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15/m experience, and helpful hints for hiding from parents

irst of all I would like to say I love it! I've had it in for just a little more then 24 hours, and I love it already! I wanted to get it because I've always loved the way it looked on people and wanted it on me! I also wanted it because do you know a 2 handicap golfer that has his tongue pierced??? Later on, I'll tell you my story, but now I'll tell you a little about me. I am a 15 year old male, 5'7", 140 pounds, Brown hair, Caramel eyes, and tan. I was incredibly ... read more

The Play by Play of my Painless Piercing Experience

l...let's start from the begining, I first thought about getting my tongue pierced about 2 years ago (when I was 13), but back then I thought it was a major deal, and I would never go through with it, because you had to be nuts to do something like that. A year ago is when I decided I really wanted to do it. The only thing that stood in my way was my parents and the fact that it was really expensive, and I never have money. But then a few months ago, I made a deal with my parents ... read more

If u do I'll rip out ur tongue and wrap it round ur neck!!

o it all started when I was about 15 years old. I was completely bored with myself and I decided that I wanted to pierce my tongue. I went to an all girls Catholic school so I realized this probably wouldn’t go over well, but I boldly went to my father and told him what I planned to do. Response: “If you do it, I will rip out your tongue and wrap it around your head.” Well, needless to say my plans were put on hold. I didn’t know much about tongue piercing just yet and I didn’t know how ... read more

Ph.D. and tongue pierced on the same day! WOW!!!

Ph.D. and tongue pierced on the same day! WOW!!! At A Glance Author Melissa Contact Melissa@bme.anon I passed the final phase of my Ph.D. graduate education in genetic research (i.e. defended my dissertation) this past February. Two hours later my tongue was pierced!! The experience was excellent! Let me say first that I decided to pierce my tongue about a month before my final defense. It may have been attempt to gain control of my life or a final act of freedom before I started a "real" job, but I had this desire. I researched tongue piercing carefully reading the ... read more

"You're only 14 and you're a pin cushion!"

ick of hearing it! "You're only 14 and you're a damn pin cushion". Blah blah blah. I find piercing a hobby type thing. Kind of an art, and I have a high pain tolerence, so it's fun. When I first turned 14, I wanted a navel piercing. I had to beg my dad for months before he let me. He would always tell me "No daughter of mine is going to turn herself into a walking pin cushion." Blah. Once in a while I'd jokingly say "hey dad, can I have my tongue pierced?" and immediately a "HELL NO!" would ... read more

Tongue experience

I decided that I was gonna write to BME as soon as I got my tongue pierced, but the thing is, I thought it would be better if I wait a little and see if everything went alright and than write. So, it's been almost 7 months that I got it pierced, and everything is ok, so I guess I can start typing my experience. I've always been a piercing fanatic! Ever since I went to the US back in 1994. (I'm originally from Brazil and live here). I saw that people with rings on their noses and on their ... read more

Friday night at South Beach

its been how long that i have wanted a tongue peircing?? LONG!!!! about 2 years now and still counting!!! and its not like i have to convince my mom or anything..she already said yes and no big problem..i told alllll my friends that i was getting this done and none believed me...my boyfriend thought i would chicken out but i showed all of them!!!.....i see people walk down the street playing with it and thinking oh how cool it is...so finally i said ok, thats it, mom no matter what i say later on in the week take me to ... read more

No, I am not a perfectionist!!!

ere. I come from a family with strict values and rules. So as a perfectly normal teenager, I needed to break through, to let me free heart soar, to, um, to REBEL I guess would be the word. How strict was this family of mine? I was 17 and did not have my ears pierced. I mean my lobes. I had always wanted to, but I was too scared of my mothers wrath to try. I asked a few times, all to the same stifiling avail of "not over my dead body!" Flashing back to about 6 years ago I ... read more

Tounge Piercing

s I should tell u a little about myself. I am 20 and Born and rasied in NYC the big apple. Ia m exposed to all the cool things like the village. So see every type of charther u can think about. So when I thought of the piercing I wanted I had not trouble really looking for place cuz I was in the heart of it. Many people look at me and would never think I would do something like that. Cuz when they new me I was quite school girl. and now I have become very adventous, sexually, ... read more

Worse than childbirth? No way in hell

ought of it all: Getting my tongue pierced has always interested me. I was wanting to do it for the longest time but didn't have the extra cash to pay for it and was concerned about the pain that i would have to suffer when receiving the piercing. I have heard so many stories from friends of mine who have told me that it was the worst pain they had ever experienced. My boss told me about this woman who complained that the pain was worse than childbirth. I kept thinking why should i do this? It is going to ... read more

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