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My Christmas Suprise

WARNING: This experience should not be copied. I was rash and stupid to have a random friend pierce a very delicate area. I would not recommend others to do as I have done. It all started about a year and a month ago, when I decided to get my septum pierced. Naturally you would just run down to your friendly neighborhood tattoo parlor to get it done, but I had a few problems with that. I was only seventeen, my parents were dead set on not letting me get any facial piercings while I was under their roof, and I ... read more

That thing inside my nose... Septum Piercing !

Since August I had been thinking about getting a septum. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. And eventually I was sure it would fit me, that it would look good on me, so I decided I would go for it - within a couple of months. I was sick and I wanted to give my body some more rest before getting a new piercing. In November I couldn't resist the urge any more! I wanted something new, I needed something new, something for myself. Even though my body is still quite weak, I just thought ... read more

My 4gauge Septum.

So about a month ago I decided the time was right for another piercing, the question was what piercing would go well with my others and also what would suit my face. I eventually decided that a large gauge septum was what I wanted. After a few weeks of trying and failing to save the money I needed to pay for the piercing I asked a friend who owed me a favor to pay instead, luckily for me she said yes. A few days later we went to Vogue body piercing to book an appointment. When I told Lori the ... read more

Septum Piercing

A little over a week ago I got my septum pierced. Something I'd been wanting for some time, but it took me a while to actually gather up the courage to go through with it. So when I did, I was unfortunately disappointed by my regular piercer. She did not want to do it, because of problems she'd previously had with the piercing. It kind of made me doubt whether I really wanted it enough to face the possible risks. But I still could not get the idea out of my head and started looking for other piercing shops in ... read more

Its worth it

OK so, I always thought the septum would be the last thing I'd get pierced, I always thought of it as a little absurd in a way and told myself I would never get it done. But as time when on, I found myself to love it, and soon I'd want to get it done so bad. I was supposed to get my eyebrow pierced for my 16th birthday, but as time went on I didn't get the chance to, so for my 17th birthday which had just pasted I decided on getting my septum pierced. Now where I live ... read more

Second nostril - your face is wonkier than you think.

My first nostril piercing, on the right, was done by myself when I was sixteen. I was, and still am a big fan of doing my own piercings, as long as I know I've got the resources and skill to do it in a sanitary manner with good results (don't do it if you don't have access to proper, sterilised piercing needles, etc.). I wanted to wear a ring in it eventually, and I like a slightly heavier look, so I chose to do the original piercing at 1.6mm. As I was still at school at the time I used ... read more

Its now or never

I guess I had been aware of wanting a septum piercing for a few years, but never really seriously considered getting one. Anyway, I could never have a piercing like that where I worked, its just not something anyone there would do! Then, in the space of a couple of days, I noticed two other fairly conservative looking people with beautiful looking septum rings. Its hard to describe why I liked them so much, they just seemed so perfectly centred and in proportion. I really wanted one! Then I met up with one of my friends at the pub one ... read more

really not as bad as you think!

Ok well this just happened yesterday {on the 22nd November 2008}, I wanted my nose pierced as my mum approved this and not a tongue piercing which is what I really wanted for a while now but just have to wait for my 18th so I took anything she would let me get. On the 20th of November I accompanied my friend jill to a piercing place that was about 45 minutes away called sharica's, which is not only a piercing place but also a sex shop. I wanted to get my nose done there and then but as I ... read more

"I Psyched Myself Out For THAT?" -- The Story Of My Septum

It's funny, really. Ever since I first got interested in body piercing (which was about 8 years ago, at age 13), I've been slightly turned off to the idea a septum piercing. Something about the way they looked just didn't rub me right. Now I'll admit that they look good on a lot of people, but I never really considered it as something I might personally do. Thus far, I've gotten navel, industrial, labret, tongue and nostril piercings. Though I no longer have my tongue or my labret, they were both wonderful experiences and I still fondly look back on ... read more

My Second (Third!) double nostril.

My Second Nostril! I've already written about my first nostril piercing, but I thought I'd talk about my second (technically third) nostril piercing as well. Now. I'd already had twinned nostril piercings at one point, lovely cute little things but unfortunately a month or so after I'd got the second hole done I'd developed the bastarding bump on the top of the hole. Needless to say I was gutted, I spent weeks trying to get it to calm down, sea salt soaks, babying it, tea tree compresses but nothing would make it go away. I wouldn't have minded too much, ... read more

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