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Seeing the Love or How my Septum Changed my Life

I was seventeen and felt that it was time for me to get a new piercing. I wanted my septum done. At this point I'd only had my left lobe pierced and that had been with a piercing gun and not with a needle. Needless to say, I was extremely nervous about getting my septum pierced. Having never been pierced with a needle, I had no frame of reference for what the pain would be like but I knew that I had to "suck it up" and "bite the bullet" or I'd be kicking myself for not going through with ... read more

Nose piercing

Last year my friend got her nose pierced, and I thought it looked brilliant, and wanted one myself. However, me and my parents have always had this rule of: 'No facial piercings', and I'd always been ok with it, because they'd been ok with my tattoos & stretch piercings. But the urge to go out and let someone stick sharp things through my nose was becoming overwhelming, and I was sure that it would suit me, and hopefully not hurt.. So over the Christmas holidays last year, I called my best friend (who is like my piercing buddy, we always ... read more

My nostril piercings [both experiences]

I have had my left nostril done twice; once when I was 18 and the other when I was 21. I had to take it out the first time because I ended up getting incarcerated. The first time was easy enough. Fairly tolerable pain, but I had an amazing piercer who always made me feel very relaxed. [Colter from Ink Shop Tattoos, formerly Fry Street Ink in Denton, TX...he may be at a different shop...call and ask, he's wonderful!!!] When he put it in, it was a little uncomfortable but not unbearable. It was like a pinch, and I did ... read more

My nostril piercing!

I have been thinking about getting a nose piercing since I was about 16, and my dad had already approved of it, but some reason or another I waited 2 years to actually get it! So, one day I was hanging out with a friend of mine, when the subject of piercings came up. She has had a Labret for a while now, and I asked where she had got it done. She said she got it done in a place in the downtown area of the city called Tattoo's Unlimited. She said she really liked the piercers, the atmosphere, ... read more

My lovely nose. [diy]

Okay so I fad gotten a few piercings before this, my belly button, my industrial, and three in each lobe they were all done professionally. And then I was hooked! I knew I could talk my parents into it after a few months, but I just didn't want to wait that long. So being the impatient teenager that I am I thought I would do it my self. It was late at night about one or two in the morning, and I was watching TV and then I knew I should just do it. Now I had attempted to pierce ... read more

My fabulous sweet 16 birthday present- a nostril piercing.

Since I was 9 and saw my mom's roommate's navel piercing, I've been fascinated with piercings. I've been wanting to get my nose pierced in particular since I was about 12. My mom didn't give in then, and I'm sort of glad she didn't. I made sure I really wanted this piercing and researched it. I've been glued to BME for months, looking around the whole site, but also focusing on nostril piercing pictures and devouring as many stories as possible to get an idea of what the routine is, how most people responded to the pain, etc. A few ... read more

Learning the Hard Way

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved the way piercings look. They are beautiful, but also unusual and exotic. When I started my own mods, I loved the way that they made me feel, like I stood out, was somehow different. They even gave my good-girl image an edge of subversiveness. For years I had especially wanted a nostril piercing (they're not so common where I live as they are in some other areas). My parents refused to take me to get it done, not that I was surprised, as they consistently tell me how much they ... read more

3rd time... wasn't the charm.

When I was 17, nostril piercings intrigued me. Every night, I'd sit and browse pictures on BME and wondered if it would look good on me. 2 days later, I found myself sitting in a piercing chair with a needle sticking though my face. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt. Just made my eyes water, which is normal. Without thinking and being high on adrenaline, I chose a cbr to be placed through my right nostril. Getting it in was a bit tricky, but soon enough, I had a purple ring through my nose. First thought was "oh dear God, what the ... read more

Sisterly Septums

In March 2007 my younger sister was hit by a truck while crossing her street at a zebra crossing. She suffered major injuries, including a broken and dislocated spine, major internal bleeding, two breaks in her pelvis, broken wrist and ankle and a broken nose. Her nose naturally was the least of anyone's worries, even more so after she became seriously ill with pneumonia. Now there's a time limit on resetting a broken nose, two to three weeks and then it becomes impossible. At two weeks and six days, my sister was with it enough to go down and try ... read more

Septum gone WRONG. Don't trust all piercers...

For years I have always thought about getting my septum done. I've had almost every type of ear piercing and my lip done so I thought f*ck it just do it already! I was told by this 'guy' I know to go into town to get it done. So off I went. I have quite a high pain threshold so I wasn't worried about that. The piercer who did it was 'mates' with the guy who told me to get it done there. So I thought, 'cool', I'm in good hands. I did kind of get the vibe (always follow ... read more

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