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You are never to old....just do it!!

I am a 43 year old mother of 2 sons ages 13 & 5 years old. I have always thought that ladies with the little diamonds on their noses were so classy. I had never really thought to much about getting it done myself, mainly because it is so out in the open it is not something that can be hidden by hair or clothes if you choose not to show someone When I was 12 it was a major operation to talk my mom into letting me get my ears pierced..She finally left it up to my dad, that ... read more

My Septum Piercing Story

I have never been a fan of needles ever since I was a kid, however after seeing a friend of a friend with a septum piercing I told myself I had to get one one day! Let me tell you where it all started. My parents don't like piercings but hate Tattoos even more. Even with my fear of needles I have always grown up loving tatts and piercings and wanting to get at least one of each. But due to my respect for my parents I decided not to go through with either until after I had moved out ... read more

My Septum Story; A Tale of Two Attempts.

On an incredibly dismal, and I mean dismal, I'm talking raining, windy, downright freezing, Saturday afternoon I made my way rather begrudgingly into Sheffield city centre with one of my best mate's Callam, who was getting spider bites the same time as me, with the intention of putting a rather lovely new hole in my nose. I had never really been drawn to septum piercings before recently, with them reminding me of cattle, I decided when I first started getting mods, that a septum wouldn't be added to my ever growing collection. What a difference a year makes! For me, ... read more

My Septum Experience

About six months ago I got my Septum pierced. I have one other piercing not including my nose. My first piercing which my best friend had done, was my lip. It was during the summer before grade 11 and I was so excited to get it. I could not even believe my parents let me get it done. Now during the summer before grade 12 I had my septum done. It's my favorite piercing. I was so happy I had gotten it done, 3 other friends of mine already had it done already and I could not wait till I ... read more

My septum piercing experience

I had never even considered getting my septum pierced until my friend had gotten hers done. I thought about it for about a week until I finally decided I wanted to get it done. The main problem was that I'm 17 and I'd need my moms approval first. When first presenting the idea to my mom she immediately rejected the very idea of it. After so carefully thought out arguments and negotiation attempts the answer was still "No." That's when I realized my friend does legit piercings for about $20.00. I'd like to make it clear that he doesn't just ... read more

My lovely nostril piercing.

It all started when I was getting bullied at school. I was really unhappy and was self-harming, and after I finally stopped I thought it'd be nice to have a new piercing to mark the fact that I'd gone 3 months without self-harming. I've already got my ears pierced twice (aged 10 and 12, both gunned but I didn't know any better) in Claire's Accessories and given their crappy aftercare solution, but enough of that. I'd read almost every nostril piercing experience on BME, and was convinced that it was the piercing for me. I loved the idea of the ... read more

It's Not As Bad As I Thought!!

Before The Piercing: I had thought about getting my nose done for about 3 months. I mentioned it a few times; but I noticed, Mum never really commented on it. I always noticed people's nose piercings, and always thought (i know it sounds vein), " That would look cute on me". Then as couple of weeks ago, I started asking people I knew what they thought It would look like, the opinions varied; but I decided I didn't really care what other people thought. I then started to ask the few people i knew that had them how they went. ... read more

if you are INCREDIBLY scared of needles, i did it, so can you.

My name is Alex. I am a needle phobic, and I don't mean I flat out don't like needles, I'm talking HIGHLY phobic of needles, I pass out, I cry, I almost faint, and most of the times I throw up. I haven't seen a doctor in about 5 years because I'm scared I'm going to get a shot, and I have an ovary condition, so you can see where that is not a good thing. I also have only been to the dentist ONE time in my life because once again I'm scared he's going to use needles with ... read more

First Piercing

I used to want just about everything possible pierced, including my septum. But as I got older, it became obvious that wouldn't work with my chosen career [Culinary Arts]. They frown on that due to piercings falling out, balls falling off of the ends of rings, infections, etc. But no matter how much I told myself I didn't care about not being pierced, I still wanted my septum sooooo bad. My friend Chris has his done, and I loooved it. I was so jealous! I kept asking him questions about it, so it became obvious I wanted it. I wasn't ... read more

Septum, the first "real" piercing for me

Let's rewind to before May 2, 2007, the day of the piercing. So I really wanted a piercing, and I'd looked through hundreds of pictures trying to find one that would suit me and my lifestyle. My life consists of sports all year long, volleyball in the fall, cheerleading in the spring. Half my school, which isn't very big, has their nose or belly button pierced. But the girls' noses get infected with taking the studs in and out. Plus, I like centered piercings. I don't have the little porn style body nor do I like having only one side ... read more

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