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Surprise Septum

Let me start off by saying that I am not much of a random person and I do not get body mods on the spur of the moment, but this time I did. I had my septum pierced once before by a completely inexperienced piercer who pierced it way too low. After a lot of pain and discomfort I removed it. After the area healed I was determined to get it redone correctly. I had been planning for months to get this piercing but due to some financial difficulties I put it on hold for a while. Recently my wife ... read more

Hypodermic Fangs

It's strange to voluntarily put yourself in the way of a sharp, albeit sterile, object. I had done it before, but it has never made sense with my instincts. There's always that internal separation where the mind must calm and console the body before it does something it doesn't understand. The nostril ring is most prominent in Indian tradition symbolizing femininity, a woman's coming of age, and wedlock. The nose pins were typically red in color to symbolize the consummation of the marriage. The mingling of cultures in the 60s brought the tradition overseas, giving it new meaning and popularity. ... read more

0ga septum dermal punch

I decided I wanted a large gauge septum piercing years ago. When I was 15 I had my septum pierced, through the cartilage, and it was a painful experience. Just licking my lips afterwards, or putting on chapstick, brought tears to my eyes. So punching it seemed like a good option to get a large gauge piercing, but a very painful one at that. Over the years I aquired more piercings, a nasallang being one of them, and that went through the hard cartilage in my septum, and it really wasn't that bad at all. My attempts at stretching my ... read more

All that for something!

Back in May 2007 I decided, through my cousin Amanda, 21, and looking at this site, I wanted to get my nose pierced. My mom said she'd think about it. She was fine with it, my dad-not so thrilled with the idea of me being a 'pincushion'. Around the beginning of June, right before my birthday, my mom and dad talked about it. My dad made a few jokes about it (i.e. when you blow your nose, does it whistle?). But finally he said 'If this is what you really want, it's fine with me.' I ran to the computer ... read more

My very painless septum piercing

My body modification addiction had started at the age of twelve when I had gotten my first tattoo and eyebrow piercing for Christmas. I had always been interested in modification and wanted to put more holes in my body then anyone could stand. By the time I had turned 14 I came to the realization of how common and mainstream the mod. Culture had become and wanted to explore the unusual side of it. But then again, I was 14, Which made it hard to me to reach the "That Is Really F***** Up" aspect of modification. After a few ... read more

Story of my Septum

After years of debate I finally got my septum pierced. Yeah so I am no stranger to piercing's. I have 3 piercings in my lip, both sides and the center. I have had my tongue pierced off and on over the past 5 years (currently pierced). My ears are stretched to 1 inch (after 3 long years). I used to have my eyebrow pierced on two different occasions. I have also parted ways with random cartlidge piercings over the years. There was just one piercing left that I really wanted but kept changing my mind on over the years, this ... read more

Second time septum lucky

It started out like any work day, I stumbled out of bed and headed straight for the shower to wash and brush my teeth, not knowing that the next time I showered I would have a fresh piercing to take care of. I have my ears pierced and stretched to 8mm each, my tragus and conch pierced, I recently had taken my labret out in hope of one day soon getting snakebites and I didn't want my lip to look cluttered. I packed my work things and a warm jumper and set off. It was a cold day and around ... read more

My first step to my long journey

For almost 2 solid years, I had been looking at the stretched nostril page on BME every single day. I would look and look at all the same pictures, and never get tired of them. And so finally, I decided to ask my mother to take me to get my nostrils pierced, for New Year 08, and she said yes. Initially, I had asked her in September 07, to a resounding no, but I didn't give up. I knew that it was something I needed, so I was going to get it, no matter how I did. Eventually, I got ... read more

Mon septum nouveau

Il y a deux semaines ou ainsi, j'ai été stérilisé en perçant l'équipement dans le courrier - qui est une NÉCESSITÉ pour cette sorte de chose. S'il vous plaît, pour l'amour de toutes les choses, ne l'essayez pas avec une épingle de sûreté ou une aiguille cousante ou n'importe quoi comme ça. Les complications peuvent être sans fin. Il y a des infections potentiellement dangereuses, des défigurations possibles et hypertrophic marquant, parmi d'autres, être pris en considération. En tout cas, j'avais voulu un septum perçant pendant quelque temps. Je serais parti chez un professionnel - qu'en étant le choix le ... read more

Jewellery Change from Hell

This tale begins with a bit of a background story. I am a small Asian girl (or armrest, depending on who you ask), raised in North Vancouver, BC. I currently attend the University of Guelph in Ontario. Several years ago I got my septum pierced at 16-ga and have been progressively stretching it ever since. I stretch at a reasonably slow pace, waiting at least a couple months between sizes. For about half a year now I've had it at 0-ga, and seeing as it is my favourite piercing of all, I've prided myself on the level of care with ... read more

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