's when I got all my hair cut off, and my right nostril pierced. This sounds really tame compared to many of the stories I've read on BME, but that day was really a milestone for me. I had always been a borderline wild child, but never did anything that I would consider terribly outrageous, even though I wanted to really badly. In high school, I ... read more

My 3rd septum, with reference to labret and tongue piercings

e had my septum pierced twice before. Both times I had a retainer. This time I decided to get a circular barbell. I have had other piercings before, but I wanted something I could hide when I went home. Not only would my parents disapprove, but my employee gave a hard time to someone who had her labret pierced. They made her put a band-aid over it, which looked ridiculous. People could tell it wasn't an injury. It was also uncomfortable for her. She ended up leaving. One of her friends, who also works there, had her lip pierced two ... read more

Dermal Punched Septum

tart off, I have had my septum pierced before, at a 14 gauge, and with a retainer. It healed wonderfully, with no complications, and in an almost record time of 4 weeks, which I thought was fast, for a septum piercing. I stretched it to a 10 gauge every time I put my septum spikes in, but generally left it alone, with the retainer hiding it away. Well, over the last couple years, my tastes in body modification, partly due to a further knowledge gained on BME, and party due to self exploration, have changed. I concluded that I was ... read more

There's Metal in my Septum!

u may know the name from a different experience- my navel piercing. As I had mentioned in that experience, I was in the market for another hole. But, unfortunately, my parents, the ()*#&$)*!#)$ that they are, they would not submit to letting me get another one. So, I took matters into my own hands. (More than likely a bad idea, but we'll find out once it heals, now won't we?) Yes, I know, doing your own piercing is bad, and I agree, but, it has probably also been mentioned before that piercings, as well as tattoos, are rather addictive. I ... read more

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