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Maybelline's Tongue Piercing

belline's Tongue Piercing Okay, for those of you who are reading this because you're debating getting your tongue pierced, I'm gonna start off by admitting that under most circumstances I'm a pretty big wuss. I always thought tongue piercing was awesome but I was positive I'd never have the guts to go through with it, & never even really considered it. I really wanted to get my bellybutton done, & I have no idea what made me just out of nowhere decide to get my tongue done instead. I just woke up one morning & decided that I would go ... read more


>"NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO THROUGH THE PAIN!!!!" Well, let me tell you about my tongue piercing experience. To begin I'm 21 and I had been wanting to get my tongue done for a while now so my friend and I decided to get it done together. First we called some places. I wanted to go back to the place where I had my belly button done but the lady wasn't in so we just called around to some local tattoo parlors that also specialized in piercing. The week before I decided to get it done I had asked around ... read more

The day was January 1, 1999

Ok, Mommy, sit down.... Don't be mad, but I got my tongue pierced! Background: The day was January 1, 1999. I really wanted to get my tongue pierced, so I planned to go to the Jade Dragon in Chicago, Illinois. I am 23 and I just graduated form college and I start my real world job on January 18, so I was a bit scared to get this type of thing done so soon to when I had to start work, but I figured why not. You only live once, right? Before I did it, I researched a lot. I ... read more

My Tongue Piercing Experience

>My Tongue Piercing Experience I am a male and had been thinking about getting my tongue pierced for the longest time, probably about 6 months to a year and heard about these people who were doing professional piercings out of a shop they had in their backyard. I thought this was odd but they charged like half as much as everywhere else so I looked into it. Before all of this happened I had been asking all of my friends about their piercings and then I tripped over this page and haven't need to find an other one for info. ... read more

Tongue Piercing Experience

>My Experience So, I decided to get my tongue pierced. And after reading a lot of experiences on various pages around the web I made an appointment at a local tattoo studio - Hamilton Tattoo by Gypsy (Hamilton, New Zealand). I've already had a tattoo from him and I like his manner. I woke up on the Saturday and it hit me that in a couple of hours I would be getting a piece of metal in my tongue! The appointment was at 10am so I had a while to get a few bits and pieces. I went out and ... read more

Tongue Piercing Journal Entry

font size=+1>JAN. 23,1999 3:45 PM    Well, the time has finally come. I've waited 9 years to finally get my tongue pierced. I should have done it in NY when I was younger. I just can't wait any longer. I wanted to get this done on my birthday, Jan. 9th, but, I had a throat infection with a slight cough and I was told to wait a couple of weeks for my infection to go away by numerous MD's whom I contacted through my online service through IM's. A little upsetting to me because I wanted to get it done as ... read more

Not A Nipple Experience

had been wanting to get my nipples pierced for months but my mom gave me a great alternative. Since I was 16 she would take me to get my tongue pierced if I stopped talking about my nipples. What a deal, my mom taking me, I wouldn't have to lie about my age and she would be there at my side! So it was decided, sometime in the future mom would take me in to get my tongue done. Since we lived in Lake Tahoe we had to choose where to travel to, Sacramento or Reno. After researching and talking ... read more

My New Best Friend

New Best Friend If it weren't for BME and all the experiences people write about, I don't think I would have ever gotten my piercing...I am 19, female, live at home, commute to college, and live in Jersey...So of course, the idea of having my tongue pierced did not sound like something my parents would approve of. (I asked them and they flipped). But I decided I needed to rebel. So, one day, feeling very spontaneous, I called up my friend, and she decided it had to be done. No turning back. So she took me for my last meal, ... read more

Did I just really do this??

>Did I just really do this?? I think I'm always going to remember getting my tongue pierced....not only because it was just last week...but because it was so amazing! I had been thinking about getting my tongue peirced for quite a few months before. I had gotten my navel peirced this summer and, since then, it was a motivational factor! Some of my friends also had it done, and honestly I could feel a little envy on my part! The day I finally got it done though was sort of a surprise. I'm from Montreal and I was driving up ... read more

Tongue piercing experience

>Tongue piercing experience For a week or so, my girlfriend and I were discussing getting our tongues pierced. She said she's wanted to do it for quite some time now, although I wasn't sure if I wanted to. However, I already have my septum and my left nipple pierced (as well as two earrings which don't count :-) and was looking for something else to pierce now. A few years back a friend got her tongue pierced and told me that it was pretty painless although the swelling that she went through was a real bitch. This is mostly what ... read more

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