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Nostril on Impulse

In February of this year, while sitting in the car with my mom in our mall parking lot, she randomly asked me if I wanted to get my nose pierced. Now, this was strange considering I'd never before mentioned anything about nostril piercings, not to say I wasn't interested. I said "sure", and we drove off to the closest piercing and tattoo studio: Hot Spot. I guess she didn't expect me to say yes, because when I did, she responded with a "really?" Before I got there though, I called them and asked how much it would cost and how ... read more

Neuspiercing gone wrong

Ergens in maart besloot ik dat ik er nog een derde piercing bij wilde (de zes gewone gaatjes in mijn oren niet meegerekend). Geheel spontaan ben ik dus voor een neuspiercing gegaan. Normaal gesproken vond ik een neuspiercing niet echt bij mij passen, maar in combinatie met mijn labret piercing vond ik het wel een goed idee. Aldus: geld gepind, beste vriendin meegesleept naar de tattoo & piercing studio bij ons in de stad en in de wachtruimte een tijdje in m'n handjes wringen vanwege de toch opgekomen zenuwen. Hoewel ik stiekem wel wat zenuwachtig was (zou ik het nu ... read more

My rambling nose-piercing-co-worker-bonding experience!

Last Wednesday, I finally decided to re-do my left nostril piercing. I had it pierced about three years ago but unfortunately I jumped the gun on changing my piercing and my nose would not tolerate having another nose screw put in. It bled like crazy and then my screw fell down the drain, so I took it as fate telling me not to have a nose ring. Well, three years later I have decided to re-do my little piece of "nasal rebellion" as some people see it. A few months ago I had gotten a birth control implant put in ... read more

Hiding my septum.... Unsuccessfully.

I wanted a piercing for a long time. But, as many of you, my parents were absolutely against any sort of hole anywhere on my body. I had discussed so many different piercing ideas that I wanted with them to no avail. And so.. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I settled on my septum, because I knew it would be really easy to hide. I couldn't go to a studio or a professional, being underage and all, but I have a friend that has a ridiculous amount of piercing experience for a sixteen year old. He ... read more

Nose Piercing Experience!

One day I went down to visit my Dad, who lives in the big and bustling city of Prince George for spring break. Around the same time last year I had gotten my ears pierce for the first time, I was 14. So Maybe I caught some sorta of piercing bug I've heard so much about. I didn't know what I wanted, I was only 15 at the time and most piercings were a major no-no by my mother. My Dad on the other hand, can't really say anything, he has both nipples pierced. So I decided that since I ... read more

My slightly stupid DIY

One day I decided I want my septum pierced. It's amazing what a person learns in a year, such as where to get proper piercing needles and how to properly sanitize your materials. I held off the idea for a couple of weeks; I'd always been fond of the piercing but I wasn't sure if I could work it. I decided that I could indeed pull a septum off, but I had neither the money or the desire to get a professional to do it. I decided to do it myself, although I knew it would probably be painful and ... read more

My Septum. A Bloody Love Story

Where do I start with my love relationship with septum piercings?! They're amazingly beautiful don't you think?! Well I do. I had wanted my septum done a few years back when I was at university, but shunned all thoughts of having it done due to me being a complete wimp back then. Now, 4 piercings (some stretched) and 6 tattoos later I finally decided to go for it. What's the worse that could happen?! If I decided I didn't like it after all I could just take it out. I decided to look into the septum piercing as much as ... read more

Mi septum crece poco a poco

Siempre había tenido las ganas de hacerme alguna perforación: mentón, industrial, labio, ceja, pero el problema era que mi mamá no me dejaba y decía que me echaba de la casa, y mi papa decía que no me daba plata, entonces quedaba en la calle y pobre... pero un vez así como de repente me dieron ganas de hacerme el del septum, el cual era feroz y perfectamente fácil de esconder (como sabrán, el truco solo voltearlo hacia arriba)! Fue una tarde de Enero, fui a una tienda de piercings muy escondida (porque en las mas reconocidas solicitaban permiso de ... read more

loving my new nose RING.

Well, getting my nose pierced seemed like a very appropriate move for my 18th birthday, and so it was. After a lot of careful thought and consideration, I knew it would be a piercing I could really appreciate as an addition to my face. Originally, I'd always thought of adorning the left nostril, but in the end I chose the left – it just seemed right. There aren't any piercing shops in the town I live in, so traveling about an hour is a must for any type of modification work. The place I chose was familiar; I'd been there ... read more

Close your eyes and it's done

Despite the fact my dad is covered in tattoos and has a great job my parents really don't want me getting piercings or tattoos as I will probably end up ''poor and alone'',taste the hypocrisy. Well I'm a persistent person,and its paid of because so far I have 8 lobe piercings and 3 cartilage in each ear, I have an 8mm stretch, and I also have both my tragus' done. I really wanted my tongue or lip pierced next, however, for some reason my dad was completely against it, however when we went on holiday to scotland I met my ... read more

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