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Bull Ring!

This is a story about me and my septum. I've had my septum pierced twice. Once, it was pierced by a girl who used the wrong kind of retainer, and while I was cleaning it, it fell out, yadda yadda, it didn't last. But I loved it so much, I decided to go and get it re-pierced. It all started after I had retired my monroe, which I'd had for a year and a few months. I just grew tired of it -- it was more of a fashion statement than something I felt fit me. I'm not sure why ... read more

"And nothing below the neck because it's indecent!"

This is not my first body modification. Hell, it is not even the body modification I worked hardest to get. It was, however, the one mod thus far that I have refused to compromise on. (Well, sort of) It all began a month ago. I had already gotten my eyebrow pierced (twice) almost two years ago and I was beginning to feel that urge again. It wasn't until I broke up with my boyfriend that I really started to ache for that adrenaline rush in surgical steel. But I was worried. I wanted my nipples pierced (imitating a friend who ... read more

Well Bless my Septum

I went to a Jewish school as a kid and yes, I had a big nose. My dad is Sephardic and my mom was raised Irish Catholic and I had the misfortune of inheriting my father's nose. To make matters worse, one day in the sixth grade this girl with a really small nose (but a really large derriere) who was Jewish on both sides walks up to me and says, "No offense," (she always says no offence before saying something that's assured to offend you,) "No offense, but you have a really big nose. I mean, it's like its ... read more

My septum piercing, again.

I do not endorse self piercing or getting pierced by somebody unprofessional, but at the time I didn't care and my urge to get a piercing was far too great for me to care. So here I was sitting in my house, bored out of my mind, and suddenly I get the urge to pierce something. Being the huge pussy I am, I message my friend Elisa and I tell her I want to get a piercing. She asked me what I had wanted and I thought about it. My parents, like most parents, are very close-minded, so I had ... read more


Ok. So when I was about 15 years old, I saw a picture of Kelly Clarkson with her nose pierced. I thought it was so cute! Of course, I thought I had to have it, so I decided to ask my parents if they would take me to get it done on my 16th birthday. Of course, they said no. They said it was "slutty" and I didn't need to be walking around with holes in my face. I didn't understand. The nose piercing is so tiny! You can barely see it. And I told them I could always take ... read more

An uplifting septum piercing.

I got my septum pierced a few days before Christmas of 2007. It was my first body modification, though I had a scheduled session for a tattoo the day before Valentine's day that had been in place for nearly a year. I was going through a very troubled time: I was just getting control of my bipolar disorder, still getting over a bad breakup with a girlfriend of two years and losing a majority of my close friends. One day, while feeling down in the dumps, I decided I needed a piercing. I had a friend that I had a ... read more

"Alright I'll just finish up here and then I'll stab you in the face!"

After about eight months of putting it off, it finally happened! My buddy who got me into mods called me up after work and asked if I wanted to go with him to the studio after work to grab some half inch tunnels. Naturally I said yes as I love everything about being in the studio. My buddy knew I really wanted my septum pierced and also knew I was putting it off. He always trys to get me pierced just to watch me squirm. He says it's for my own good, because I want to pierce people for a ... read more

Leave with a smile

It had been 10 years since my last piercings were done. I got into a piercing kick again this year and had a couple on my mind that I had been checking out, the nose and nipples. I did research for the best piercers in the area and continued to hear about Kaleidoscope. After finding their web site and getting to read about their top piercers, I new that this was the place and I wasn't worried about who I'd get, they both seemed great. Kaleidoscope really goes above and beyond to inform you of what they have to offer, ... read more

Fear into Joy - A piercing experience.

Hello All ~ I have been contemplating getting my nostril pierced for just a short time. For some reason the idea of seeing a small diamond gem on my face began to grow and within a month or so, I knew I had to have one. I naturally was a tad apprehensive as it was my first piercing since I was young and somewhat stupid and the thought of pain now just isn't quite as welcome - I have my lobes pierced, one on the right, three on the left - all by the dreaded gun, alcohol aftercare and turn ... read more

DIY nostril piercing!

Although I only had two piercings prior to my nostril (my ears are stretched to a zero gauge), I had always loved piercings. I'm only sixteen, and my mother's EXTREMELY conservative, so trying to get her to let me get piercings is never too successful. I had pierced my lip a few times before, but it got infected because I didn't research how to take care of it properly and I tried to hide it from my mother by taking it out all the time. I tried to get her to let me pierce my nose for months (as well ... read more

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