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Another Hole In My Head.

I have had an obsession with piercings since a young age. When i was in grade two, I wanted a tongue piercing, but when I grew older i forgot about the idea for a while. In grade 9 I decided I wanted a nostril piercing, and I begged my parents for months. They said no, so I researched on the subject. I found out every single pro and con to nose piercings. Then I used my knowledge and attempted again. At Last my mom gave in. All that was left was my father. He agreed to the idea the day ... read more

Septum piercing

I had wanted my septum pierced for around a year before I actually got it done. I decided to do as much research as I could before doing it, so I'd know exactly what I was dealing with! I got my tattoo done at Modern Body Art and I was impressed with their friendliness and cleanliness at the shop so I decided to go back there for my septum piercing. I have been to the piercers in the bottom of the Oasis market and whilst I thought the place was clean enough, the staff at Modern Body Art seemed more ... read more

Septum... OUCH, but worth the pain!

So, this afternoon, I went to my local Plaza with my good friend Amelia. I had been considering a Septum for a long time (I've come to realise that piercings on impulse are not a good idea!) Today, I thought, "Well, hey. I've done my research, may as well get the pain over with!" I walked into the piercing studio, Essential Beauty. The piercing would cost $45 AUD including a Titanium circular barbell. It was a bit of wait... the studio was quite busy! I had butterflies; I was so nervous, seeing as this piercing would be a bit different; ... read more

No, it didn't hurt.

After years of wanting to get my nose pierced, I finally had the money and requirements to do it. It was a toss up between my nose or my labret being first but I went with nose because ... well, my father said nose to the people. Hahaha. Sunday, December 16(also one of my best friend's birthdays) I arrived at 10:00am via plane in Norfolk, VA to visit my parents and my little brother for the Christmas holidays(am from New Orleans). I knew that the first thing I wanted to do was get a piercing or some ink. I shared ... read more

A Beautiful Septum

It all started about six months ago. My friend decided that she wanted to get her nose pierced, and she wanted me to go with her. Of course I immediately started thinking of what I wanted to get pierced myself. I needed something at the time that wouldn't be visible because I worked in retail, and for some dumb reason it is looked down upon. So I pondered the possibilities, and already having my tongue, nipples, ears, eyebrow and lip done at one point or another I decided to get my septum pierced. I didn't know anyone that had their ... read more

They didn't even notice my nose!

Well, I've wanted to get more piercings since grade 5, at that time I only had my ears pierced and that was done when I was 2 years old. In grade 8 I'd noticed my mom had 2 piercings in each ear and I begged her for the same, I didn't force the matter, but one day when we were at the mall I asked her as we were passing in front of Claire's and we got that done even though I could tell she didn't want me to do it. At Claire's they used a piercing gun so I ... read more

My experience with my at home nose piercing..

Ok so I always wanted a nose piercing because I think they are just soooo cute! Well my friend Danielle and my friend Krista did their nose by themselves so I thought it would be a good idea to do mine. I have done at home piercings before. On my 16th birthday party/sleepover me and a bunch of friends had a little "piercing party" and I got my tregus done. That worked out good but I eventually took it out because it wasnt done deep enough and it was starting to push out my piericng. When I was living with ... read more

The Nose Knows

I started my summer knowing that I wanted to be pierced by the end of it. I didn't do a lot for my sixteenth birthday, so a girl's gotta celebrate somehow. So I went and did my research--the stories here are great for knowing what the experience will be like. I found pictures, aftercare tips, learned about different kinds of jewellery. I decided on the place I'd like to get it done at. I spent three days bothering my mother about it (yeah, yeah, I'm old enough to do it without her consent, but I'm a good girl). After five ... read more

I pierced my own nose !

Well.. I've always wanted my nose pierced and I know I'm young but I can be very stubborn. Neither of my parents agreed with facial piercings and I had kept moaning at them for about half a year. One day I was scrolling through this site and I realised loads of people had done it themselves and it had turned out okay. I have my ears pierced 4 times on one ear and 3 on the other and I had done one of the piercings on it. They had ended up healing better than they did when I got it ... read more

The Crack-Head!

My somewhat scary experience was last Friday, August 31, 2007. My good friend Chris had come into the city to visit me at school and we were making our way downtown, toward W 4th St. Crazy Fantasy Tattoo is a very small shop on a long strip of tattoo parlors and sex shops opposite New York University. It's very noisy and always packed, the girls there do fabulous tattoos and piercings and I had even gotten my Monroe piercing there about 6 or 7 months prior. During the small amount of time it took to get to the tattoo parlor, ... read more

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