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My Nostril Piercing Experience

When I got my nose pierced I had just turned 15. it was sorta my birthday present. for months i was begging my parents ot let me get my tongue pierced. well, they said no. So i tried to think of something else to get pierced. I dont really have that much room left on my ears ( i have 10 piercings in each) and the only other thing that i can get done in there is my Tragus and anti-tragus (which im getting done next weekend) and my rook, which i dont really want done, but i know i ... read more

secret septum fun!

after the defective nipple piercings I got at this place near the college my friend goes to, I decided that I want to get my septum pierced for my 18th b-day. This time at a place that's right near my house, and that's known for the quality piercings and tattoos that come out of there. So, I figure its no problem... I will be 18, I have the money, and I'm good to go... right? Well, no, nothing can be that easy for me, my good friend from FL decided that he wants to get his septum done too, and ... read more

My second piercing; Nostril.

e over a month ago about getting my belly button pierced. That was a great experience and I still am totally in love with my barbelled belly. About three weeks later I went and got my right nostril pierced. Right after I got my belly done all the sudden all these other piercings started looking really attractive. (that whole Idea of piercing being addictive it is SOOO true) So I started to plan to get my eyebrow done as well. I also thought that tongue would be fun as well, however my husband was not as thrilled about that one. ... read more

needle through my septum(ouch, that hurt!)

ways been fascinated with piercing, ever since I was a little kid Ive wanted to get pierced. Whenever I saw people with lots of piercings I was intrigued about the reasons they had for doing them and why they expressed themselves in such manners. My first piercing was an earlobe which I didn´t keep for a long time, primarily because my dad didn´t like it, when he first saw it, he freaked out, he said I had mutilated my body and that there was no excuse for that, so when I decided that I wanted to get pierced again, I ... read more

Metalface continues his Saga (¿ ?)

in with my story, I will explain why I have chosen to keep the names of the Studios anonymous. First of all, regardless of how good publicity it would be for them to be posted in my story, Most of my piercings, and my tattoo that I have gotten, were done on me when I was 14, and now 15. It is most probably illegal for me to go around telling piercers and tattooists that I am 19, but it works so... My first piercing was the eyebrow (back in the day where it was original!), and from there it ... read more

Suddenly Septum

rt off with, I'm still fairly new to the body modification community. I started with mods about 7 months ago. In those 7 months, I got a tat on my back, one on my crotch (that hurt like hell), a PA pierced at 10 ga., then stretched to 6 ga. and a cutting. I was in my favorite studio, Checkered Past, chilling with the employees, when I got an itching for a piercing. I talked it over with Sharon, who did my PA, and decided on a septum. Septums can be easily hidden with a retainer, so it would be ... read more

Bloody septum/nostril

SEPTUM/NOSTRIL i'd considered piercing various parts of my body for some time. because of previous experiences with pain, i was able to accurately estimate what i'd be put through with a tongue piercing, or a labret ring, or the like. i therefore went into the studio feeling perfectly confident that i'd chosen two countenance enhancing piercings that would be relatively painless (left nostril and septum ... both 16 or 18 ga, i believe). lipstick wears badly on me, but i do have quite elaborate eyes, and, aesthetically, i wanted to balance those upper facial features with a ring and a ... read more

Strong like bull look

for starters, my name is Keg (an old nickname), I'll be 19 on the 12th of August and I live in Petawawa Ontario Canada, moving in two weeks to Ottawa Ontario to take Print Journalism at college and begina piercing apprenticeship. My most recent piercing is my septum. That hurt like a bitch, most painful piercing to date and I hope I never have to get it redone! It was another spur of the moment thing. I knew I wanted to get it done, but I had planned on waiting until I had moved to Ottawa. So much for that ... read more

A do-it-yourself on the moment nose piercing

16 at the time (I'm now almost 21) and I was kind of straight edge, beginning to look at piercings and stuff but kind of a scardy cat of pain and stuff. It was in the middle of Spring Break. I was going at my best friend's house and I had tons of fake pins (magnets) and the other ones that fall off all the time because they can't hold on. And I decided to look like a freak and put all my fake piercings on. I arrived at my friend's and we decided we had enough with the fake. ... read more

Easy Septum

21-year-old guy from Chicago, and I am relatively new to piercing. I have both of my ear lobes pierced, 10 ga. and a center tongue piercing that is up to 6 ga. All of the piercings I have considered so far have been above the neck, and also I have a thing about off center or single piercings. I decided that I wanted another piercing done, and since I work in a conservative environment, I went in search of one that would not be visible or could be hidden. After checking on BME, I found that a septum piercing could ... read more

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