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Very First Piercing; Man That Was Fun

So, as the title states, I just got my very first piercing. Well, aside from the four ear ones I have. I got them at age 1 for first hole & 10 for the second. I have always wanted to get a number of facial piercings but I was always too scared to. But a week ago my ex-boyfriend from a year ago said I should get my septum done. I was kind of into the idea, kind of now. I'm a total baby when it comes to pain. I'm very, VERY scared of needles. I can't stand them. But, ... read more

The Birth of a Nose Ring, and the Addition of a Septum

Last March, I got my first needle piercing. My left nostril was decorated with a titanium ring, and I walked on air for the next week. I was beautiful. I had self respect, I took care of myself for the first time in a long time. I ate right, I exercised, I did all those things that one is supposed to do all the time, but which I had never done. Suddenly, I was worth looking after. And all it took was a simple piece of jewellery. More piercings followed, and after each one I was granted a surge of ... read more

Crooked septum experience

I've wanted my septum pierced since I turned thirteen years old. I was pretty obsessed with having it done at that time and spent the next year hassling my mom to let me. I showed her all sorts of piercing information on the internet and even went to see a nurse to set mom's mind at ease about the possibility of medical complications (which the nurse assured us were pretty unlikely). Finally my mom was convinced, so when I was 14, we went to a shop called Bee Cool in Calgary AB to see if I could have it done. ... read more

You are never to old....just do it!!

I am a 43 year old mother of 2 sons ages 13 & 5 years old. I have always thought that ladies with the little diamonds on their noses were so classy. I had never really thought to much about getting it done myself, mainly because it is so out in the open it is not something that can be hidden by hair or clothes if you choose not to show someone When I was 12 it was a major operation to talk my mom into letting me get my ears pierced..She finally left it up to my dad, that ... read more

My Septum Piercing Story

I have never been a fan of needles ever since I was a kid, however after seeing a friend of a friend with a septum piercing I told myself I had to get one one day! Let me tell you where it all started. My parents don't like piercings but hate Tattoos even more. Even with my fear of needles I have always grown up loving tatts and piercings and wanting to get at least one of each. But due to my respect for my parents I decided not to go through with either until after I had moved out ... read more

yay! nose piercing at last.

So, I finally got my nostril pierced! I had originally been dying to pierce my lip, but a few months ago I decided to give up on that idea, since my parents, my school, and my job all disallowed lip piercings. I started to think about nostril piercings, since I had always wanted one of those as well, (just not as much as my lip). My part time job allows nostril piercings, and my school doesn't seem to mind them too much as long as they are discreet. I asked my mum and she said yes. I asked my dad ... read more

My hard-earned septum

I'm proud and utterly thrilled to say that my nose is now home to a dainty, yet badass little 12ga, 3/8" diameter steel pincher. How that little shiny came to be there is quite the arduous tale. After several years of waiting for my father to come around on the whole facial piercings issue, that final discussion and go-ahead were quite the victory for me. When I had first breached the issue at the age of 14 (I'm 17 now) I had only wanted a tiny nostril piercing, but my mature, reasonable essay and request was flat out denied and ... read more

Vet office Septum. DIY

Getting my septum pierced has not always been a dream of mine. When I was new to body mods I was actually really turned off by them. But I started developing a fascination with them and the placement and everything that goes along with one. Since my parents have never allowed me to get piercings I have been sneaky, finding places that are shady and will do it without parental consent. I live in Manitoba and the piercing age is 18 without consent, and I can't wait that long! So i ordered three 14 g needles over the Internet and ... read more

My first facial piercing

I'd never been one for facial piercings, having always thought that they have a negative impact on finding a job, which is obviously a very important thing to consider - money making the world go round and all. I also had a problem with my parents being totally anti-piercing, hence all my piercings being in 'hidden' places or places that they wouldn't be able to see and thus have a problem with. That said, I had 12 piercings and badly wanted another one. The craving comes around every year or so, and I have a tragus ring, a web ring, ... read more

The Septum Journey.

When I was about 9, I was doing groceries with my Mom when I saw a man picking out fruits, and he had what I called at the time, a "bull ring". After we came home that day I could not help but be intrigued by it, and after a few months of thinking about it all the time, I envied it, but, OBVIOUSLY it was a no-go, hello, I was 9. Fast forward, about 4 or 5ish years later. My dad had came from an ethnicity where he was very much involved in tribal body art (tattoos, piercing s, ... read more

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