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Tearful Septum

I was sitting down on the bus one day, and my mind moved onto piercings. I had always been into piercings since I was young, but my parents always said that I had to wait until I was old enough to get anymore than the couple of lobes that I had. But now I was 18 and my friend had become an apprentice at Vogue Body Piercing, the only professional studio the area. Being an apprentice, she needed practice cushions, and I was only too happy to lend my body to her art! I really wanted a piercing, as it ... read more

Septum Madness...nah...it wasn't that bad ;)

I have had a couple of piercings in my day; starting with my belly button, double nostrils, tragus, industrial, conch, and a Monroe (all of which have been retired except for my BB, Monroe, & tragus (I show off my conch every once in a while) and the fact still remains that every time I go for a new piercing, my stomach is topsy—turvy. So comes the story of my septum; 16g horseshoe. Normally whenever I decide to get a piercing, I jump on the idea simply because I want to get it over with and get on with the ... read more

Self Fulfilled

When I was little I absolutely hated my nose. I hated it with a passion and my brother and sister made fun of me because it kind of looked like it has a kind of bump on it like I broke it or something. I would never take pictures of myself in a profile and I felt like I wanted to hide it ... as if that's even possible. As I grew up I began to love my nose. I think I grew into it as I got older and I really realized that it was the center point of ... read more

Scary Septum

I decided upon getting a new piercing as a present for myself; I had been doing very well in my studies, had stopped biting my nails, smoking and drinking cola. I was on a path to total well being, and wanted to treat myself. I explained this to my friends, and they all agreed that I should do it if it made me happy. I wanted something different. Something unique, special, just my own, and something that could be easily hidden, if need be. Terrified at the mere THOUGHT of genital piercings, not a fan of belly buttons, nipples or ... read more

My pierced and reopened septum

For a long time I was never really into septum piercings, until one day I saw a girl with a really petite septum jewellery, from then onwards I was completely in love with the idea. So one Saturday I plucked up the courage and decided to head down to Blue banana to finally get my septum pierced. I took along my best friend Joey for company (which turned out very well for myself and the piercer in the end) for morale and to hold my hand as I was really nervous. So I walked in and advised the girl at ... read more

My First Piercing

I wanted a piercing for a very long time, but which one eluded me. I had just gone through a transformative experience and wanted the piercing to reflect that. I settled on a septum because it reminded me (and others) of a bull: strong, powerful creatures who are led around(just as I felt led by God/Goddess/the Universe). Not only that, but it could be a way of honoring my Native American roots: the tribe my family comes from practiced septum piercing. And, as icing on the cake, such a VARIETY of jewelry can be worn there! I wanted an unusual ... read more

"I'm going to pass out.."

Well the last time I got a piercing was back in 2005 so I was "itching" for a new piercing. I had been debating on getting my nose done for a while but I wasn't sure if I could handle it with my allergies. I also wasn't sure if it would even look good on me. I was 100% on getting both my eyebrows but I didn't have the money for that. I decided I would just wait for an opportunity to get a new piercing and decide what to do then. I had a trip planned to go visit ... read more

First Piercing, And Painless Too

I had been thinking about getting a piercing for a while, but my phobia of needles was always too great! Had always wanted a septum piercing, as with a keeper, it would be easy to hide, and with my parents views on piercings, that was very important. Still living with them can be a pain as I can't do many of the things I would like to do, which is one of the reasons a septum appealed to me. Also, I like the idea of more private, hidden piercings that I can show people if I choose. I had been ... read more

Finally had my nostril done!

I had been wanting another piercing for a long time. I had retired my eyebrow about 2 years prior to having my nose done and wanted something facial but wasn't too sure about a lip ring. I do deal with people face to face on a daily basis, being a personal trainer, and I just didn't want the hassle of people judging me by it. Not many trainers have facial piercings so I would have stuck out to be sure. Anyway, I had been toying with the idea of a nostril piercing for about a year but never went ahead ... read more

"Welcome to the bad-ass club." Septum Experience

Prior to getting my septum pierced, I didn't have a whole lot experiences getting pierced. I had my ears gunned when I was 4. I discovered bmezine at age 13 and decided to stretch my lobes. I got down to 2g before my dad noticed and made me take them out! My last piercing was a transverse lobe piercing done not long after I turned 18. A few weeks after removing the transverse lobe piercing because the skin seemed to be thinning, my friend had sent me a text message asking me if I wanted to go to a local ... read more

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