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Leave with a smile

It had been 10 years since my last piercings were done. I got into a piercing kick again this year and had a couple on my mind that I had been checking out, the nose and nipples. I did research for the best piercers in the area and continued to hear about Kaleidoscope. After finding their web site and getting to read about their top piercers, I new that this was the place and I wasn't worried about who I'd get, they both seemed great. Kaleidoscope really goes above and beyond to inform you of what they have to offer, ... read more

Fear into Joy - A piercing experience.

Hello All ~ I have been contemplating getting my nostril pierced for just a short time. For some reason the idea of seeing a small diamond gem on my face began to grow and within a month or so, I knew I had to have one. I naturally was a tad apprehensive as it was my first piercing since I was young and somewhat stupid and the thought of pain now just isn't quite as welcome - I have my lobes pierced, one on the right, three on the left - all by the dreaded gun, alcohol aftercare and turn ... read more

DIY nostril piercing!

Although I only had two piercings prior to my nostril (my ears are stretched to a zero gauge), I had always loved piercings. I'm only sixteen, and my mother's EXTREMELY conservative, so trying to get her to let me get piercings is never too successful. I had pierced my lip a few times before, but it got infected because I didn't research how to take care of it properly and I tried to hide it from my mother by taking it out all the time. I tried to get her to let me pierce my nose for months (as well ... read more

Piercing My Own Nostril

I had wanted my nose pierced for a very long time, and knew my parents would never take me to get it pierced professionally, or pay for it. I had just started hanging out with "scene kids" and wanted to fit in with my new friends. And so, the first day of summer in my freshman year of high school I decided to pierce it myself. I had never been pierced or let alone pierced myself so it took a lot to talk myself into it. I was nervous that my hand would shake, and I would pierce it crooked, ... read more

Nose Piercing. Unprofessionally Done. At Home.

Recently, I have taken more and more of an interest into piercings. I think that they are attention grabbing, and people look at you instantly. I have respect for people who have piercings and tattoos, because alot of the time it isn't always for style, its to push yourself further and further each time and see what your limit of pain is. I don't care what people who don't like piercings think, they just don't understand the culture, and that's fine. Now, I want to get snakebites, my septum, and a surface piercing on each hip. There is only one ... read more

My rebellious birthday piercing

It was my 17th birthday and I was going to treat myself to something I had wanted for a fair bit of time. Although I feared the wrath of my parents, since I'd made a promise after getting about 9 holes in my ears that I would refrain from any more body modification until I was 18, or had moved out and was living with my rules, not theirs. I cannot really remember the exact rules anymore. At the subway I called my Dad to let him know I would be returning home with a nostril piercing. He was not ... read more

Septum dissapointment!

Alright here we go! After many failed attempts at my piercing my septum, I decided to give it one last shot. Now, let's rewind a year or so earlier...I've always loved piercings, especially the septum piercing. I've gotten a bunch of piercings before hand, but never was I happy with the result of my septum after every time it was pierced. It was either too crooked, too high up, too lopsided, or too whatever, I was just unhappy with it. It was never the right placement for me. So after having my septum pierced about 10 times over, of course ... read more

Self satisfaction at a flip of a coin

Self satisfaction at a flip of a coin hello reader, you have probably turned to this story because of its vague name. Well, this is a story all about my new septum piercing. I know, another teenaged female getting her nose pierced, but this one I think I wroth experiencing. I had been like you, looking over BME in storys and pictures, trying to figure out what I wanted to get. Every 6 months or so I get another piercing and I was getting "the itch". I settled on either getting two more upper cartilage piercing on my left ear ... read more

My First Piercing.

I had been lusting after some sort of piercing for months on end, but, having heard some pretty scary things, I was a little anxious about some "myths" I'd heard regarding various piercings. After conducting my own research on the matter I concluded that a nostril piercing was the one for me- it didn't have any really strange "struck by lightening" myths attached to it, nor did it sound like it would take too long to heal. I have since heard from people with many piercings that actually say their nose hurt right up in the top three, which is ... read more

Happy as a steel-laden clam! I loved every minute of it.

Having gone through the gates of: snakebites(down to just one side), a Monroe(now gone), my left nostril(closed), and a current navel hoop, I was looking for something new. I wasn't interested in a tongue ring, and my options were limited seeing as how my current employer prefers no visible piercings, so I opted for my septum. I've known people before who have said they can easily flip it up inside their nose, and upon receiving a rather fat check I decided it was high time to get some new steel. I've gone to a few different studios for my piercings, ... read more

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