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My Septum. A Bloody Love Story

Where do I start with my love relationship with septum piercings?! They're amazingly beautiful don't you think?! Well I do. I had wanted my septum done a few years back when I was at university, but shunned all thoughts of having it done due to me being a complete wimp back then. Now, 4 piercings (some stretched) and 6 tattoos later I finally decided to go for it. What's the worse that could happen?! If I decided I didn't like it after all I could just take it out. I decided to look into the septum piercing as much as ... read more

Mi septum crece poco a poco

Siempre había tenido las ganas de hacerme alguna perforación: mentón, industrial, labio, ceja, pero el problema era que mi mamá no me dejaba y decía que me echaba de la casa, y mi papa decía que no me daba plata, entonces quedaba en la calle y pobre... pero un vez así como de repente me dieron ganas de hacerme el del septum, el cual era feroz y perfectamente fácil de esconder (como sabrán, el truco solo voltearlo hacia arriba)! Fue una tarde de Enero, fui a una tienda de piercings muy escondida (porque en las mas reconocidas solicitaban permiso de ... read more

loving my new nose RING.

Well, getting my nose pierced seemed like a very appropriate move for my 18th birthday, and so it was. After a lot of careful thought and consideration, I knew it would be a piercing I could really appreciate as an addition to my face. Originally, I'd always thought of adorning the left nostril, but in the end I chose the left – it just seemed right. There aren't any piercing shops in the town I live in, so traveling about an hour is a must for any type of modification work. The place I chose was familiar; I'd been there ... read more

Close your eyes and it's done

Despite the fact my dad is covered in tattoos and has a great job my parents really don't want me getting piercings or tattoos as I will probably end up ''poor and alone'',taste the hypocrisy. Well I'm a persistent person,and its paid of because so far I have 8 lobe piercings and 3 cartilage in each ear, I have an 8mm stretch, and I also have both my tragus' done. I really wanted my tongue or lip pierced next, however, for some reason my dad was completely against it, however when we went on holiday to scotland I met my ... read more

Snow Days = Piercing Parties!

'C________ High School: Classes Canceled.' "YES!" Our house of six kids erupted into a frenzy like no other on the first snow day of the year. With no parents to control us, we went all out. Of course, for me, that meant the perfect chance to do the piercing I had been opting for for quite a while now. My best friend called needing a ride to her boyfriend's house and my oldest stepbrother obliged, and thankfully he took the other ones with him. My younger brother made his way down the snowy steps to his friend's house and my ... read more

Septum piercings are the best way to go!

So I've wanted my septum pierced for quite some time now. I feel like it's one of the best piercing out there because I want to get into a political career and other facial piercing just aren't that easy to hide. The septum is one of those piercings that allows the wearer to flip it right up and not let anyone find out. I'm not going to lie I was scared out of my mind. I was shaking really badly before I could get in there because the only other thing I've had pierced were my doubled ears. I had ... read more

Painful septum experience

I was really frustrated at one point because I looked so "normal."My look didn't yet fit into my standards of "edgy." I really wanted a piercing, but on the face, one that'll turn heads. I didn't even have my earlobes pierced either (and guess what? I still don't). I only got my earlobes pierced with a gun when I was 11, and they've been closed for years. There are always lip piercings and eyebrow piercings and nostril piercings, but it seemed everybody and their mom had those, and I have been researching unusual piercings on the internet for a couple ... read more

My septum experience

Ok, SO! For the past few years I have been listening to a band called Avenged Sevenfold. And for the past year I have been interested in the band's guitarist Zacky V. He has gauged ears, Snakebites and septum. I have gauged ears 16mm (5/8") Got my side lip done last summer, and my completed snakebites a few months back. I had them all except, Yes. the septum. The feeling was quite odd, And I was scared to get it. Until 6 months ago I thought the piercing went through the actual cartilage (This goes to show, DO YOUR RESEARCH!) ... read more

My beautiful, completely common, boring nose piercing.

Before I tell this story, I feel like I need to tell a another one. About a week before this piercing took place, I had my appointment to get my first gardisil shot. So when the nurse comes in with the shot and instantly I feel sick to my stomach. Then she takes the cap off and I flip out. I'm bawling my eyes out, holding my arms, completely and totally flipping out. So they're scared I'm going to hurt myself and they put the needle out of my sight and try to calm me down but i'm inconsolable. So ... read more

DIY septum ring .... yummmy !

Soooo ... lets take it back to about 10 months ago to August 17 2007. The night of my sisters party and my parents night out on the town. It was about 7:00 p.m. and my sister and friends we're going to skateland till 11 and my parents wouldn't be back till they picked her up. So all in all no one would be home till about 11:30 or midnight and it was only 7:00. I had done my septum before and failed at it. But tonight I was determined to succeed. And that's exactly what I did. I (at ... read more

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