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Center tongue piercing at BodyMx Breda, The Netherlands

For some time now I had been thinking of getting a tongue piercing ever since I started noticing piercings more when stretching my lobes. It's sort of a facial piercing, but not in your face, and considering I work in health care (in peoples' homes, not a hospital) I wanted to not put my piercings too much in my clients views. They are mostly elderly, so I do want to take that into account a little. I started out with reading experience stories here on BME, and they sure varied a lot! People writing about how it didn't hurt a ... read more

The story of "that shiny object" in my mouth

Hi. So I'm here to tell you the story of my tongue ring. I got it pierced a little over 6 months ago, and I truly love this piercing. Its my favorite. It all started at the beginning of June. My husband, 2 friends, and I were at a hotel parting when the idea of getting tattooed popped into one of their heads. Thus me wanted to get my tongue pierced. I good friend of ours owned a shop up the road, so we made our way there at around 9 that night. He seeing us drunk and high, turned ... read more

Tantalizing Tongue Trip

Warning: If you are going to do it yourself, be sure to have all of the proper equipment and do massive amounts of research on what you're piercing so you avoid major veins and whatnot. And if you feel as though you can't complete it, don't even bother starting it. My best friend Amz and I are talking like always. And she reminded that we were to both get our tongue pierced as a bonding moment. She goes on to tell me that our other friend Shantell has already gotten her tongue pierced a week ago. That initially set my ... read more

Spur of the Moment

I should off by saying I could never see myself getting my tongue pierced. I always imagined it would hurt a lot, didn't care much for the aesthetic, and I already speak like crap without a rod going through my tongue. But over the last few months, I hooked up with a guy with a tongue piercing (among others). No, this isn't about impressing him. More about realizing how sexy it looks (especially when he's being stubborn/ a tease and sticks his tongue out at me), and how good it feels when he uses it on me. I'm usually not ... read more

Slurred Words

For a while now I have always wanted a tongue piercing but either chose to get pierced else where or was to poor to afford it. But tonight, I finally had the money and nothing else I desperately wanted, tonight was my night. The drive to the studio seemed to take forever, I have been looking forward to this for about a week and half now. Then the sign came into view and I knew it was only a matter of minutes until I had a new piercing to add to my ever growing "collection." I walked into the studio ... read more

Perfect piercing.

So I'll start by saying my name is Kat. I'm sixteen years old and live in Syracuse. And my parents are 100 percent against piercing. Prior to getting my tongue pierced I had only had my ears done, with a gun unfortunately. The first holes when I was about 3 and the seconds when I was 10. After that my parents said I was done. They wouldn't even let me get my cartilage pierced. So I did it myself with no problems. And they didn't find out that for about two months. Since I obviously wouldn't stop there, about a ... read more

My Tongue webbing

So. Being in college in this narrow-minded town permits me to get piercings with a substantial amount of looks. The other day, a woman was so rude...but that's included in my septum story. I was in college, and one of my mates came up to me and said that six of us was getting pierced, did I want to come with. That amount went down to four, then up to eleven, by the way. Sean's piercing studio loved us. Now, since I had 13 piercings at the time, located as: four in my lip (two top, two bottom) my nose ... read more

My new tongue

I'd wanted 2 centre tongue piercings for a while now, I just didn't have the money for them, and I wasn't prepared to go to a cheaper and probably less hygienic place. Finally, I knew when I was going to get the money, and I set a date. I woke up early one miserable Saturday morning, early because I was supposed to meet my friend in town, who was getting her tragus pierced.. However, she couldn't make it, but I had brought someone else along with me, who was thinking about a nostril piercing. I trekked up to the studio ... read more

Mon tongue web... les riques + quelques conseils (1ère expérience sur BME)

J'ai commencé à m'interresser aux piercings à l'age de 8 ans, précisément 2 mois aprés m'être fait percer mes lobes. J'ai lutté contre mon père pendan 4 ans pour me pour pouvoir me les faire percer pour la première fois, et je pense que c'est cette détermination qui m'a aidé à développé cette passion pour les piercings. J'en ai maintenant 15 et je suis très heureuse avec eux. Je ne pense pas que je vais écrire une expérience pour chacun de mes piercings, ça me paraît inutil mais bon... on verra. Je vais raconter l'histoire (ou plutot les histoires) de ... read more

Trying to find a suitable tongue eyelet

This is my ongoing experience to get a permanent hole through my tongue. I initially got my tongue pierced as soon as I got out of high school, roughly a year and a half ago. The reason I got it done was because I loved the culture behind BM but I didn't want any sort of piercings or tattoos that would look unprofessional. I still wanted to be able to get jobs at conservative places. I figured that a tongue piercing was (at least somewhat) hidden. I actually cannot remember where I got it done at but I was referred ... read more

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