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I've never been a fan of septum piercings, I'm not sure why, I guess I just thought they were a little bit ugly and out of the ordinary. But somehow, over a period of time I was swayed into liking these piercings. I cannot say exactly why I began to think about getting my own septum pierced, but I can make an educated guess that the exposure to them I got on Bme helped me to understand and appreciate them a little bit more. This piercing hasn't been on my list of to get piercings for a whole lot of ... read more

Never pierce yourself. Let the professionals handle it. (Septum)

My first experience with a septum piercing was about 2 ½ years ago, and also self done. I had seen pictures of it online before and I loved the way it looked. Unfortunately, I had a mother who wouldn't allow any piercing besides my ears, with the exception of a Monroe (Which is a different horror story all in its own- though that was the fault of a horrible professional, I did not do it myself) that she only let me get out of spite for my father. And my dad? He practically disowned me just for the Monroe alone, ... read more

my septum, third times the charm!

Well my septum experience I would have to say was very, well painful, and here is why. I originally had my septum done a while back. The day before Halloween however to my dismay it was crooked. Not by much however I have OCD in the way that I can't stand things not being perfect {or the way I want anyways} so I took it out after only two days of having it. Now when I had that one done it was relatively painless which surprised me. So when I got it this time I went into thinking it would ... read more

My Nostril Piercing

When I turned 18 I decided that I wanted to get a tattoo and I had been thinking about what to get for a long time. My parents didn't want me to get a tattoo but they figured a piercing would be okay, so I decided that I wanted to get my nose pierced. I had been talking to a friend of mine who also has her nose pierced and she told me that she absolutely loved hers and that she knew I could do it if I wanted too. When the day finally came I walked into the tattoo ... read more

My horrible septum experience.

So a few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to get my septum pierced. I really like the way it looked, not too many people around here have it, and I could hide it whenever I needed to(which would be often because of work, and grandparents who don't like piercings.)So I set up a date with my friends and we all decided we would go downtown saturday afternoon so I could get it done, and so that my other friend could get his ears pierced. I was so excited, despite my friends pleas not to get it done. They ... read more

My first real piercing, my nostril.

My very first piercing! For as long as I can remember I had wanted a few piercing but my Mam had never really liked them, so I respected her not to do anything until I was a little older. Id had my ears pierced 8 times in my teens (with encouragement from my Mam!) Some of her excuses were 'Not under my roof' and 'Not until you've got a job' I took it all in stride and waited it out. My mom had actually encouraged me to get my ears pierced as a little girl, I used to be terrified, ... read more

I Thought You Said 'Painful'?

My quest for a new facial piercing has been going on since before spring 2007. After piercing random things myself (bad idea, don't do it), my stepmom and dad agreed to let me get my bellybutton pierced in March 2007. After this, I immediately wanted more piercings. Not being able to wait to talk my parents into it, I pierced my septum myself (once again, don't do it) June 2007. My parents agreed to take me to get my monroe for my birthday in August. However, they found out that I had done my septum without them knowing and didn't ... read more

Finally got my nostril pierced!

April 18 2008 I've wanted to get my nostril pierced for a long time now. When I was 15, I was actually going to get that and my tongue done at the same time, but I ended up getting my tongue and navel pierced. So, now at 19, I decided I really wanted to get it done. The stars basically have to align for me when I want to go out and do stuff.(In other words, I always need to find someone to watch my son. He's a troublemaker in the terrible twos so it's hard.) My fiancé and I ... read more

connecting to ancient traditions with my nostril

For most of my life, I've been seen as a shy and conservative girl. Most people never imagine that I've got a bit of a wild streak in me, and even people who know me pretty well are often surprised that I've got (as of now) eleven piercings. At the time when I got my nostril pierced, I had six, four of which were in my ears (the other two being non-visible: a navel and a vertical clitoral hood). Even though I had been thinking about getting a nostril piercing done for quite some time, I basically decided to do ... read more

The ol' septum-palooza

First of all, if you're reading this because you want to get your septum pierced, just DO IT! It rules. If you're reading this because you just like reading and maybe you've gotten your own done, right on. I'll try and keep it interesting. I guess I should start this tale at the beginning. I mean, I could do it Memento style and start from the end and move chronologically backwards, but I'm sure neither you nor I have the patience to do that. So back the beginning. It was the end of summer last year, wait... further back. Haha! ... read more

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