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My ToUnGe Is HuGe!!~~

NGE is HUGE!!! Okay people, My name is Lisa, and I live in Boston (Revere), Mass. I will be 18 in 7 days!!! I have been wanting to get my tounge pierced for so long but last year my mom said, "Instead of getting a hole through your tounge, why not get one through your navel?" SO, I agreed and got my belly-button pierced, But I think she knew that by the time I turned 18, that I would have my tounge pierced OH YES! So here I am in Maryland right now for the summer, holding down a job ... read more

Woah its so worth it!

a little about myself, I hate needles and I have wanted my tongue pierced since I was in like 5th or 6th grade. And it was always out of the question! Well, once I got into 8th I started it back up but finally backed down, cause I was getting no where fast! Well, then the summer before 10th I was like screw it I want it done, so I have to talk her into. So I got online, and tried all these piercing sites, well the ones I got were not English. So I searched and it brought me ... read more


wanted to get my tongue pierced for about 2 years before I actually went through with it. I had kissed a guy that had his tongue pierced and I fell in love with the idea of getting my tongue pierced. My mom had told me no over and over, but I was still determined to get it done. I went into the studio millions of times to see if i could get away with it without being of age, but it never worked. Well, on my 18th birthday I walked into the studio and flashed my valed ID to the ... read more

my dry, sore, yellow, bruised, beautiful tongue

round children and I'll tale you a tale the tale of the pierced tongue! It all started maybe a year ago when I descided I wanted someone to shove a pointy needle through my innocent tongue. I probably saw it on someone, though I can't exactly remember the first moment when I realized I wanted one. I have been asking for a tattoo for as long as I can remember but my parents always say no. But then I realized the key is not to ask the key is too tell. I'm turning 18 this month and you only have ... read more

Tongue Piercing at 30!

I'm 30 years old and consider myself an adventerous lady. I have 2 tattoos (first one when I was 26 and second at 27) and a total of 11 ear piercing (9 of which I did myself in my teens). Anyhow - I think tongue piercings are cool and quite erotic. I've wanted one for a while but didn't have the nerve. I was watching TV one night and just said "I'm outta here" and went and got it done on a whim. It was a tuesday about 9:30 pm and I walked into the tattoo shop and was greeted ... read more

Boys Tongue piercing

t want to start by saying that i am a male that has it up front:) and that if you are thinking about it do it. i thing too dont forget the Listerine you have to take it everywhere. This is my story: Well it all started a year ago when i started beging my mom to take me and get it done. That was whan i was 14 she said no the first hundered times i asked her. But it paid off when i found this site she saw that it safe and easy. So she said that i ... read more

Mirri gets a new friend!!!! The story of JJ

re is the story of JJ, my tongue ring (yes I named it!). Well, I was supposed to get it done on Saturday, August 7 at Deliquents in Huntsville. I ended up getting it done on Friday at Warrior in Scottsboro. I didn't think my mom woudl get home until 5 on friday but she got home at 11. She said, do you want to go get your tongue pierced today? I said yes and she said, "Well I think you should go to Mr. Chris in Scottsboro because I know 4 people who have had theirs done and they ... read more

Stupid is as stupid does

Stupid is as stupid does At A Glance Author anonymous Contact [email protected] Artist myself Studio at my house Atleast thats what they said about me when I said I wanted my tongue pierced.But I didn't care what they said and so meand a couple of friends were talking a week before I actually decided to get it done and to my amazement almost all of the people said it would be a mistake. But I proved them wrong!It' friday when I decided to do this tongue piercing...And I told everyone at school that when monday rolled around I have my ... read more

16/f from NH gets pierced!

I was 12 years old i've wanted my tongue pierced. It started when I saw my brother's friend's piercing. I was very intrigued by it and from then on i've been wishing I was 18 to get one. Now I'm 16, turning 17 next month (August) and I have not given up on begging my parents to let me get pierced. At the beginning of the summer my dad cut a deal with me. He agreed to sign for me when I got a job, and wecouldn't let my mom know. (He is always doing stuff behind my mom's back.) ... read more

I Pierced myself..then everyone wants one! Why not?!

I Pierced myself..then everyone wants one! Why not?! At A Glance Author Jen Contact [email protected] Artist Self I'm now 15...but about 5 months ago, when I was just 14, I made a little experiment that spread throughout my high school!As you know...many teenagers want a piercing...and so did I along with many friends of mine.Then the tough part came....talking it out with my parents....my father had alot to say...he thought it was horrible...metal through your face and tongue? no way! he said...i'm not letting my daughter mutilate herself!! (too late!)Well, As I convinced my mom to get me a tongue ... read more

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