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Septum Piercing; here is my tale.

Hello there, I am Rory. This is the story of my septum piercing's life. It is not very eventful but I'll do my best to make it interesting for you! I always really wanted my septum pierced. The fact that it can be hidden is a massive plus factor in my opinion, especially for those people who need to hide it due to school or work. There is also the fact that it leaves virtually no visible scar behind. It was January 5 and about 4 o' clock. I was by myself in town and I had a bit of ... read more

My Septum Piercing - From The Very Beginning. . .

I stumbled across BME during one of my late night attempts to continue warding off sleep some two and a half years ago, whilst meandering aimlessly through the labyrinth that is the internet. I was only fifteen at the time, so a lot of the content seemed quite extreme, and I immediately assumed a lot of it was not for me. What surprises me slightly in hindsight however, is that I totally accepted what I was seeing and reading as I navigated my way through the myriad of galleries and experiences available to me. My thoughts can roughly be equated ... read more

My Nostril Nose piercing at home!!

Hello, I'm 22 and have piercing my ears several times and belly button at home when I was a teenager. I'm not a Goth or anything like that. I'm a married woman and I'm a jewelry designer so I take a lot of interest in jewelry. I think tattoos and piercings can be a beautiful way to carry out body art. I have always thought a nose piercing would be great, thinking of belly dancers and exotic Indian women with a beautiful shimmering jewel in their nose... I casually mentioned it to my mother the other day. Although as I ... read more

My first facial piercing.

One day I was driving along the road downtown with my boyfriend and we were considerably bored. I had previously contemplated a piercing of some sort(I already had my ears stretched to 6g at the time) and I knew I wanted it to be on my face. I'm kind of terrified of the idea of genital or nipple piercings, and had no desire to have anything but my lobes pierced and eventually stretched to 1'' on my ears. After careful consideration and a few months of back and forth deciding whether I wanted my septum or my monroe pierced, I ... read more

My birthday present

I've been thinking about getting my nostril pierced for quite sometime now, and a few weeks ago, I decided that I would get it done on my birthday. After thinking about it and doing a lot of research, I finally decided to just go for it since I've wanted it for so long. My best friend decided to get it done as well, and wanted to pay for my piercing as a birthday present (what a wonderful friend!) so we went together. I have my ears pierced several times, and I have my eyebrow pierced, so this was definently a ... read more

Gauging My Septum

I had wanted my septum pierced for awhile. I had seen many people, pictures of people, people in other bands (I play guitar), and found it extremely aesthetically pleasing. I have had a few other piercings, and always enjoyed the sensations of getting a piercing, and the enjoyment of having it, period. Not a lot of people seemed to have it, and most people would dare try (For reasons unknown to me, since it was relatively painless). It seemed easy enough to do, and I had pretty much made up my mind. I was talking to my girlfriend, and sporadically, ... read more

A nostril piercing on somebody with zero pain tolerance

Although I've known from age 6 when I had my lobes done that I wouldn't stop there with piercings, I've had the ill fortune of a family who are very clear that they think piercings are horrible, and only good if you want to look really weird. Which is why it took three years from then to get my lobes done double, aged 9, then another two to get my helix at 11, and then six months ago aged 15 for my nose. I'd wanted something a bit more adventurous originally, a surface piercing maybe, because in the city centre ... read more

A Flaw In Character

It should be noted before I begin that this experience is concerning that of the process and emotional journey that entails to my self stretched, 4 gauge septum. To some this may not be viewed as something of significance or valuable tips and tricks for fellow modifiers, but I myself believe otherwise. Had I been able to find information and advice on stretching a septum piercing, I would have been better prepared. I had no troubles with the overall experience but quite frankly I'd rather be prepared than walk blindly into something. Silly me, little-miss-be-prepared... At the time of the ... read more

The worst pain yet.

So, I've always been a bit of a piercing freak. (I'm a bit of a tackle-box.) I got my first piercing only a year ago and a half, and it has since spiraled from one to seven piercings(three lip piercings, a septum, my ears and my dermal anchor on the back of my neck), so obviously I have at least a little experience with pain levels, and with knowing where my sweet spots are. I decided a couple of months ago to get my nostrils done, one on each side, and once I finally got the money, there was no ... read more

My nostril piercings [both experiences]

I have had my left nostril done twice; once when I was 18 and the other when I was 21. I had to take it out the first time because I ended up getting incarcerated. The first time was easy enough. Fairly tolerable pain, but I had an amazing piercer who always made me feel very relaxed. [Colter from Ink Shop Tattoos, formerly Fry Street Ink in Denton, TX...he may be at a different shop...call and ask, he's wonderful!!!] When he put it in, it was a little uncomfortable but not unbearable. It was like a pinch, and I did ... read more

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