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No, I am not a perfectionist!!!

ere. I come from a family with strict values and rules. So as a perfectly normal teenager, I needed to break through, to let me free heart soar, to, um, to REBEL I guess would be the word. How strict was this family of mine? I was 17 and did not have my ears pierced. I mean my lobes. I had always wanted to, but I was too scared of my mothers wrath to try. I asked a few times, all to the same stifiling avail of "not over my dead body!" Flashing back to about 6 years ago I ... read more

Tounge Piercing

s I should tell u a little about myself. I am 20 and Born and rasied in NYC the big apple. Ia m exposed to all the cool things like the village. So see every type of charther u can think about. So when I thought of the piercing I wanted I had not trouble really looking for place cuz I was in the heart of it. Many people look at me and would never think I would do something like that. Cuz when they new me I was quite school girl. and now I have become very adventous, sexually, ... read more

Worse than childbirth? No way in hell

ought of it all: Getting my tongue pierced has always interested me. I was wanting to do it for the longest time but didn't have the extra cash to pay for it and was concerned about the pain that i would have to suffer when receiving the piercing. I have heard so many stories from friends of mine who have told me that it was the worst pain they had ever experienced. My boss told me about this woman who complained that the pain was worse than childbirth. I kept thinking why should i do this? It is going to ... read more

Bloody mess

nlike many others do not recomend your tongue being pierced. I know thats not a very good way to start off a story but its true.First of all no matter what any one tells you,you will never know how it feels and if you like it untill you actually get it done.I will start off by saying i was probilbly the most egar person ever to get theyre tongue pierced.Well anyway i finally get someone to sign for me.I go in the place sit down in the chair,Not really understanding what was going on,Of which i regret and had my ... read more

Val has her tongue pierced? Wha-wha-what?

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/02-tongue/990801/tongval.html"> OK, so I decided I wanted my tongue pierced. That was way back in sixth grade. My friend Caitlin had this dorky ass shirt that had beadazzler beads on it. We would rip them off the shirt stick 'em in our mouths and pretend we had our tongues pierced. Now its 1999, I'm going into 10th grade this coming school year, and I just HAD to have my tongue pierced. I wanted it bad. Real bad. I always wanted a tattoo, and my best friend Mel always wanted her eyebrow pierced. Then I saw some chick with ... read more

Self-Tounge Piercing (Age 14/F)

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/02-tongue/990801/tongsf15.html"> For the past couple of years, ever since I was about 12 or so, I've always wanted another piercing. The list ranged from everything like a second hole in my ear to my eyebrow. But my tounge was the one that remained in my mind for the longest. Unfortunatly though, I have one of those typical "There is no way in HELL are you putting another #*&%*@@%!! hole in your head young lady!" moms, though, so it wasn't even an option to get her to take me. Believe that I tried though, but I just got bitched ... read more

Read it! All you needed to know...

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/02-tongue/990801/tongread.html"> Well, maybe not ALL of it. I'm so impatient. I've been reading everything I could find on BME lately, and I'd just like to say that it's been so helpful. Whenever I talked to someone, even my piercer, I knew exactly what they were telling me already. I've wanted my tongue pierced for well over a year now, subconsciously, at least. I finally really started thinking about getting it done a few weeks ago. I plead my case using helpful information from the BME site, it was great! I convinced them in about 4 days. Then, I ... read more

piercing journey

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/02-tongue/990801/tongpj.html"> my body piercing journey began when i was 15. using a safety pin and alcohol, i pierced a second hole on my left ear. since then, i have added 2 helixes and a tragus on my right ear; a navel; my tongue; and both nipples. i have caused my parents enough gray hairs from all this metal, so i will wait till im 18 to get a daith, double snug, and eyebrow! (maybe a labret.. still thinking about that one :) one night i got curious about the eyebrow piercing (what kind of different jewelry, variations, etc.) ... read more

It's all aout 5:00

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/02-tongue/990801/tong500.html"> 12:000AM-Since I was about 17 I wanted to get my tongue pierced since I wear a lot of silver I thought That would go nice with it I really didn't kow how it was done so i got some information and thought long and hard on the pros and cons of getting pierced..............That was a year ago now today I standing in my bathroom looking in the mirror at my tongue thinking at the end of the day there's gonna be a hole right there IT'S GONNA HURT IT'S GONNA HURT IT'S GONNA HURT but if I ... read more

14yr old not so great tongue piercing experience

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/02-tongue/990801/tongsk.html"> My idea to get my tongue pierced came to me in grade 5 when I saw a segment in the news about body piercing, there was a guy with his tongue pierced and ever since I saw that I have been wanting to get it done. I asked every now and then for the past few years the answer was alway no or something like you can when you 21 i had never really considered actually getting it done but about 6 months ago I became really interested because a bunch of people I kew got it ... read more

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