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tongue piercing at jade dragon

m a twenty-year old college student who just got his tongue pierced about a month ago. The day was June 30th and I picked Fat Joe's world famous Jade Dragon body piercing and tattoo shop to get it done. I had decided about two months before that I would get my tongue pierced. The reason why I got it done was I thought it looked very interesting. Also, I wanted a "real" body piercing, but I couldn't have one that was visible. I work in a hospital and they would not like it very much if a piercing showed. I ... read more

Jovan's freshly pierced tounge

e last two years, I have been contemplating getting something pierced other than my ears. I wanted my eyebrow pierced when I saw Lisa (left eye) Lopez with hers done in tlc's "Red light special" video but my mother said no way. And every one else had eyebrow rings by then any way. I like being unique and that was just too popular for me. The only other to that i would even consider was my nose or my tounge. a couple years have passed and during my senior year in high school, tatooing and bodypiercing became the thing to ... read more

my tounge ring... fun for the whole family! :)~

happend a week ago today... My family and I had gone down to the beach, Ocean City Md, for a little 4 day vacation. It really was a vacation for all of the kids in the family, but it turned out to be one unforgetable vacation for ME! I have always wanted to get something other than my ears pierced all my life, not just because I love the look of piercings, but to put myself to a test. Walking down the boardwalk all day long, I was seeing tons of signs reading, "BODY PIERCING HERE" and the prices were ... read more

My first piercing

was a week ago today I got my tongue pierced. School had finally let out, and in celebration, I had talked my dad into letting me get my tongue pierced. I was very nervous, and had talked to numerous friends and acquaintences about it. I knew no-one personally that has had it done, but I did my homework, and spent several days researching piercings online, and finding a suitable piercer. But, all in all, the most confusing thing was trying to find out what it was like, how the procedure went, and if it was painful or not. Some said ... read more

I love it!

an I say? I finally did it after waiting almost a year! Back in August '98 I made an appointment to get my tongue pierced. The day of the appointment I chickened out. All the time after this I kept thinking of tongue piercings. I knew I had to eventually do it. I was just too scared and had to do some more research on it first. Finally in May this past year I made an appointment. I told myself there was no backing out! The day finally came and I woke up feeling very nervous. My friend and I ... read more

My ToUnGe Is HuGe!!~~

NGE is HUGE!!! Okay people, My name is Lisa, and I live in Boston (Revere), Mass. I will be 18 in 7 days!!! I have been wanting to get my tounge pierced for so long but last year my mom said, "Instead of getting a hole through your tounge, why not get one through your navel?" SO, I agreed and got my belly-button pierced, But I think she knew that by the time I turned 18, that I would have my tounge pierced OH YES! So here I am in Maryland right now for the summer, holding down a job ... read more

Woah its so worth it!

a little about myself, I hate needles and I have wanted my tongue pierced since I was in like 5th or 6th grade. And it was always out of the question! Well, once I got into 8th I started it back up but finally backed down, cause I was getting no where fast! Well, then the summer before 10th I was like screw it I want it done, so I have to talk her into. So I got online, and tried all these piercing sites, well the ones I got were not English. So I searched and it brought me ... read more


wanted to get my tongue pierced for about 2 years before I actually went through with it. I had kissed a guy that had his tongue pierced and I fell in love with the idea of getting my tongue pierced. My mom had told me no over and over, but I was still determined to get it done. I went into the studio millions of times to see if i could get away with it without being of age, but it never worked. Well, on my 18th birthday I walked into the studio and flashed my valed ID to the ... read more

my dry, sore, yellow, bruised, beautiful tongue

round children and I'll tale you a tale the tale of the pierced tongue! It all started maybe a year ago when I descided I wanted someone to shove a pointy needle through my innocent tongue. I probably saw it on someone, though I can't exactly remember the first moment when I realized I wanted one. I have been asking for a tattoo for as long as I can remember but my parents always say no. But then I realized the key is not to ask the key is too tell. I'm turning 18 this month and you only have ... read more

Tongue Piercing at 30!

I'm 30 years old and consider myself an adventerous lady. I have 2 tattoos (first one when I was 26 and second at 27) and a total of 11 ear piercing (9 of which I did myself in my teens). Anyhow - I think tongue piercings are cool and quite erotic. I've wanted one for a while but didn't have the nerve. I was watching TV one night and just said "I'm outta here" and went and got it done on a whim. It was a tuesday about 9:30 pm and I walked into the tattoo shop and was greeted ... read more

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