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"I wanna pierce my tongue, it doesn't hurt, it feels fine"

>"I wanna pierce my tongue, it doesn't hurt, it feels fine" Since hearing that popular song by the band, Harvey Danger, i have began wondering if he really has pierced his tongue. Because although the initial piercing isn't too bad, the next few days are a trip to hell and back. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love jello, ice cream, potato soup, and chocolate pudding but come on, after three days of this for lunch and dinner i wanna vomit all over that dumb cd! i know what you're thinking "why'd you do it then?" let me tell ... read more

my story on my tongue piercing

story on my tongue piercing Well I did it.. My sister got her tongue pierced last year sometime and since then I had wanted to get my done. But the thing was I was the BIGGEST chicken alive. Hell I don't even have my ear pierced. So I knew there was no way I could have handled getting my tongue done. ((That's what I thought anyway)) Feb 1st my sister came home and told me for my birthday she got me a seat to get my tongue done. Right when she told me that I got scared and my butterflies ... read more

~*~ Leslies Tongue Piercing Experience ~*~

Leslies Tongue Piercing Experience ~*~ I pierced my tongue on the 19th of June 1998. I have wanted to get it don't for awhile. I read every story about tongue piercings on BME which only made me what to get it pierced even more. I talked to my parents about it and my dad just wouldn't talk about it and my mother would yell. I told them all the facts. All the problems that could possibly happen, how i would take care of it but it didn't matter to them, they didn't think their 17 year old daughter needed a ... read more

Tongue Piercing Journal Entry

font size=+1>JAN. 23,1999 3:45 PM    Well, the time has finally come. I've waited 9 years to finally get my tongue pierced. I should have done it in NY when I was younger. I just can't wait any longer. I wanted to get this done on my birthday, Jan. 9th, but, I had a throat infection with a slight cough and I was told to wait a couple of weeks for my infection to go away by numerous MD's whom I contacted through my online service through IM's. A little upsetting to me because I wanted to get it done as ... read more

Not A Nipple Experience

had been wanting to get my nipples pierced for months but my mom gave me a great alternative. Since I was 16 she would take me to get my tongue pierced if I stopped talking about my nipples. What a deal, my mom taking me, I wouldn't have to lie about my age and she would be there at my side! So it was decided, sometime in the future mom would take me in to get my tongue done. Since we lived in Lake Tahoe we had to choose where to travel to, Sacramento or Reno. After researching and talking ... read more

My New Best Friend

New Best Friend If it weren't for BME and all the experiences people write about, I don't think I would have ever gotten my piercing...I am 19, female, live at home, commute to college, and live in Jersey...So of course, the idea of having my tongue pierced did not sound like something my parents would approve of. (I asked them and they flipped). But I decided I needed to rebel. So, one day, feeling very spontaneous, I called up my friend, and she decided it had to be done. No turning back. So she took me for my last meal, ... read more

Did I just really do this??

>Did I just really do this?? I think I'm always going to remember getting my tongue pierced....not only because it was just last week...but because it was so amazing! I had been thinking about getting my tongue peirced for quite a few months before. I had gotten my navel peirced this summer and, since then, it was a motivational factor! Some of my friends also had it done, and honestly I could feel a little envy on my part! The day I finally got it done though was sort of a surprise. I'm from Montreal and I was driving up ... read more

Tongue piercing experience

>Tongue piercing experience For a week or so, my girlfriend and I were discussing getting our tongues pierced. She said she's wanted to do it for quite some time now, although I wasn't sure if I wanted to. However, I already have my septum and my left nipple pierced (as well as two earrings which don't count :-) and was looking for something else to pierce now. A few years back a friend got her tongue pierced and told me that it was pretty painless although the swelling that she went through was a real bitch. This is mostly what ... read more

pierced at last!

h3>Leading up to the Piercing I have been wanting to get my tongue pierced for SO long. I mean I have ALWAYS wanted my tongue pierced. Ever since my friend got her tongue pierced, I was hooked. I am under the age of 18, which means legally - no tongue ring without your folks. That definitely "killed the mood." My parents would never go for something like that! They cringed when I asked to get my belly button pierced! So, after careful planning, I sprung my idea upon my unsuspecting parents. "YOU WANT TO DO WHAT!?!?!?!" was the first reply. ... read more

Jessica Z tongue piercing secret!

>Jessica Z tongue piercing secret! Well first off I'll tell you that my name is Jessica Z. I am 15 years old and I'm from Chesterton, Indiana. Well next I guess I'll start by telling you a little bit about the other people in my life that this whole thing revolves around. First, there is my best friend Heather. She also wanted her tongue pierced. So one day we both decided that we would get it done but there was on major problem...we both had asked our parents and we also both knew that the answer was no! Well we ... read more

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