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Easy Septum

21-year-old guy from Chicago, and I am relatively new to piercing. I have both of my ear lobes pierced, 10 ga. and a center tongue piercing that is up to 6 ga. All of the piercings I have considered so far have been above the neck, and also I have a thing about off center or single piercings. I decided that I wanted another piercing done, and since I work in a conservative environment, I went in search of one that would not be visible or could be hidden. After checking on BME, I found that a septum piercing could ... read more

Better than a kick in the head with a golf shoe

een wanting to get my septum pierced for quite some time now but being a student, money is always tight, so I just decided to bide my time until I could afford to get it done. Well a few weeks ago, I got a job, and to treat myself, I decided to get my septum pierced when I got my first paycheque. I got payed this last Friday and, after work, headed down the street to Krystal Blade Studios. The piercer there is Mark and he has been an acquaintance of mine since I moved back here for school last ... read more

Um, what the hell are you doing!?

been thinking about getting my nose pierced for a year...the only thing that kept me from actually getting it done for that year was my phobia of needles. I had a hard enough time getting a measels shot for college! I know, it sounds pathetic...but I know a lot of people have that same fear. That's the main reason I am writing about my experience... A few weeks ago, my friend asked me to go with her when she got her belly button pierced. I was with her during the whole procedure and it really didn't seem that bad. It ... read more

A do-it-yourself on the moment nose piercing

16 at the time (I'm now almost 21) and I was kind of straight edge, beginning to look at piercings and stuff but kind of a scardy cat of pain and stuff. It was in the middle of Spring Break. I was going at my best friend's house and I had tons of fake pins (magnets) and the other ones that fall off all the time because they can't hold on. And I decided to look like a freak and put all my fake piercings on. I arrived at my friend's and we decided we had enough with the fake. ... read more

Septum piercing for 14th birthday

ince I was a little kid I had been extremely influenced by cartoons. It was never the violence that I took to, but the fantasy and styles. Since I was 12 I've been getting haircuts that I'd previously seen on cartoon or comic characters. I used to be a big fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I loved the bad guy who was portrayed as a hog with a continuos ring through his nose. When I was 11 I found a Pog that had a design of a mutant girl with a septum piercing. Sometime after my 13th birthday ... read more

My Nose Job

there I was, awaiting my nose piercing. To be honest, I was not so nervous cause I had gone to this guy before to get my tongue done. And I knew he did good work. He came in, put the gloves on, opened up a new needle, got out this very cute little diamond stud. Which when I think about it, I kinda had issues with, cause most people I saw had the nose ring, and I had always heard they healed better with a nose ring verses the stud. But..I didn't know, so I wasn't even going to argue, ... read more

my secret septum

ars I had wanted to get my septum pierced. The problem was that I was not yet of age and my parents were very against it (though they would not admit it I fealt this was because they disliked the negative stigma they themselves attach to piercings). I felt this was unwarrented especially when my grade point average and such things are taken into account. I am very clearly not what my parents see and fear as "the pierced ones." I still cannot understand why they would ever believe that a piercing could make such a drastic change come about ... read more

My Nose Boober

already had my labret done a few months prior to working up the nerve to go do my septum. The labret didn't hurt at all, and my I knew my ear-stretching was an entirely different experience. As a result, I had very little to go on when pondering the pain. About a week before I actually went to the studio, I was visiting a local music store that also sold body jewelry. I saw a cheap retainer and decided I couldn't pass it up. I had considered doing my septum for awhile, and I knew that I would have to ... read more

septum at 5am

I geuss I'll have to start with some background, just to let you know where I'm coming from. I'm a 17 year old guy that has just discovered body piercing about two months ago. It started with my ex girlfriend. She is planning on becoming a body piercer, and pointed me to BME. This is about two months ago. After about a week of just looking at pictures and reading expierences, I really started to consider getting stabbed. My first decision was my tongue. After about one hour of consideration I asked my then girlfriend if she would do it ... read more

My NOSE!!!!!...and a bit of philosophy.

p> My nose is something I've wanted pierced since I can remember...well, since 8th grade at least. I was sooo tempted to buy a false ring one day, and wear it in my nose, so I did...and I liked it so much, and I received so many compliments on it, I couldn't hold it back anymore, so I asked my parents (after all, I WAS under 18) and, as most conventional parents go, the answer was, "NO!" SO with the onset of college, came freedom, a navel piercing, and a nose piercing. The day I got my navel pierced, I ... read more

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