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My Little Nose Screw

Lets start off by saying I never use to like nose piercings, I thought they were ridiculous and not very attractive. I had surgery on my nose about a year ago and I've felt like my nose doesn't look the same. Usually when I get a piercing, it comes out of the blue...oh I want my belly button pierced, my cartliege pierced...and this time it was no different. I wanted my nose pierced and I wanted it as soon as possible. My friend and I were talking about getting pierced and I told her I wanted my nose done and ... read more

A new experience.

I had been wanting another piercing for a very long time, after having only many ear piercings and stretched lobes for the longest while I needed something different. I didn't want a lip piercing yet, or an eyebrow piercing, or a tongue piercing. The last time I got anything done was my tattoo back in June, and it had been MONTHS so I was really itching to get something done. I decided(rather randomly) that I ought to get my nose pierced. I figure it'd be a rather easy piercing, and it wouldn't be too much trouble. I found a local ... read more

My first REAL piercing.

I had already made up my mind and I had decided that I was going to get my nose pierced by the time I was 13 years old. Although, it would seem that my parents aren't exactly the type who approve of any form of body piercing because it's 'altering what you were given naturally'. (However, that hasn't since detered me from getting my left tragus, right conch, navel and right nipple pierced.) :D So I first raised the issue of wanting to get my nose pierced with them when I was about 13, and of course their first was ... read more

two people passed out from one piercing.

I had wanted to get my nose pierced for about two years, when my parents finally agreed. I never really thought that I would actually go through with it, but then one day my best friend texted me and said she had suddenly decided she wanted it too, and her mom said she would take her. I was so excited to have her come with me, and we decided to go that Saturday. My parents were so nervous and spent hours googling the dangers of nose piercings, but I assured them I would take good care of it. Saturday morning ... read more

My first nose piercing.

I was only fifteen when I got this done, and it was my first facial piercing, so I didn't really care what I got. So you shouldn't take this story as an example of what to do when choosing a piercing, but as an example of how stupid and thoughtless I was. Now, onto the story. As I said, I was only fifteen and I was itching for a piercing somewhere other than my ears. So I casually approached the subject with my mom. Now, this went a lot smoother than I had hoped because I discovered my mom has ... read more

True Love - a story of the high nostrils

One day, about a year ago I was browsing BME as usual, and I stumbled across the high nostril piercings. Instantly I was head over heels in love with the piercing. I had to have it, but I knew I would have to wait, as I clearly never have enough money for piercings with no job at all. So for a year, every month I would come back and study them, read up on them, and fall more and more in love with them. Then about 4 months ago I decided, that for my birthday, I would call them my ... read more

My experience with the nose piercing

I waited a long time, almost a year, to make the decision of making my nose piercing. It was three years ago, in june 2005. The piercing was between the eyes.It was a challenge for me, I tested my bravery, because I was scared about the physical pain. Now I've got it no more, because of an accident, so be careful, tighten up well the "balls" of your piercing if you don't want to lose it during sleep. After taking three exams to the university, in Italy, I decided to reward myself making the piercing I wanted for so long. ... read more

The life, death, and resurrection of my nose ring

What an exciting weekend I had! I finally got my nostril re-pierced! A little history: This is my 12th piercing; it's a redo. I had my left nostril pierced a few months after I turned 18. I was all, "Like omg I want my nose pierced, so like totally cute!" and made a pact with my friend at the time to get ours together. Well, she got hers without me, but I still wanted it so I braved the needle for the very first time. That's right, folks, first ever real needle piercing! (I had both my lobes twice and ... read more

My Christmas Suprise

WARNING: This experience should not be copied. I was rash and stupid to have a random friend pierce a very delicate area. I would not recommend others to do as I have done. It all started about a year and a month ago, when I decided to get my septum pierced. Naturally you would just run down to your friendly neighborhood tattoo parlor to get it done, but I had a few problems with that. I was only seventeen, my parents were dead set on not letting me get any facial piercings while I was under their roof, and I ... read more

That thing inside my nose... Septum Piercing !

Since August I had been thinking about getting a septum. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. And eventually I was sure it would fit me, that it would look good on me, so I decided I would go for it - within a couple of months. I was sick and I wanted to give my body some more rest before getting a new piercing. In November I couldn't resist the urge any more! I wanted something new, I needed something new, something for myself. Even though my body is still quite weak, I just thought ... read more

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