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My beautiful, completely common, boring nose piercing.

Before I tell this story, I feel like I need to tell a another one. About a week before this piercing took place, I had my appointment to get my first gardisil shot. So when the nurse comes in with the shot and instantly I feel sick to my stomach. Then she takes the cap off and I flip out. I'm bawling my eyes out, holding my arms, completely and totally flipping out. So they're scared I'm going to hurt myself and they put the needle out of my sight and try to calm me down but i'm inconsolable. So ... read more

DIY septum ring .... yummmy !

Soooo ... lets take it back to about 10 months ago to August 17 2007. The night of my sisters party and my parents night out on the town. It was about 7:00 p.m. and my sister and friends we're going to skateland till 11 and my parents wouldn't be back till they picked her up. So all in all no one would be home till about 11:30 or midnight and it was only 7:00. I had done my septum before and failed at it. But tonight I was determined to succeed. And that's exactly what I did. I (at ... read more

Well Bless my Septum

I went to a Jewish school as a kid and yes, I had a big nose. My dad is Sephardic and my mom was raised Irish Catholic and I had the misfortune of inheriting my father's nose. To make matters worse, one day in the sixth grade this girl with a really small nose (but a really large derriere) who was Jewish on both sides walks up to me and says, "No offense," (she always says no offence before saying something that's assured to offend you,) "No offense, but you have a really big nose. I mean, it's like its ... read more

My septum piercing, again.

I do not endorse self piercing or getting pierced by somebody unprofessional, but at the time I didn't care and my urge to get a piercing was far too great for me to care. So here I was sitting in my house, bored out of my mind, and suddenly I get the urge to pierce something. Being the huge pussy I am, I message my friend Elisa and I tell her I want to get a piercing. She asked me what I had wanted and I thought about it. My parents, like most parents, are very close-minded, so I had ... read more


Ok. So when I was about 15 years old, I saw a picture of Kelly Clarkson with her nose pierced. I thought it was so cute! Of course, I thought I had to have it, so I decided to ask my parents if they would take me to get it done on my 16th birthday. Of course, they said no. They said it was "slutty" and I didn't need to be walking around with holes in my face. I didn't understand. The nose piercing is so tiny! You can barely see it. And I told them I could always take ... read more

An uplifting septum piercing.

I got my septum pierced a few days before Christmas of 2007. It was my first body modification, though I had a scheduled session for a tattoo the day before Valentine's day that had been in place for nearly a year. I was going through a very troubled time: I was just getting control of my bipolar disorder, still getting over a bad breakup with a girlfriend of two years and losing a majority of my close friends. One day, while feeling down in the dumps, I decided I needed a piercing. I had a friend that I had a ... read more

"Alright I'll just finish up here and then I'll stab you in the face!"

After about eight months of putting it off, it finally happened! My buddy who got me into mods called me up after work and asked if I wanted to go with him to the studio after work to grab some half inch tunnels. Naturally I said yes as I love everything about being in the studio. My buddy knew I really wanted my septum pierced and also knew I was putting it off. He always trys to get me pierced just to watch me squirm. He says it's for my own good, because I want to pierce people for a ... read more

My nostril piercing, with mum!

My mum and I were wandering around in the city doing some window shopping and having lunch together for Mother's Day this year. I noticed a girl standing around in the mall who had a lovely sparkling nostril piercing and I mentioned in passing to mum that I had been meaning to get mine done again (I'd had it done once before but had retired it). Mum, being an outgoing and spontaneous chicky, immediately said, "Well let's go do it then!". I thought it was awesome that mum was going to get her nose pierced and I wanted to see ... read more

my favorite piercing

I have always been interested in body modification for as long as I can remember. I first got my ears pierced when I was about five years old, because my mom worked at a hair salon where they did ear piercing (with a gun...I hadn't been introduced to BME quite yet). Since then I've gotten my ears pierced five more times, including my snug and my tragus, and I've also had my bellybutton and anti-eyebrow done, but both are now retired :[. The day I decided to get my septum pierced, I had not even been planning on getting a ... read more

my cute little nose ring.

Ok so, when I was nine years old, I got my lobes done. Then apparently, one got ripped out,put back in, got infected, and made a huge pus/blood bubble on the back of my ear. Which hurt like a mother fucker when my mom had to squeeze all the pus and blood out. So I just took the other one out too. I was afraid to get a piercing ever since that incident. But when I was 12, I got my cartilage done with a gun. Bad idea, I was pretty stupid, but it's actually still really fine right now. ... read more

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