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Getting my tongue pierced

After getting my lip re-pierced, I wanted to get my tongue pierced, too. I thought about the consequences and the risks of tongue piercings, and decided to go through with getting my tongue pierced. I even asked some of my friends and my new girlfriend what it was like, as she also had her tongue pierced. They said that it did not hurt at all. I believed them, and I was going to take it like a man and get it done after school. After school that day, I went down to Lefty's, I waited for Johnny, the piercer, to ... read more

Getting a hole in my tongue, and hiding it!

I have always been a huge fan of piercing, most of my family do not feel the same way. I started off with small piercing's such as my ears. When I turned 14 most of my friends had had bigger piercing's, this included belly buttons, noses and lips. I didn't want people to think I was getting pierced to 'fit in' so I decided to go one step further, put a whole in my tongue. A friend who was a lot older than me had this done and I was so JEALOUS! I wanted it done so much, but didn't ... read more

Finally Did It!

Ok, so I got my tongue pierced yesterday.. July 3rd, 2007 One thing I have to say for today is "OUCH!" I've wanted to get my tongue pierced since I was twelve, but my mom is a nurse and always said " I NEVER want you to get your tongue pierced, I've seen way too many get infected" blah blah blah.. Well anyways, lately I've been doing lots of research here on BME and watching videos on you tube, as well as asking around with people that have had their tongues pierced, I got a lot of different reactions from ... read more

Finally Did It For Me

I've wanted to get my tongue pierced for so long now that I can't even remember when the idea originally popped into my head. I remember when I first turned 16 I was going to waltz into Artist Of Life (where I've always gone for every single one of my piercings) and let them know I wanted metal jammed through my tongue. Fear, however held me back from doing so. No no, not fear of pain...my parents. They were fine with signing the forms when I was 14 and 15 to get my rook and tragus because they were only ... read more

Don't you just love tonguewebs

WARNING This experience contains self-piercing. Always go to a professional piercer (especially if you have no idea what you're doing.) I do not recommend DIY-piercings. If you do even though all the warnings and there are any signs of infection, always go to your doctor! So here's my story I've been checking out BME a lot lately, to think about a new piercing. Since I've seen the tongueweb-piercing, I knew I had to have it! So, since I actually knew I wanted it in February this year, four months have passed. Four months on thinking about it, watching pictures, asking ... read more

pretty standard tongue

I'm a pretty standard teenager as it goes, I have pretty much all the common interests and afeww of my very own. I'm almost unhealthily impulsive. I had been planning on getting my tongue pierced for a while so my mum suggested that she pay for it fro my 15th birthday, but the day me and my mum went to my usual piercing shop it was closed so we obviously left it for another day. About a month later my still mum had had no more child free time to take me to get pierced and me and a few ... read more

a tongue piercing for my sixteenth birthday

I turned sixteen on June, 26, and I'd been telling my parents I was going to get something pierced for my birthday, as a present to myself. I hadn't decided what I wanted; I was going to get my eyebrow pierced, just the standard normal vertical one, or my cheeks pierced or something oral. I already have my lip pierced so I didn't want to get another one through my lip, well not for now. Then it was a toss-up between getting my eyebrow pierced or getting my tongue pierced. Me and one of my friends went out that day, ... read more


Well, after weeks of looking at videos and images of tongue piercing, I finally decided that I was READY! Of course I was scared Sh**less, but to all my peers and parents I acted like a tough bum! My mother was OK with the idea, this was a big surprise, my father was a little stricter, and he told me I could only get it done at the end of summer. Personally I think this was a plan that back fired on him as he expected me to say "I WANT IT DONE NOW!" Anyways, the day finally came when ... read more

My Tongue Piercing 6/29/07

Well, first off I'll introduce myself. Im Ashley, and I'm sixteen years old and my first piercing will be my tongue. I've never had any piercings other than my ears before this one.Well anyways, my sister had her tongue pierced and I always thought it would be cool to get mine done since I saw the girl on Thirteen get it done, so I tried asking my mom and at first she said no, but then I got her to give in and say yes. We planned out a date to get it done and every night before that I ... read more

My initial tongue piercing. Email me comments or questions.

I don't know why but one day I woke up and I was sick of being just me. This bothered me for weeks so after some research and phone calls I decided to get my tongue pierced. I knew it was going to cost me $65 because I got quotes from about three different places. Because I earn about $200 per week I decided to get my piercing locally instead of going into town to a more established studio. So one payday I went to the mall collected my pay and hit the local beauty salon which does body piercing ... read more

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