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Vet office Septum. DIY

Getting my septum pierced has not always been a dream of mine. When I was new to body mods I was actually really turned off by them. But I started developing a fascination with them and the placement and everything that goes along with one. Since my parents have never allowed me to get piercings I have been sneaky, finding places that are shady and will do it without parental consent. I live in Manitoba and the piercing age is 18 without consent, and I can't wait that long! So i ordered three 14 g needles over the Internet and ... read more

My first facial piercing

I'd never been one for facial piercings, having always thought that they have a negative impact on finding a job, which is obviously a very important thing to consider - money making the world go round and all. I also had a problem with my parents being totally anti-piercing, hence all my piercings being in 'hidden' places or places that they wouldn't be able to see and thus have a problem with. That said, I had 12 piercings and badly wanted another one. The craving comes around every year or so, and I have a tragus ring, a web ring, ... read more

The Septum Journey.

When I was about 9, I was doing groceries with my Mom when I saw a man picking out fruits, and he had what I called at the time, a "bull ring". After we came home that day I could not help but be intrigued by it, and after a few months of thinking about it all the time, I envied it, but, OBVIOUSLY it was a no-go, hello, I was 9. Fast forward, about 4 or 5ish years later. My dad had came from an ethnicity where he was very much involved in tribal body art (tattoos, piercing s, ... read more

My amazing gr.8 graduation gift

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my experience! I'm 14 years old and I got my nose pierced for my grad present. I guess i'll start with how I got it. Well I have 3 lobe piercings and I want a few more. I've always loved the idea of piercing and tattoos. Well after getting a third lobe piercing my mom put her foot down and said that was it until i was 15 then she would let me get my nose pierced because she thought it was classy. Well she asked me what I would like ... read more

The life and death (RIP), of a nostril orbital

A long while back, I got my right hand nostril pierced at 1.6mm, with the intention of just wearing a BCR in it. However, after a while, once it was fully healed the idea of just a ring seemed a bit boring, and after having recently read about orbitals, mainly ear orbitals, I decided to mix my nostril and the idea of orbital's to come up with a nostril orbital. Well, I made a trip into Newcastle to talk to Nikki, my piercer about it. She said there seemed to be enough room to get an 8mm, or even 10mm, ... read more

First facial piercing!

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I really wanted a septum piercing to accompany my 4g lobes and my rook. Well, I've never been one to sit on a decision, so I went two weeks later to get it done! I have stretched my lobes to 4g myself, had my rook pierced last year, and have a small tattoo from a while ago, and was really waiting to get something else done. I was a little indecisive at first, but after looking at pictures, and reading some other stories here, I decided that a septum was what I ... read more

Septum Piercing Through The Cartilage

Well ever since I was younger I've been obsessed with piercings and tattoos but seeing as I had extremely strict parents I couldn't really get any facial piercings. When I started looking at piercings that you can actually hide that's when I fell in love. The septum, id only seen a few people with this modification and all of them men. I started looking up as much information as I could on every piercing website I could find. This was the one and my heart was solely set on it. After ogling at hundreds of girls with the beautiful piece ... read more


Like many people that have written experiences for BME, I initially didn't like the "look" of septum piercings. However, again like many others, my outlook on them has changed. What tilted the scales for me personally was seeing an "older" gentleman (mid 50's perhaps?) that had a 6g CBB in his septum. It was a well-crafted piece; so much so that I initially mistook it for a "fake" piece. However, when I asked him about it, he assured me that it was in fact genuine (even going to far as to remove it in front of me). He was happy ... read more


Well, for the longest time I've wanted my septum, but bringing it up in grade 8 didn't go too well with my dad. So I kinda waited a bit and then grade 10 came around and I asked again. He obviously said no. And again, and again. That didn't stop me. I asked him so many times, and explained things to him until he finally agreed. At first he said my mom had to take me, which blows, because my mom doesn't exactly have a means of transportation, which obviously meant bussing. I wasssssssssn't too into that, and neither was ... read more

A septum fairy tale.

It was my 16th Birthday. I already had my lip pierced (by my friend Ashleigh) and I've almost always known I wanted to get heavily into body modification. My parents were ridiculously against it and every little thing I tried to do to convince them otherwise was in vain. I really actually felt unnatural in my own body, every time I looked in the mirror I would see someone not me, as if I was missing something; missing a lot of things actually. I knew that I needed piercings (more than just my lame old lip) to make myself feel ... read more

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