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You're gonna cry at least once. Unleash the lies!!!

I've wanted my tongue pierced since December of this year.... After convincing my Mom she said yes and I was on my way....I went to Miracle piercing and left with my eyebrow pierced...LONG STORY... I love my eyebrow and I am real happy that I got it so I forgot about my tongue. Months passed by and I saw this girl with a Monroe Piercing... I loved IT!! I wanted it so bad that I asked my Mom and she said yeah. I decided I'd get a Monroe now and get my tongue 2 weeks before school starts (in September). ... read more

My tongue piercing...

Background: Well, I have been wanting to have my tongue done since being about 13 but I have got a very low tollerance to pain (Basically a wimp lol) My mums always sort of been against it, just because she doesnt like them herself, but I pursuaded her and decided to go for it, booked an appointment for today at 10am. (my dads still not happy with the idea but he's just "one of those dads" lol) The place: Spellbound's quite local to me and really clean, All fully health registed. I decided to go there, Colins a great guy, ... read more

"You Got Your Tongue Pierced?!!?"

Well first off let me say that I first saw a tongue piercing when I was 6 years old. I saw my aunt with it and I thought it kicked ass! I asked my mom if I could get it done at 12 and she said no. I asked her at 14 as a Christmas present and she said no and I started fighting with her. I asked her why I couldn't get it done and she said because I was too young. She said that if I wanted it that bad, that I could ask my dad and I ... read more

My Special Secret Tongue Web!

Hiya I thought I'd write about my tongue-web experience. It's nothing special (it is really), but I know how I look through the BME pages when I get that buzz to have something done, looking for more information and experiences so at least I know what I'm getting into. I'm by no means a heavy bodmoder myself, I've only got my lobes and helix done before this, considered a tattoo but wasn't sure, so I was searching for something that could easily be hidden from my mom but shown to a select few people if I wanted to - my ... read more

Venoms in Vegas.

I have to be careful about what I choose to pierce because of my job. No visible piercings allowed. I had the itch, bad, and my tongue seemed like the perfect place to poke a new hole. Or two. And coincidentally, I had a five day trip to Las Vegas with my in-laws coming up. If I was going to pierce my tongue, then would be the best time [no swelling at work]. I did a little bit of searching online to look at what shops are there, where they're located and seeing who people were satisfied with. What I ... read more

My tongue experience

My tongue was the one body part that I was sure I wasn't ever going to get pierced. I've been in love with body modification of all types for years; however, I've always had a huge phobia of anything sharp going anywhere near my tongue. I think that stemmed from some movie that I watched when I was younger where somebody had their tongue cut off, haha. Aside from that, I definitely liked the look of tongue piercings. They seemed fun and kind of exotic. At the point that I finally decided to suck it up and have the procedure ... read more

A Guy's Tongue Piercing!

Hey, this is the documenting of my tongue piercing just to let you know, I wrote this in three parts: before, immediately after, and after healing. Ive been reading sooo many peoples stories of tongue piercing, and thought it would be right for me to do my own account of my tongue piercing experience. This site rocks, it aided me a lot in discovering about the community of piercing. Before.. I'm a 16 year old guy from Perth in Western Australia. I've had my eyebrow pierced, and my ear lobe, but that is the extent of my limited piercing experiences. ... read more

Tongue tied!

I love my piercings more than anything, and for so long I hadn't been able to find anyone who would pierce my tongue because I'm tongue tied (my tongue web goes right to the end of my tongue). When I got my labret pierced, I intended to do my tongue as well, but the piercer that did it wouldn't do it because he said he wouldn't be able to get his hands in to do up the barbell, and now I'm glad he didn't do it because he totally messed up my friend's and she's not even tongue tied! After ... read more

My self-done tongue web

Hey everyone! (: My name is Robin, I'm 14 years old (but please don't use my age to discredit this whole essay) and I just pierced my tongue web. Alright, so I'd been wanting a piercing on some place besides my ears for a long while now (I have 00g ears and second 18g piercings right above them, I'm planning on getting my industrial done soon as well) but of course my parents wouldn't allow it. I thought I was completely out of options until my friend pierced her tongue web. The minute I saw it, I was sure I ... read more

Tongue Piercing - Very Rewarding!

I was getting the itch (I'm sure you're all familiar with it ;) ) to get another piercing. So on the way to the grocery store, I asked my mom if I could get a "smiley" piercing. "What's that?" she asked. "It's a piercing in the front of your mouth, right here," I said, opening my mouth and showing her. "No way are you getting that, it's gross!" my mom exclaimed, turning away from me. I thought for a moment. "What about my tongue?" "..." "It's not that bad! It's not even visible, and I'll pay for it!" I said, ... read more

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