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My first facial piercing

I've wanted my nose pierced since I was twelve, but my mum always said "When you're older, when you're older." Over and over. In the mean time I researched endlessly, reading experiences and care guides, and watching videos online. (Though the videos scared the heck out of me!) Finally, when I was 14, the day came. Mum said I could. Finding a time to get it done was difficult, as we rarely get into town, but we found one free Friday, I had the money, and we were set. Going into the store is quite possibly the most scared I've ... read more

First piercing - DIY Septum!

For almost a year now I'd been considering a septum piercing and playing with fake jewellery to see how it would look on me and how it would feel to have the pressure of something on that part of my nose. I adore the way they look, especially on females so I knew I had to have one but the only problem was that I'm a terrible needle phobic and I thought that would make getting a piercing near impossible. I felt the only way to do it was to do it to myself. After spending a lot of time ... read more

First Piercing Ever. The Nostril

When I was about 12 I decided that I wanted my nose pierced. It was an obvious "No" from the parents so I didn't even bother to ask. Now that I'm 16, it seemed a little more likely they'd allow me. I've had a neon pink hair-do since about 6th grade, so what could a nose-ring do to my "image" in the work place. I live on Long Island, New York so I had many options in terms of where I'd like to get it pierced. Many tattoo shops are pretty stingy and dirty around here though. I decided with ... read more

First piercing other than lobes!

I'd been thinking of getting my septum for some time before I finally decided to in September of 2006. My parents had given me money to buy some clothes, so of course, i headed to Queen Street mall where i found a few cheap things. By almost the end of the day, I'd realised I still had about $40 spare and a half price card for The Piercing Shop, which is located in Queen Street. I wasn't sure whether I should get my septum pierced or not, because of my parents, but my friend was telling me you can just ... read more

A 14 year old with a septum piercing!

Ok, so, some background: I've always been into piercings since I was 9, when I first had my ears done. I think what made me all the more eager was the fact that my mum is so against body piercing apart from normal lobes. She doesn't even let me get my ear cartilage pierced. Well, I have but she got so mad when she saw them and made me take them out. She absolutely hates facial piercings and I know if she finds out about this one, I'm grounded for life! Anyway, I have really wanted quite a unique piercing ... read more

12g Septum

So, I had been tossing around the idea of getting my septum redone...pretty much since i'd taken it out. The first time it was placed very high and very far back and was almost pointless so I retired it, it was 16g. I remembered the piercing the first time was basically painless and figured why not, it would feel the same, right? Now my boyfriend was a big fan so he was all excited when I outed my idea of having it redone and he immediately contacted my piercer and told him. Now some time and things happened until I ... read more

Welcome to the family!

Over the years, I have gotten many body mods. The first 'major' one being my tongue at age 14. Since then, I have had my nose twice, eyebrow twice, nipples, labret, 'snakebites', and various cartilage piercings. Yet, for some reason, I had always wanted a septum. I simply lacked the courage to just go and do it. Many friends of mine have theirs done, so I started asking around about their experiences. Some said it hurt, others said it didn't. Some said it healed quickly, others said it didn't. Eventually I just knew it was going to be my own ... read more

Simple and Easy Septum Piercing

My Simple and Easy Septum Piercing The day after Thanksgiving I decided to get my septum pierced on a whim. I hadn't been considering getting a piercing at all beforehand. In fact I went through a high school phase of piercing myself (navel, nostril, ears,), but quickly grew out of that and haven't worn any body piercings since. I recently ended a very unhappy relationship, and then ended up having that person stalk me for six months, so now I'm taking the time to do things just for me without being concerned about what other people might think. So I ... read more

Seriously Simple Septum!!!

I guess I share the same feelings on the septum piercing as nearly everyone else whos story Ive read.... at first I was repulsed by it. But somehow my opinion drastically changed -and I honestly cant identify the point in time or person it was on that I decided... '' hey that looks pretty rad! '' haha! But I got a hankerin' for some new holes it my face and a dainty, little, tight to the nose 14g septum piercing seemed to be the answer. Already having my nostril, monroe, and nipples pierced and my ears gauged to 7/16 I ... read more

My septum experience

I first developed an interest in body modification about a year ago and started off with getting one of my lobes pierced. Since then my passion for modifying my body has escaladed until a point where I see my modifications as a part of me, and not just an addition. Since getting my lobe pierced a year ago I have had a number of others including several more 'basic' piercings such as lobes(stretched), cartilage and a tongue piercing, to more unusual and less common piercings like a tongue web, double inverse navel and a prince albert. As with a lot ... read more

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