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my septum story...

For as long as I could remember, I wanted a piercing. Finally,I got the guts to do it. I wasn't going for the norm, either. I had to have something different. My septum...I had to have it! I had seen it on a few people, and decided to have it done. I didn't bother calling around to find a suitable studio to do it. My friend was friends with a guy who had an in-home studio. Looking back, I can't believe I got pierced at someone's house, and that person happened to go by Pig. But, it was legit. It ... read more

My Nose Piercing Experience

So, I was sitting around the house one day pretty bored, and I decided that I wanted to get something pierced. I asked my boyfriend what he thought I should get done, because I didn't want something too dramatic, and I already had my navel, tongue, and several piercings in my ears done. Anyways, I had been thinking of getting my nose pierced but was afraid it might not suit me. I mean, it being on my FACE, it wasn't something I could just risk. So after asking a few close friends, and hearing my boyfriend's opinion, I decided to ... read more

My Nostrils

Sometime when I was thirteen, I realized I wanted to get my nostril pierced. It started out as a fanciful idea; I'd see someone passing me on the street who had one and I'd automatically gape and stare in my mind. The way that a little jewel sat on the nose just seemed so lovely and – strangely enough – cozy! There was just something about this piece of jewelry situated where it was that really drew me in. But of course, being so young, the idea that one day I would have a hole in my nose was simply ... read more

Long and Painful (the process, not the piercing!)

The decision to get my septum pierced was a long and arduous one, much more painful than the actual piercing itself. At this point I had my bellybutton, nostril, lip, and 2 holes in each lobe, one set of which are currently at 0g. I've been working on getting my tattoos rather than being focused on piercings lately, but one of my co-workers this past summer talked every day about getting her other nostril done, and I suppose it just instilled the bug in me again. I think most people reading this have probably had that piercing bug a few ... read more

Less painful than dentist injections

I've been wanting a piercing for 3 years and now I'm finally old enough I decided to get a piercing. We went Seventh Sun since it's the best for piercings around my area but there was so many people in that small shop the guy said it would cost £35 and I'd have to wait until 5pm to get it pierced. It was about 2pm... So I was like not going to wait 3 hours. My mate was going to get her tattoo done and said that her place might do it. So I rang them up and they said ... read more

The star that started it all

At a very young age I knew that tattoos and piercings were my 'thing'. But, I also realized, (partially assumed), that you could not keep a job while being heavily modified. I started stretching my ears at a very young age, I was probably about 14. I got my very first tattoo on my 16th birthday from my mum, who, although has an undying love for tattoos, despises piercings. But, the tattoo, the stretching.. it wasn't enough. I liked the rush of piercings.. the short, pleasant rush. So I got my tongue pierced. Was I satisfied yet? Hell no! Finally ... read more

3rd time's a charm - my 10 g septum

So I've always been a big fan of piercings; since as long as i can remember. What started this fascination was probably the day I saw my first pre-school teacher's boyfriend come in. I saw one of his ears pierced all up his cartilage, and after I got my ears pierced later on, I knew I'd be back for more. After my first ear piercings, i got double lobe piercings followed by my first cartilage piercing a year after, and my parents decided that that was enough. Of course, I didn't. I triple pierced my left ear and pierced the ... read more

the first of many

I have been thinking about getting a piercing for a while now, but couldn't figure out what kind I would want. I decided that I wanted to get an eyebrow piercing. I had seen many people with it and it looked really good. I was at a fair with my aunt and my cousin when we were discussing piercings. I told her that I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced and that as soon as I was old enough I was going to get it done. She told me that she thought I would look much better with my nose ... read more

Spur of the moment

I have been interesting in piercings for as long as I can remember. My parents are both very against tattoos and piercings to the point where when I was 14 my dad actually forbade me from going on BME because he thought I was obsessed. Haha well anyway. I had my first holes in my lobes done (to my dad's annoyance) when I was 9, my second holes at 12 (to my dad's extreme annoyance), my tragus at 16, and my belly button at 17. As anyone with piercings knows, it's addicting. I knew I wanted something new but also ... read more

Septum @ Classic Ink & Mods [11.06.08]

Nu vind ik de achtbaan de leukste attractie die een pretpark kan hebben. Het kan me niet hoog genoeg zijn, geen looping ga ik uit de weg en vooral de snelheid vind ik fantastisch. Maar ik ben blij dat de emotional-rollercoaster waar ik begin oktober 2007 op ben gestapt vaart is gaan minderen. Het kan natuurlijk altijd erger, maar persoonlijk vond ik het een vrij heftige periode. Iedere berg kende z'n dal, en de diepste dalen kwam ik net voor de tentamenperioden tegen. Over timing gesproken.. Maar ondanks dat mijn gedachten niet waren waar ze moesten zijn heb ik als ... read more

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