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Tongue Piercing, with no problem at all!

decided that I was gonna write to BME as soon as I got my tongue pierced, but the thing is, I thought it would be better if I wait a little and see if everything went alright and than write. So, it's been almost 7 months that I got it pierced, and everything is ok, so I guess I can start typing my experience. I've always been a piercing fanatic! Ever since I went to the US back in 1994.(I'm originally from Brazil and live here). I saw that people with rings on their noses and on their navels and ... read more

Fran: Human Sieve

the tender age of 14 i was dragged, kicking and screaming, to the Piercing Pagoda in the local mall, to get my very first ever decorative lobe puncture wounds Mom had ordained it, saying to me that i would be so happy and be able to wear so many nice earrings. I was skeptical, seeing no real need for a new oriface, but she was, as can be imagined, persistent. Mother filled out a form, we both signed it, and i picked out some innocuous stainless steel piercing studs which were then loaded into a gun by an ungloved (ahh! ... read more

My first piercing

a week ago today I got my tongue pierced. School had finally let out, and in celebration, I had talked my dad into letting me get my tongue pierced. I was very nervous, and had talked to numerous friends and acquaintences about it. I knew no-one personally that has had it done, but I did my homework, and spent several days researching piercings online, and finding a suitable piercer. But, all in all, the most confusing thing was trying to find out what it was like, how the procdure went, and if it was painful or not. Some said it ... read more

She'll Hate Me in Three Days

17 when I first found out about the 21st Century Studio of Tattoo in Portland Oregon. My mother teaches classes at a park and rec center, generally for preschool age kids. One day, a mother of a little girl in her class bent over, revealing that hidden under her long hair was a gorgeous tattoo of a fairy. My mom, knowing that I was extremely interested in body modification, immediately asked where she had gotten it done. She said that her husband, Dymond at 21st Century Studio of Tattoo (http://www.21stcenturytattoo.com) had done it. For my 18th birthday, my mom agreed ... read more

Daves toungue piercing story

anyone has been thinking of getting their toungue pierced, I would tell them to go for it. I just got my toungue pierced yesterday and i love it. Although it is swollen and puffy now, and eating normal foods is a little bit difficult, I am so glad that i had my toungue pierced. I had been comtemplating getting it done for a few weeks now, and after looking through this site, reading about other peoples experiences (both good and bad) and checking out all of the pictures...i decided to get it done. I dont know how or why I ... read more

My Birthday Present...getting my tounge pierced!

t all started about three months ago when I got the idea in my head that I wanted to get my tounge pierced, and with my 18th birthday coming up soon I thought it would be the perfect birthday present to myself. I decided I would go with my friend Amanda, who had been to this place before to get her lip peirced. She said it was a really good place, and they had won tons of awards for their peircings and tatoos. I was going to get my tounge done and Amanda was going to get her Septum done. ... read more

Old Fashion Tongue Piercing

ashion tongue piercing Jackie Oldford(15) The first time I saw someone’s tongue pierced, I was jealous. I wanted one immediately! I thought they were unique and that getting one would best describe my personality. But when I mentioned it to my mom, the idea quickly vanished and that was the end of that! Until a few months later I went to Calgary to visit my Dad for the march break and while there I noticed that one of his co-workers at his Health Food store had her tongue pierced. Her name was Erin (18 ). We became good friends, all ... read more

tongue piercing at jade dragon

m a twenty-year old college student who just got his tongue pierced about a month ago. The day was June 30th and I picked Fat Joe's world famous Jade Dragon body piercing and tattoo shop to get it done. I had decided about two months before that I would get my tongue pierced. The reason why I got it done was I thought it looked very interesting. Also, I wanted a "real" body piercing, but I couldn't have one that was visible. I work in a hospital and they would not like it very much if a piercing showed. I ... read more

Jovan's freshly pierced tounge

e last two years, I have been contemplating getting something pierced other than my ears. I wanted my eyebrow pierced when I saw Lisa (left eye) Lopez with hers done in tlc's "Red light special" video but my mother said no way. And every one else had eyebrow rings by then any way. I like being unique and that was just too popular for me. The only other to that i would even consider was my nose or my tounge. a couple years have passed and during my senior year in high school, tatooing and bodypiercing became the thing to ... read more

my tounge ring... fun for the whole family! :)~

happend a week ago today... My family and I had gone down to the beach, Ocean City Md, for a little 4 day vacation. It really was a vacation for all of the kids in the family, but it turned out to be one unforgetable vacation for ME! I have always wanted to get something other than my ears pierced all my life, not just because I love the look of piercings, but to put myself to a test. Walking down the boardwalk all day long, I was seeing tons of signs reading, "BODY PIERCING HERE" and the prices were ... read more

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