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My septum experience

I first developed an interest in body modification about a year ago and started off with getting one of my lobes pierced. Since then my passion for modifying my body has escaladed until a point where I see my modifications as a part of me, and not just an addition. Since getting my lobe pierced a year ago I have had a number of others including several more 'basic' piercings such as lobes(stretched), cartilage and a tongue piercing, to more unusual and less common piercings like a tongue web, double inverse navel and a prince albert. As with a lot ... read more

My first real piercing

As an 18 year old from a fairly conservative family, I never thought that I would pierce anything beyond my ears. Of course, this all changed when I discovered BME. Going through all of the articles and pictures, nostril piercings caught my eye the most. It was classy, feminine, and subtle. Its significance in Hinduism also held some appeal. I was wary of how it would look on me though because I've always thought that I had a big nose. However, after perusing through different pictures, I saw lots of girls with noses like mine and they looked great. Now ... read more

my awesome septum

A few months ago I decided to finally get going on my plans for my long thought about septum piercing. I had wanted one for about a year and I was in love with how they looked. I had recently moved from a very small town to Portland but I was attached to the piercing shop down in my hometown. I had already gotten pierced there once, so I knew that piercer (sort of). So one weekend I ventured down there and asked the piercer to make an appointment to get my septum done. She took one long look at ... read more

Septum piercing

I got my septum pierced right before Christmas of this past year. I had decided on the Friday before (Christmas was on a Tuesday) so I would have Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday for my piercing to heal before I had to return to work. I had a pretty important office job, and facial piercings were not allowed. I knew I would have to be able to hide my piercing by that Wednesday. I chose a shop in my hometown (I will be happy to give the name to anyone who wishes to email me from this area, but don't ... read more

My septum experience

Well, I'm no stranger to piercings. I love them, personally. I have 12 in my ears, most of which I've done myself. I have my tongue and both of my nipples done. All of these I got before turning 18. I decided that I wanted something more drastic, something that can be seen. Seen by everyone but my mom, who was completely against the thought of me having holes in my face. What could I have that I could easily hide from mom? Of course! My septum! My friend and I were driving one day. No particular destination. She had ... read more


First of all let me say I've wanted to get my nose pierced for a very long time, since about middle school. But I grew up with a very strict mom who felt the need to shield me from the world plus she's religious so piercings are definitely a no-no in her eyes. So here I was 19 years old and had completely virgin skin not a single piercing or tattoo or anything. But piercings have always fascinated me and even though I really wanted one I still lived with my mom so I tried not to rock the boat ... read more

Birthday Present (Nostril Adventures of Eliza)

Finally, the day had come. I was eighteen and could get my nose pierced! My older (and much admired cousin) had gotten hers on her eighteenth, and I was instantly jealous. I was around ten or twelve at the time, and there was no way my parents were letting my pierce my nostril, even with a tiny stud. As I grew older, I fixated even more on wanting my nose done, and resolved that on my birthday, I would legally get the piercing. I debated doing it myself or trying to find somewhere that wouldn't ask for ID, but realized ... read more

a breeze

I am a novice when it comes to tattoos and piercings. Before I had met a friend that worked at Spectrum as an apprentice I had never even considered getting more than my ears pierced and one tattoo. I've had my ears double pierced and two tattoos before I decided to finally get my nose pierced. I had it done twice by my apprentice friend, the first time I had to take it out because of my job and the second was a failed attempt on the apprentice's part. (I will say the apprentice is no longer working at that ... read more

Two Piercings, One Nostril

Originally, I was planning on getting some surface anchors today to mimic an anti-eyebrow. However, I'm having my wisdom tooth out in less than two weeks, so I decided to postpone it until after that so the (potential) swelling wouldn't bother them as they'd be only an inch or so away from the tooth. But I still wanted to get something done today... After a bit of thought--mostly debating between a lip piercing and the nostril--I decided I wanted to get two piercings in my right nostril, I figured it could be an early birthday present to myself (I figure ... read more

Sweet Sixteen

Like most people, when I first saw septum piercings, I thought they looked awful. However, time passed and I suddenly had a longing for one. This longing lasted for 2 years, and I needed to get this piercing. I like to think of myself as one of the "lucky ones", who has a caring and understanding mother when it comes to modifications...as long as they're "normal". My mum had no problem with my regular ear piercings, tragus and side navel, however, she found the septum to be utterly disgusting. I couldn't really grasp why it was all right in her ... read more

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