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"Oh my God!I can't believe YOU did it"

h1>"Oh my God!I can't believe YOU did it" That's basically the reaction I get when I show my new piercing to everyone. My story is pretty normal. Most people think of me as "The girl who never smiles" I don't understand most people. I basically analyze everyone I come in contact with. I guess my personality is besides the point. I am 17.i live in Texas.(By the way if your in San Antonio and looking for a place. Go to Adrenaline)So that means I have to be 18 to get anything pierced. But let me tell you.. when u want ... read more

Tongue at "The Best Little Hair House"

K Its February 13,99 and my appointment is for 4pm. I can't wait I get to "The Best Little Hair House" when I got there the lady said it would be a little while before I went in I said ok,but had no idea it would be an hour so I waited and waited and I was thinking of how fun this was going to be when it heald.She asked me if I was ready (derailing my train of thought)I said yea and in to the back room we went.I had some of my friends w/ me (They wanted to ... read more

Finally, yippy, I got my tongue pierced!

ERE'S MY TONGUE PIERCED STORY...... I don't even remember how it got started. I guess it was just seeing people with their tongues pierced and thinking how that would be so cool. I talked to parents about it and they totally were against it. We would fight for hours,and I was balling by the time we stopped fighting. I had to put my friends down twice as they were getting their tongues pierced, because of my parent situation. Finally, it has been winter break and I knew if I didn't get my tongue pierce during this break, I would never ... read more

Tales of a Tongue...

>Tales of a Tongue... Originally, I'd wanted to get my tongue pierced last summer while I was living up in the Yukon, however the arrangements I'd had with that piercer...shall we say...fell through. *grabs the gun* Enough about that. Upon my return to Vancouver, an old friend and I hooked up and started dating, and my birthday was fast approaching, so my boyfriend, kind as he is, volunteered to pay for me to drive a piece of steel through my tongue. Sounded good to me, so we jumped into the van and headed for Next! down on Granville St in ... read more

My self-done tongue piercing story

Well, let me just start out saying that I'm a 16 yr. old female, and I've wanted my tongue pierced since I first ever saw someone with it done, which was about 4 years ago. But, my parents where really against it-like most parents, they thought it was stupid, gross, etc., etc., etc. But, In late December, my friend told me about her doing her tongue piercing herself, and before than I never ever thought that was possible-well, I guess I thought It was possible, but, I never thought about doing it. After lots and lots of thought, (not to ... read more

I done it. . .AGAIN!

ast year around may i finally talked my mom into taking me to get my tongue pierced, i had just turned 17 in late april so there was still the age deal, so mom took me to a little shop in liverpool, NY called "tattoo depot" yeah real safe, no not really, it was a pretty shitty looking place, but since i was too excited to get it done i went ahead anyway, the Biker Chick took my into a little room, not as clea as i expected and told me to rinse with an entire CUP of listerine, not ... read more

14 and pierced

p> A little background: First of all, I had wanted my tongue pierced since about 12 years of age. Around my 13th b-day I finally got up the nerve to ask my mom if I could. (it was the perfect time cause all I had got for my b-day was money, and I'd have a better chance if I had the dollars to put up for the piercing) So I asked her, she bitched at me about infections and a whole bunch of other motherly stuff. Finally I gave up on her and decided when I had enough money again, ... read more

tongue piercing with a comparison to my PA experience

It was time . . . again. I nervously set out to get my second body piercing: my tongue. Though I had only pondered this piercing for about a week, I knew it was right for me. When I finally left work that Saturday afternoon I faced quite a drive to get to 23rd Street Body Piercing from my home. It was purely by luck that I managed to get there in time, 8:30 PM. My piercing was the last one they took that night. Jason told me all the information I would need to make an informed decision about ... read more

Crysania's 16-year old tongue and its "mutilation"

k, i'm addicted to piercing. this is how it all started... it started with my ears. my sister had seven total earrings, and being a younger sister, i wanted to do what my elder sibling had done. so when i was 11, i re-pierced my ears after they had grown back together from lack of wearing jewelry. i did it myself...and it wasn't so bad...i sat there and talked on the phone with my cousin while i did it... anyway...from that point, i did another 4 ear piercings myself... then, when pierced navels were really trendy...everyone in my eighth grade ... read more

Self done web

Hello I'm a seventeen year old male from Ontario Canada. Well I was exploring BME I came across a really cool piercing "The tongue Web Piercing" I had never seen it before but I know it was right for me(I wanted my Tongue done before but my mom said there is no way). With the web I would only show my friends and My parents would never Know !! It was on my mind for a while I phoned around to the four places that pierced in my town, and it was $50-70. One lady said she would do it ... read more

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